Decorating Ideas for a Boy and Girl Sharing a Bedroom

Updated on July 29, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
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I am looking for some ideas on how to decorate a bedroom for my two kids to share. We are moving and going from a 3 bedroom two story to a 2 bedroom one story. My husband thinks we should just let them keep the things they already have and just divide them up in the room , but I am not looking forward to a huge eye sore everytime I go into the bedroom.

I am looking for more of an idea for the bedding and decorations (wall hangings, curtains, ect.) Right now my daughter's room is painted in purple and yellow and she has Disney Princess bedding and decorations. My son's room is painted in orange, blue, and green and is a Toy Story room. I think instead of "character" bedding we should just do some plain bedding with stripes, or something on it.

Also does anyone have any stores that they love for kids things. We don't have an Ikea in our state, so I will probably be doing most of the shopping at and Pottery Barn Kids. Their ages are 3 1/2 years (boy) and 25 months (girl).

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answers from Des Moines on

How about getting them excited about a new joint theme...such as Dr. Seuss, ABC's, some other movie they both enjoy, safari animals, etc? Sounds like they like character themes, and you didn't mention their ages, but be careful about taking this away from them if they may find solid colors or stripes boring. You want them to be excited about their new room (not that I am saying they can't be excited about some solid colors/designs/whatever, but you may have to work at it!) Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Honestly, if they LIKE their bedding, why not let them keep it... Moving is hard on kids and having their new beds look like their old beds can help ease the transition. Since they both have a Disney theme, why not make THAT your decorating scheme. See if you can find one of those over-sized posters (or even a puzzle to do) that has all/lots of the Disney characters together. Hang that on the wall between their beds, and they will suddenly "match." Keep it simple with the rest of the decorations, go with colors from the poster for window coverings etc.


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answers from New York on

I would let them keep their bedding and go with a "Disney" theme in general. My son has the Toy Story bedding too and his walls are yellow. You could keep yellow walls (if you can paint in the new place), white curtain and white "accents" to avoid adding more colors... book cases, yellow and white area rug, white picture frames, etc to pull it all together!

If they do not have matching beds and other furniture, consider purchasing a "set" with an additional bed so that the only thing "different" are the comforters!

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answers from St. Louis on

it's easy to put Disney Princess & Toy Story together. Combine it with a Magical Kingdom (amusement park) setting & you'll be good to go! Paint the walls in a tent stripe.....either yellow or green.....polka dot curtains & other fun accessories! What fun....& a lot cheaper, too.

& the bonus would be....allowing each child to keep what is familar which will help ease the move!

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answers from Detroit on

Pottery Barn can be pricy, but look for sales or online specials. I have seen some cute boy & girl coordinating bedding outfits in there. I know there is a surfer one for sure because my girlfriend is looking into getting it for her kids.

My feeling is, if you are moving to a smaller home, you will be closer together and see the rooms more frequently-versus if they were upstairs and sort of out of site. I too would want to re-do it so it's not too loud if people are walking by it often.

Even JC Penny has plain could get 2 plain and some cute polka dot sheets in pink and blue or somethign like that. They now have chalk board and white board paint, so you could make them a fun "art wall" which is universal.

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answers from Rochester on

I'd say maybe ditch the "kiddie" themes and go for something older, as they will outgrow the themes in a few years anyways and you'll be stuck redecorating again. There are some really awesome abstract design collections, or nature themes, etc.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I would pint a neutral color and use the bedding to show individuality. They will have to be separated in a year or so and can redecorate their walls then. If child welfare ever got a call to visit your home they would tell you school age children need separate rooms from different genders. If they were the same sex they could share for a long time but not different sexes.



answers from Kansas City on

When my kids shared a room, we turned it into "Never Never Land". One side was Tinkerbell (mostly purple and green with flowers and butterflies and some stick on wall decorations that had pixies on them) and the other side was pirates and peter pan for my son. We had no trouble finding pirate themed items at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. It turned out really cute, and the kids loved both sides!



answers from Killeen on

A friend of mine is moving her 3& 4yr old son and daughter into one room and was having the same issue of how to combine themes. She decided to do smurfs(which is everywhere right now) since it can be for boys and girls but the kids can still be excited about it. There are alot of gender neutral themes to choose from :)



answers from Los Angeles on

Pottery Barn Kids has some great ideas for boy/girl shared rooms. You can easily find some really cute stuff there. It is patterned and different colors for each gender, but all coordinated. I always love it when I see it!

Their website has a section called "shared spaces."



answers from Springfield on

I went to Mardel's (or you could check a teachers store) and got ABC's to go around the top of the room - the kind that they use in classrooms. Then I have a quilt for the bed using primary colors and a solid curtain to match. It is easy and will last until they are 5-6.



answers from Albuquerque on

My twins share a room and probably will be for a while ( they are a boy & a girl) We painted the walls choclate brown & green and used a jungle theme. We bought plain bedding in green & white. Im thinking we will stick with that until we have room for them both to have their own spaces

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