Daycare Teacher and or Fitness Club Childcare Salary??

Updated on August 12, 2007
N.O. asks from Rowlett, TX
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Hi Moms,
I am now looking into getting a job at a daycare or at a Fitness club childcare center so I can keep my son with me during the day until he starts school.
I have no idea what starting salary is at a daycare or fitness club childcare center and was wondering if any of you might know.

A few of the fitness clubs I have called are Lady of America and Lifetime Fitness.
I'm really interested in the Lady of America because it's so close to home but I really don't want to waste my time with an interview, apps etc. if it's not going to be enough income for me.
I haven't called any daycare centers yet but if you also happen to know of a good one that pays well and is a nice environment to work at, I'd love to know!
No one is able to tell me over the phone what starting salary is and I'd really appreciate any info if you happen to know!
Thanks so much in advance!

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So What Happened?

In reference to the post made by Denise, my husband and I share 1 car and he gets home around 6 or 7 daily. It is pretty difficult to schedule interviews when I have no transportation until the late afternoon.
I understand many places will not tell you a price over the phone so that's why I came to this site to get some help in case some of you Moms already know.
I am just looking to get an idea before spending so much time on apps and interviews to only be told an income that is not going to be enough for what I need.

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Hi N.~

My husband works in the Wellness Center Industry and I can tell you that Wellness/Fitness centers only pay $7.00-$9.00 an hour depending n experience, etc. I can also tell you that the club he once was Executive Director over would not allow staff members children in childcare while Mom was working. Hope that helps! I teach preschool and that might be a route you may want to look into! Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I used to work as the admin at Lifetime. Most women that work there are young because the pay is not much. I would expect between min wage-12/hr. 12 being the max. The bonus about lifetime is that your child would be free. Daycares do not offer a big discount (which is suprising) and you don't end up making much on top of a small check anyway. Some daycares do, but you really have to look around. If you are only looking to make a little extra money and have other outside income sources, this would be ideal for you.

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I have a position that pays 10 dollars an hour, do you have any experience in childcare? I need a 2s teacher and a threes teacher. give me a call ###-###-####
Cornerstone Christian Learning Center
7502 North Garland Road
Garland Texas 75044



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Hi N., I know it hards when you need to go back to work and you have little one's and you want to bring them to work due to the high cost of childcare. But without sounding rude and without getting burned to a crisp from other mom's, if you don't want to waste your time with interviews, applicatoins etc. noone reallt is goingto tell you blankly over the phone. I've been a manager for a while and when I get a phone call like that I tell them they need to come in and fill out and interview and if that's not the answer then time is being wasted on everyone's part. It's much better to fill out so that the manager will be able to put a face on the app and that that person took the time. Not by simply calling and asking how much is paid. I'm sorry if I sounded rude. Good luck in the job search.D.

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