Decongestant for a 4 Year Old?

Updated on September 08, 2011
A.H. asks from Plano, TX
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My son woke up this morning with a slight fever and heavy congestion in his chest. I think it is probably from the weather change as we went from 90's to 70's over the past two days. I have basic children's ibuprofen, but was wondering if there would be a decongestant on the market for him. I wasn't sure if that is one of the medicines they changed to recommend for only those over six. The recommendations change so often, it is hard to keep straight! He's almost five and weighs appx 45 pounds, so weight wise, I think I would be able to find a dosage on the bottle, even if it is for a six year old. I just don't want to drag him to the store if I don't need to. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Kansas City on

My 4 yr old son has had the same thing for the past few days, and he weighs about the same. I've been doing mucinex with cough (he has a cough with it), and motrin. The mucinex has really broken up the congestion and cough, and has really helped I think.

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answers from Pittsfield on

I'd call the pedi and ask what you can use. Sometimes you can use one of the OTC meds, but the pedi should tell you what and how much.

Hope your little guy feels better soon!! =o)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Call your pediatrician.
Never guess about the safety of giving medication to your child!
Mucinex is probably fine.
The reason they say "no meds til 6" isn't just because it's dangerous (not to mention ODs from people guessing at doses) it's because they've been proven NOT to work on kids under 6--so why bother?
If he has a fever-Tylenol or Motrin, push liquids, rest, and chicken soup!
If the chest stay congested, I'd have him looked at by the pediatrician.
Hope he feels better soon!



answers from Pittsburgh on

You may want the pediatrician to see him to ensure he does not have pneummonia. It could also be allergies. Irregardless the pediatrician will be able to determine what the cause is and given him the proper medications so that he is on the mend soon. Good luck!



answers from Lafayette on

Mucinex Multi-Symptom works WONDERS!!



answers from Topeka on

We have the same thing with my daughter who is the same age. We actually went to the pharmacy and got a cold/allergy medicine. Its brand is Sunmark. Not sure what brand your pharmacy carries. I also got some chewable vitamin C. Not sure if your son is coughing at night like my daughter is but it did help for her when I used a vaporizer and rubbed Vicks on her feet & chest & back. I was amazed that she immediatly stopped coughing. I had only heard of the vicks thing before & thought it wasn't true but at 1 in the morning when she had been coughing for an hour & I was desperate. Worked like a charm. Good luck & hope you little guy feels better



answers from Birmingham on

Hey Amanda! My little guy has the same thing going on right now. As others have suggested, get some Mucinex. It works wonders. Combine it with some Tylenol or Ibuprofen and he will feel much better. Don't give him any antihistamines as this will thicken his secretions and that is the opposite of what you want right now. I would also put him in a steamed up bathroom for 10-15 minutes twice a day until his cough has improved. Turn your shower on hot and leave the curtain or door open. Take some toys or a stack of books and stuff a towel under the door. Wrap your hand in a wash cloth and "clap" your hand all over his back while you are in there. The vibrations will help to loosen and move the mucus that has settled in his chest. Rub some Vicks on his chest at night when he goes to bed. I prefer the Baby Rub to the Vaporub. It doesn't have as harsh of a scent. Use a humidifier as well. Push fluids and give warm liquids like soup. Snuggle!
I hope this helps and your son feels better soon!!



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter has a nasty cold right now and I love Mucinex. It has dosing on the bottle for ages 4 and up. They also have granule packets (also age 4 and up). My daughter likes the liquid, my son prefers the granules. Good Luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Go to the local pharmacy that is not walmart or walgreens, the one down on the corner that's been there for a hundred years...Talk to the pharmacist and ask them if they have children's liquid Sudafed.

I buy it for about $3 at our local pharmacy. Since it's liquid I can control the doses myself and feel better about how much I am adding to their little bodies. You might just call around. Since you are close to a big city you may have to call and ask lots of pharmacists. Don't believe a pharmacy tech but ask the pharmacist themselves if possible. Ask them to look it up. I have had arguments with the ones at Walmart who "KNOW" that it was taken off the market years ago...I just bought some last week. They had to order it because they were out. They can get it, they just may not want to.

I also use it for sinus congestion and the dose for me is 2 tsp. and I have never tool more that 1 tsp at a time. It is just too much medication. So I am perfectly able to function on 1/2 - 1 tsp.

Sudafed does help with the chest congestion by making the mucus going down into the lungs thinner and runnier. So it's less likely to gather in the lungs and be really thick.

We use Tussin, which is Guafinisen in the list of ingredients, from Walmart. We use the Sudafed then 2 hours later we use the Tussin, then 2 hours later the Sudafed again. Etc....



answers from Savannah on

From what I understand, you will be able to find decongestant for his age, however, it has been found to not be successful in children younger than six. I don't think it would help very much. I would try either simple saline solution or even the little noses decongestant spay/drops to help break up the mucus.



answers from Alexandria on

i've given my (Young) kids musinex. there is one for their age. it works.


answers from Norfolk on

Talk to your pediatrician and see what they recommend.
I wouldn't go with a decongestant.
For lung/chest congestion you need an expectorant - Robitussin or Mucinex - anything with guaifenesin in it.


answers from Dallas on

Mucinex has a children formula for ages 4 and up. It works really well and my daughter weighs less than that and our pediatric nurse said its just fine. Give the doc a call but we got the green light with it! Hope he feels better!

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