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Updated on March 21, 2012
S.F. asks from Ogdensburg, NY
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I am currently working on fixing up my kids rooms and I wanted to do something fun and different in my toddlers room. she loves the colour blue but I need to keep the room somewhat neutral because after all is said and done she may decide that she wants to stay in the room she is currently in and therefore I would end up using the room I am working for her for her newborn sister. So I was thinking of painting the room I soft and calm blue but adding some purple and silver. I want to paint some circles on the walls but how the heck do you do that with clean lines? Sqaures are easy but a circle? How is this done?

Thanks in advance

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Large or small circles? If "small" you can make templates with bowls, cans, glasses, etc.

There are stencils you can buy for larger/fancy decorative circles.

Google "painting circles on a wall" and you' see all kinds of techniques.

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answers from St. Louis on

The beauty of paint is you can paint over it. My kids change their wall color every year.

So far as circles go you need a stencil and you can't just paint with a roller because it will run under the stencil. I would suggest sponging on the paint.

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answers from Los Angeles on

what about robbins egg blue- still can work for a girl and you can add pink accents if it ends up the baby room. For circles you need stencil templates and a dry brush technique so paint does not drip into the template. Basically you make sure there is no execs paint on the brush and dab the paint around the template instead of brushing (working with it as if it were dry power instead of wet paint).

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answers from Appleton on

I have always believed that kids should have their rooms painted the colors they want. It may be the only time in their lives they get just what they want. They get a nice memory of having the room of heir dreams to grow up in. It's only paint. You will need to paint again in a few years anyway.

My daughter wanted her room painted bright pink with silver stars and 10 years later it's still pink with silver stars. She moved out almost 6 yrs ago. Her younger brother and I helped her paint the room pink walls and a dark blue ceiling with silver stars all over the place. I am planning to paint the room soon and will need to use Kills as a primer to cover the silver so it doesn't bleed through.

She painted the stars, it took her almost a week to get it done. She used a stencil and a small brush.

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answers from Sacramento on

You might think about finding wall decals to add something fun to the walls... then you don't have to worry about painting and they can be changed easily for the baby's room :)

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answers from Santa Fe on

I'd do a light pewter blue (greyish blue). I'd get wall decals to decorate the walls and fun curtains. Later if you want the room to look more grown up you can use brown or white curtains.

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answers from Seattle on

My daughters' room at our old house was blue. I found super cute floral bedding that was blue, pink, and red. Cute colors together! Circles would be hard, you could probably use a large bubble wand or something else circular with a hole in the middle. Stripes are easier, just uses tape. I saw a chevron wall pattern using tape on Pinterest too!


answers from Houston on

Don't paint circles. Get embroidery hoops and put pretty fabric in them Ans hang them on the walls. Or paint cardboard cake circles purple and silver and nail them around.



answers from Kansas City on

You can try finding a protractor for the circles. I'm sure they have jumbo protractors as well as normal ones for many different size circles. You could also trace around buckets, different size pvc pipe, or different size pots and pans. Is that what you meant by clean lines? If not, below are some great ideas on how to actually paint cleanly without bleeding into the circles!



answers from New York on

Circles are easy. You will need a thumb tack, a string and a pen or pencil. Tie one end of the string to the pen, tack down the other end of the string to the wall. hold the string tight and draw around in a circular motion. It will give you a perfect circle every time. It's great. No protractor or stencil needed. the circle will be twice the size in width of the string once done. The tack will mark the center of your circle.

Have fun. One of my neices loves circles and my son's room has almost always ever been some shade of blue, his favorite color.



answers from St. Louis on

since you want to add purple & silver, you could just hang blank cds on the walls. I've seen this used for walls before, & it's very reflective & prismatic. It would be like twinkle dust or fairy lights!

& really all you need to paint those circles is a very good brush...once you get the outline on the wall.

& blue is a great color for girls! One of my bedrooms is midnight blue with metallic flecks in it! Ooooh, there you go....I had Lowes add metallic flecks to my paint! That could bring in your silver!

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