Daycare Assistance?

Updated on December 01, 2010
A.A. asks from Lubbock, TX
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My cousin told me that there's programs that will help pay for daycare? She wasn't sure of the names but told me to research it. We are living off my fiancee's income right now and I would lke to go back to work, but day care would eat up my entire check, so it'd be like not even working! Any of you mommies heard of this/using this?

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answers from Dallas on

There is daycare assistance available through the Texas Workforce Commission.

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answers from Cleveland on

You may want to look for a position that offers pre-tax benefits like which is part of Medical Mutual (your employer elects whether or not to have a Flexible Benefit Plan/Section 125-savings range from 25% to 40%, the more you make, the higher the discount). This could be a question you ask during an interview or better yet, while researching the place of employment if the info is available. I work in public education and my district has this plan. I'm able to use pre-tax dollars for daycare, dental/orthodontics, prescriptions, and vision. I estimate the amount each year, and that amount is not taxed, which on $9k (daycare runs me $6k each year) in expenses I'll have for this year, for example, it will save me $3200 (36%).

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answers from Houston on

This is not what you asked but another option if you love kids and have the patience is working at the daycare. Some places will let you bring your child for free while you work (usually in a different room) or you pay a discount to bring your child there. I know women who walk dogs, take care of another child in their home, sell things on ebay, make jewelry, representatives for various products(avon etc) I find that you have to be really good at selling stuff in order to make any money doing that though. A lot of places will hire you a few evenings a week (opposite your fiance schedule) and if its a place you shop at regularly a discount would help too. I have a friend who works 2 nights a wk at a clothing store. You won't make a ton but it will add up to cover all the little extras and not have to pay for child care. Good luck!

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answers from Joplin on

You would have to apply at the department of social services. They would look at how much combined income you and your fiancee make and determine if you are below the poverty line. Then if you qualify you would receive assistance. Not all daycares accept state pay, and it has to be a state licensed daycare to take state pay. Before you do consider going back to work write down all work related expenses and deduct that from what you will actually make...gas money, any clothing expenses because most jobs require a certain type of clothes, heck even at Target you have to wear red shirts and khaki's, also tack on your food expenses, you can save money by packing a lunch but how many of us do every day? I have stayed at home for several years because in the long run it was more expensive to work...

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answers from Dallas on

yes CCA formally ccms. its called the child care group go to their website its has income requirements, if you are looking for a job, you may want to apply now because there is a 3-6 month waiting period



answers from Atlanta on

I used while in NY years ago When I began making $350 a wk I was making to much then had to pay full price of $160 wk - It works by a certified sitter / daycare filling out time sheets you sign them and pay a sliding scale fee based on your income which needs to be documented by the state. It might be easier just to get a shift opposite of ur fiance


answers from Lafayette on

i don't know the rules in texas. but in indiana, unless you are married, the only income they include in the calculations is yours. i just moved in with my man and am looking to get back on ccdf vouchers, and everything, and they will not take his income into account, nor will they count her father's. so look into the rules for that too. in indiana they are called ccdf vouchers and are available from the state. look at your state social services website. you could find info there probably.

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