Decorating Boys Room.

Updated on August 23, 2011
J.K. asks from Knoxville, TN
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Hi all! I am having a hard time with getting my son's room decorated. Real quick, he is sharing a room with his sister, he just turned 4 and she is 5. We are making a bedroom for him across the hall in a room that we were using for storage (pretty big storage room.)

So, the problem is, it's small for a bedroom and we are doing all we can to work with the small space. My husband is going to build a bed that can hang from the ceiling and he's using metal piping. He wants to get cabinets to match that. He's looking at the industrial type from Lowe's or Home Depot that you could use in a garage. The diamond plate metal/aluminum ones. I like the idea, but I am trying to find some that aren't so "garage tool" looking. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with decorating a boys room like this?

I viewed a website that had childrens lockers. That may be another choice. I just don't know.

Thanks in advance to any replies.

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone. Thank you all for your ideas and thoughts. We are working on the room and I will keep you all posted when it's done. It may take a little bit since my husband and I are doing it ourselves. He works full time and we have children in sports and everything else. Once again, thank you!

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Why not go with a garage theme? We just did one with my son. We bought an old dresser from craigslist and painted it red and bought new hardware to make it look like a tool box. We hung Nascar posters on the wall. Have you asked him, he might like the garage look.

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Have you all checked out IKEA for everything you're doing? They are THE place for weird small spaces. It's a European company, and everyone knows the living is small in Europe. This place rocks for creative solutions for tight spaces. They not only have furniture, but bedding, toys, and wall and window fixtures and lighting too. The stuff looks great too. It's mostly classic Swedish/Danish modern. I think you'll like what you see. The prices are excellent too. If you don't have one in your problem. They ship and their online catalog is pretty complete. If you're not in a rush, they can send you a complete catalog by mail.

Go to While I recommend checking all of their bedroom furniture, especially their get directly to kid's furniture go here:

for lofts see:

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does he like the movie cars? if so go with the metal plates and get a cars bed set and other things have fun!



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when working with a small space, you want to utilize every square inch! I absolutely love the hanging bed idea, but am concerned about all of that wasted space under the bed.

Are you committed to the hanging bed? Could you find a cool design for a captain's bed or loft bed....which would give you the much needed storage space?

You can still use the industrial design....he could make the whole bed look like a storage unit with functioning drawers.


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I like the idea of using a tool chest as long as the drawers are large enough to hold his clothes. Put a race car type theme to it and you are good to go!



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Have you tried Ikea or Pottery Barn(always more expensive-depending on what you want to spend).



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Have you checked rooms to go. I know they used to have a boys set of furniture that was like that.



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No recommendations here.
I just have to say, that sounds really, really cute!

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