Decoration Ideas for a 1 Year Old Boy Bedroom!

Updated on October 22, 2009
E.B. asks from Amelia, OH
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I need some neat decoration ideas for my sons bedroom, any ideas? I dont want any specific themes like cars or diego etc.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Jungle, Safari, Sports, bugs,Crayons, or maybe just a certain animal he likes, frogs, giraffe, elephant,ect.
Hope these help.

A. a mother of 4 boys ages 7,4,3,1

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answers from Columbus on

As an interior designer, I recommend to my clients that they plan on a room that will grow with their child (at least for several more years). Keep the walls, bedding & windows fairly basic but use art and accessories to bring in elements that your child is into now and that are easily changeable (and not that expensive to change). Once he gets into a big boy bed I would suggest keeping the bedding basic such as plaid or stripes and using pillows to change the look. For a look that's not over the top you can just hint at a theme and of course not everything in the room has to "fit" with the theme. For instance, if you used dogs you could use some fun dog paintings throughout the room or even large black/white or colored photos of people/dogs you know. Pick a few colors that are "doggish" maybe brown, tan, red, denim and use them subtly throughout the room. Maybe some of your sons favorite stuffed dogs can be used as well on a bed or on display somewhere. Sorry, this is probably way more info than you wanted. Once I get started on this stuff I can't stop myself! :)

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answers from Canton on

I know what you mean about the whole cartoon character thing. I'm startin' to get tired of them. It seems like more and more of these characters are loosing more and more of their morals lol! (I'm being serious though) Anyway, how about something antiquey. Like say old fashioned cars or fire trucks. Or how 'bout going with just simple colors. And most definately wooden and natural toys are the best. Like me, I'm all about white (for babies) right now. People are always telling me I'm brave for using lots of white for my baby. I don't know, it just has that old fashioned look and feel to it.



answers from Indianapolis on

My sister in law specializes in hand painted FUN murals for children's rooms! She could come by for a consultation and discuss it all with you about what you want, and what you want to accomplish. I think her consultation is very inexpensive- and goes toward the project total- should you decide to go with her wall work.

My SIL is great about showing you a quick sketch by hand on paper to see if you and she are on the same page. Her art skills are very impressive.

She just did her twin boys room walls with sweet animals- that she has adorable pictures of if you want I can try to email you that example.

Anyway- I hope this has given you another idea of what to do to really customize your sweetie's room.





answers from Cincinnati on

Does your son show any particular interest in anything? Cars? Trains? Animals? Balls/Sports? That would be something to consider.
What I did with my son's room when we moved him to a twin size bed is just a "little boys" kind of theme. We took several of his interests into account. His walls were green and tan, which we decorated with sports ball and Tonka truck wall stickers. Where we had a baby quilt hanging on the wall, there is now a flag from a local sports team. He has the Disney Cars string lights as a night light. There is a Bob the Builder alphabet poster on one wall. On the bed, he has camo sheets. With his toys and stuffed animals, it is a nice little boys room without any major theme. It suits my son to a tee. It really shows who he is and is a room he can be really be comfortable in.



answers from Cleveland on

Sports themes grow with your child and they even have little lockers for storage of toys.

I like rodeo/cowboy or dinosaurs too.

I don't care for Disney themes or Cartoon Characters either because they outgrow it way too fast.



answers from Fort Wayne on

What about just doing primary colors? I had a friend that did their sons room that way and it was really cute. Each wall was a different color and thy got coordinating sheets, bespreads, curtains and lamps.



answers from Salinas on




answers from Dallas on

I love cowboys/western. There are some adorable fabrics with "little kid" buckaroos, plus there are tons of metal stars and other decor easily available. Okay, in TX they are easily available, you may have to order.
Little cowboy hats: hang several on the wall in a pattern.
Lamps with cutout shade. Western themed throw (stars, cowboys). Old Hollywood promo posters (large and small) framed: these have cowboys and their horses, famouse actors dressed western, etc.



answers from Cincinnati on

We did my son's room in "night-sky." I think it's very soothing, and there are several things you can use to decorate, such as clouds, stars, moons, etc.. You can use all sorts of colors (my son's room is done in light and dark blues, with yellow, white, and green highlights), and I am always finding different things to add.

My husband and I have also decided that, if we have another son, his room will be done in the theme "under the sea," (not like Little Mermaid, just like ocean-themed). Then you can do whatever different kinds of fish, or even frogs and turtles, etc. If you can't tell, I like soothing, dusty colors. Good luck! I'd love to hear what you decide to do.

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