Death of My 12 Yr Old Grand Daughter's Friend's Dad

Updated on February 21, 2012
M.H. asks from Coupeville, WA
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Saturday night my 12 year old grand daughter spent the night with her friend and her friend's dad in an RV at a local ski resort since they both had ski racing practice early Sunday morning. While the girls went to practice the friend's dad went skiing with other friends about a mile away from where the girls were practicing for their big race for this coming Saturday - Feb 25th. An avalanche occured where the dad and two other close friends of our families were skiing and took all of their lives. I live about 3 hours drive away and will be going over to be with my grand daughter and family on Monday (20th) Any input for helping with this sorrow would be sincerely appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses. The community, Leavenworth, WA, has been so supportive to all of the families and friends involved in this tragic event. My daughter was one of the ski patrol responders to the avalance and has been so strong and I do believe her strength grew as she stepped to the plate and was there for the mother of my grand daughter's friend. We have all been reminded how important it is to tell one another each and every day how much we mean to and love one another. On Saturday following the services was the final race at Steven's Pass for the young skiers. A special tribute was given to the father who had lost his life the Saturday before during the avalanche. It was very moving and full of love and admiration. We have all committed to being there for the two little girls who lost their daddy - and for the mother who lost her husband. Kids are tough - they skied their hearts out at the races on Saturday and Sunday - finding I do believe their own ways to show their respect to the dad who was there every day, every weekend for his daughters. God bless you little family in Leavenworth, WA...

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answers from La Crosse on

I seen this on the news this morning. I am so sorry!

I would just try to be there as much as possible for your granddaughter and she is going to be dealing with her emotions and loss while Im sure also trying to be there for her friend during this hard time. Your granddaughter is getting a double whammy dealing with both and as we know as adults its hard enough dealing with it ourselves let alone being there for friends and at 12 it hard to know how to do it.

I would try to give the family a meat and cheese tray and maybe one for your grand daughter also. I know when I have dealt with grief I never felt like eating but would "pick" at the meat and cheese trays people would bring over.

Hopefully some other mom's can help with some good age appropriate books that help with grief that would help the girls. Even going into Barnes and Noble or some other book store could help lead you in the right direction.

Right now I think lots of hugs and your shoulder and an ear is going to be the best thing for your family. Again Im so sorry.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Wow. I'm so sorry.
Just be there.
Let them talk.

As for "what" to do--think about logistics--food, transportation, child stitting, other concrete things this family might need that you might be able to do & offer to help out with.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I saw this being reported on the Weather Channel, is it the same story???

How sad for this family. Sorry for their loss and the trauma your granddaughter experienced....hugs to your whole family.



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My sympathies.. I would bring some prepared food is you can.. sometimes, cooking is the last thing from your mind.. even a gift ctf from a take out place nearby.. I would also add that the first few days are so difficult as you know when a loved one passes, but then I think it's the next year in particular that is so rough.. also, people tend to fade away after the funeral and forget that a family is still grieving... I had a friend who lost her niece just last year and so far,I have sent several cards.. just reminding my friend that I have been thinking of her.. I also sent Christmas gifts to the surviving little sister and most recently sent a valentine card to her with a 10 spot.. I just want my friend and the little sister who was also injured severely in the accident but who did not die, that my family and I are still thinking about her... it's those things done AFTER the funeral that also matter..

my best to you..



answers from St. Louis on

I would research "survivor's guilt"....even tho' she was not a part of the actual event....she was as close as you can get.

My heart goes out to your grdaughter & her friend. This was catastrophic & made national news. Make sure your family treats her gentle. :)

Prayers to you.



answers from Dallas on

I saw this on the news this morning. I think there is so little to be said, but your presence and support speaks volumes.



answers from Miami on

I just heard about this on the news this morning. I'm not sure if you also knew the skiers, but you have my condolences. My suggestion is to just be there for her. Explain to her that her friend is going to go through a lot of ups and downs. She needs to be there to listen but let her friend set the pace. Everyone grieves in their own way.

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