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Updated on June 04, 2010
V.L. asks from Whitestone, NY
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Hello Moms,

Does anyone know anything about debt consolidation and if so can you recommend a site/company that can help me take care of that?


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answers from New York on

Novadebt. They have a few locations all over US but their is one in Freehold. You do not have to got here. They help you over the phone and mail you the packets.

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answers from Portland on

You can get free services; don't pay one of the many companies out there who'd be happy to take your money. Google "debt consolidation counseling" and look for the non-profit links. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

If I were you, I'd just contact all the people you owe money and ask them to help you. They will set up payment plans. You should pay off the card with the least amount of debt first. Then work your way up. If your credit card company will allow it, put all the debt on the one with the lowest interest rate.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Never do a debt consolidation! CON solidation.
Get a Dave Ramsay book and do it yourself.
Debt doesn't accumulate overnight so don't expect to get it "fixed" overnight magically, but using his real, common sense plan, you can do it yourself with no ill effect on your credit! Good luck! (Caution: He's addictive!)

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answers from San Francisco on

I had good luck with

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answers from New York on

Usually working with debt consolidation companies can gravely affect your credit report. My advice is to look into the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course, see if you can get a loan from your bank and pay off all of your credit cards so you only have one payment to make a month, or simply start paying off the smallest balance and work your way up.

Most importantly, cut up your credit cards!! :)


answers from New York on

google debt consolidation - non-profit



answers from Houston on

Try Money Management International-they have several offices across the United States and easy to work with you. Good luck!!



answers from Chicago on

google Dave Ramsey, find a class near you & can also get his book or you can take the class online



answers from St. Louis on

You don't want debt consolidation....we did credit counseling.
We are almost done paying down $30,000.00 in debt. They got our apr on everything reduced to zero. It has actually helped out credit score. It had gotten to the point were I could not make the payments for the following month. I can't tell you what a relief it was to get help and be able to make a reasonable payment that we could afford. Every month I see our balance dropping and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.



answers from New York on

From my experience with it, it ends up looking bad in your credit report. Why not instead join all the debt in a 0% APR card, and make larger payments to it in a timely fashion, then when the o% is near the end, get another card to transfer it to?

Also you can do another thing I did, which is to call the actual credit card agencies and tell them you need a lower APR..or time..or a freeze on your other words, "It isn't that I don't want to pay off my debt, but I need time, without all the punishments, because right now, I can't afford it" Citibank was nice, Discover was straight up mean, and Chase only budged a bit...good luck! DON'T DO CONSOLIDATION


answers from New York on

ave heard from others…It doesn't work. The only thing that works is lifestyle changes that save money and pay down debt. Best wishes.



answers from New York on

Yes google Dave Ramsey. His stuff is the absolute best!



answers from New York on

Without much information, it's hard to give advise. What type of debt, high interest, temporary cash flow problems, current credit score, etc.? So here's some very general information.

Typically what happens with debt consolidation is you take out a large loan (sometimes a home equity loan) and pay off all your credit cards and small debt, so now you have to make one large payment instead of several small payments. The loan (if unsecured) will have a high interest rate and in the long run, you usually wind up paying more than if you had just paid off the debts by yourself. Be very careful and read the fine print. As generally, debt consolidation is not the best solution.

Warning: If you talk to companies and they advise you to stop making payments to your current creditors, this is a bad sign and extremely bad advise. Run in the opposite direction.

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