Daycare Job/unemloyment issue...what Would You Do in My Shoes?

Updated on July 05, 2009
M.B. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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Hi everyone. I have an odd request. The daycare center where I'd worked for many years closed down (not for any bad reason) so now I'm jobless and on unemployment. I'm supposed to contact two potential employers every week in order to get unemployment benefits, which I do. The last one I contacted wanted me to come in to see their place. I went at the appointed time but the person I was to meet wasn't there, nearly the whole daycare went on a field trip. I thought that was pretty disorganized on their part. I left and came back a couple of hours later and everyone had returned. I brought my toddler daughter with me, because wherever I work I have to get a break on daycare or I can't afford to work. This limits me to only daycare jobs, which is fine by me because that's where my passion and expertise are. I hung around and watched the operations of the place. It's a small, family-owned center. I know they need to hire a teacher (or teachers) soon, and I could be a help to them, but I also know from what I saw there that it is a center where I would not leave my child. It's not a "bad" center, but I don't think it's a great one either, and though I can work in less than perfect conditions, I want better for my baby. I know there are better centers (NAEYC accredited, etc.) but they're not hiring yet. I'm going to drop off an application at one on Monday. Here's the issue, the center that I visited did their best to make me feel welcome, and I like some of the staff that I met. They told me to please come back (day and time) next week, and they practically promised me a job. I feel conflicted though. I have decided I don't want to work there (because I don't want my baby there) but they're expecting me to show up for an interview. I don't think they will pay me anything near what I was making at my old center. But if I call an employer and they want me and I refuse the job, I will lose my unemployment benefits, right? How do I let that center down easy, without losing my benefits (which we badly need at this time?) I'm so worried about this issue, can anyone help me figure this out? Many Thanks! *Peace*!

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone, just wanted to share an update. In late August I was lucky to be hired by a GOOD daycare center very near my home, for the wage I was making at my last job. I'm so happy I held out for this, it's my dream job! Jill F had said: "I WOULD call the daycare that is offering you an interview/position and tell them that you do not want to waste their time and that you may have another lead that would better fit you." and that's what I told them at the time. Then I had to continue looking for two jobs a week. I kept records of everything, and continued to get unemployment until I was hired by my current job. I did list the job I wrote my request about in my records, because I saw a flyer there when I visited that was basically a help-wanted ad which listed the wage offered and it was several dollars lower than I had made before. So I listed that as the reason I didn't take that job. I feel very very BLESSED to have my present job, and my daughter loves it there. Many thanks everyone... *Peace*! :)

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If you do not want to risk losing unemployment for turning down a job offered to you, the simplest answer here is to simply stop pursuing the job. If they don't offer it to you, then you cannot turn it down. If you show up for the interview then they may offer it to you. How about not showing up for the interview?

Now, I don't know everything about the unemployment benefits...but common sense tells me they would find out you turned down a job offer only IF you told them you applied there and they contacted that place. Are you planning to tell them you applied there for a job? Perhaps this is where you need to change what you are doing.

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I don't know much about unemployment, so I can't answer that. But, I would think you should be able to chose to take a job or not, especially if it is not the right fit for you, and still get unemployment (?). I guess I would contact whoever you are dealing with and ask?? I would definitely contact the center and let them know you are not interested.

I have worked in centers in the past and brought my son with me while I worked. A few of them did not provide the best care. I still feel guilty about that and he remembers it (he was preschool age then and is almost 20 now). I did leave one center that was really bad after only a few months (it actually was forced to close after I reported them to licensing a few times). I just wanted to say you are making the right decision to not work at a place that you would not feel comfortable leaving your child at.


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Hi Melissa,

I've been in your shoes and COMPLETELY understand! I also second what the last two posters said.

The state doesn't need to know about this center unless you tell them. Everytime you submit an application online is proof that you looking for employment. Keep all of the "receipts" of applying online. They will only know if you really trying if they run an audit. That is why it is always smart to keep a record of everything.

I would not include this daycare or any other in your record keeping if it doesn't feel right. I WOULD call the daycare that is offering you an interview/position and tell them that you do not want to waste their time and that you may have another lead that would better fit you. That way you do not burn a bridge you may need later, and you never know who is related to whom and what may be said about you if you completely disrespect them. You need to be professional.

You should really look at being a nanny. The pay is usually better than a daycare and you only watch a couple of kids in their home. Try to advertise yourself for free. Also look at local papers and put up creative and professional flyers that offer your experience.

If you find yourself close to being out of unemployment benefits and haven't found the right fit, consider calling this daycare to see if they may still be interested in you.

GOOD LUCK! I know how hard it is to do right by your child and make it all work out.

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I can't speak for WI, but I collected Unemployment in MN. You can turn down a job if that position pays less than what other comparable positions in the area pay, taking into account your education and experience. Does WI have such a clause?

I see where you are up against a wall. If you absolutely can't go any time without a job or Unemployment benefits, than to be honest, I would take the job for now, and continue to look for something better. I would not be thrilled at having my son be at a so-so center, but if it was just for a couple of months and I would be there at the same time, I could stomach it.

Lastly, have you considered being a private nanny? Many families will consider letting the nanny bring her own child with...

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