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Updated on May 21, 2009
K.W. asks from Rowlett, TX
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I have been a stay at home mom with with my 15 month old daughter. I just put her in daycare part-time from Tues.- Thurs. and we started this past Tues. Since then, she has had a really hard time going down for bedtime. It now takes her an hour to settle herself to sleep. I'm just wondering if daycare was a good decision. She's only gone to daycare 3 days and I just might not have given her enough time. If anyone has any thoughts or input on whether she should stay in daycare and I give a little more time, or if this could cause any psychological issues later on. I'm pretty sure she is having seperation anxiety, but I just don't want it to cause her any problems at home. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!
The reason for her going to daycare is because I am needing to find a job and start working again. We are needing the extra money that I could make even part-time.
In addition to what I have above, my daughter now has an ear infection. She has hardly been sick at all and the first 3 days of daycare she gets sick! She is waking up almost every hour crying for about 5 min. and then going back to bed. I'm starting to think daycare may not be such a good idea. Has anyone else experienced these problems with starting their child in daycare?

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answers from Dallas on

I am a firm believer that there is no one better than a mother to raise her child. I don't know what the reason you have her in daycare is, but if I were you I would do everything I can do to continue being a SAHM mom. I don't think that there will be any psychological issues, but I know that when she is older she will appreciate you being at home for her. A daycare is hired help and cannot love your daughter the way that you can.

I would suggest reading Dr. Laura's newest book "In Praise of the Stay-at-home-mom"

Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you.

(Before I get completely bashed by all of the other moms, I know many people have different reasons for taking their kids to daycare. I am just saying that if you can find a way to make it work, then make it work. There is no worse feeling than not being there to kiss your child's boo-boo's, watching all of the "firsts", and being able to teach your child the values and lessons that you and your husband want instilled in them)

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I imagine that she is over stimulated and really cant settle her brain. There is a lot going on at a day care and it can be tough for a 15 month old to adjust to. I also wonder why you are sending her? Unless you are having to work again, and the salary you are making is wonderful, there is no reason in my opinion for her to be in day care. If you are hoping it is for socialization, take her to more play groups and story times. You are there still, so the interaction is more monitored and for shorter duration. I always say, who wants a group of toddlers teaching each other social behaviors?? Kinda scary to me, but that is coming from a true blue stay at home mom:) You have to make the best decision, but I would certainly evaluate why you are sending her and make sure that the benefits outweigh the negatives! ~A.~

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I don't think it really matters why you are sending her. The fact is is that you have, and now you would like advice! =)

Ok! My daughter has been in dc since she was 19 months. At first, yes, it's very hard, but then they adjust! Her nap times at dc are probably very different from the times she went down at home. At my dc for that age, naps are from 12p-3pm...they don't necessarily sleep that long, but that's the time they've allowed for them to nap. Maybe she is sleeping later for the nap and that is why she can't get to sleep earlier!

I would also like to add that the interaction she has had with the other children has been GREAT! She loves going to "school" now (she is 29 months) and she has learned SOOOO much! I highly doubt your child will have psychological issues from you leaving her at dc. Give it a little longer.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Ok...I've sat and read the other posts and well I have to disagree with a couple of them. I'm a firm believer in kids needing to socialize with kids their own age, can you get this from playgroups absoulutely but why not teach your child at a young age to learn to be away from a parent for a few hours a day. K. if you have had to go back to work don't let anyone make you feel bad about having to put your daughter in daycare, mine has been in daycare since she was 13 months old and she is 4 now and she has turned out just fine no psychological issues. She is a very independant child and does not over react and throw fits when we leave her with anyone or at daycare. If you have chosen to put her there just so she can play that is perfectly fine too. I am a full time working mother and my child goes to daycare and I do not feel bad about it and even though I work I am raising my child with my husband no one else is doing it for me.

Give the daycare a couple of weeks and see how she does she will most likely grow to love it and it is good times for her and you to be able to have a little you time. You have to do what you think is best for your child.


answers from Dallas on

I used to work in a daycare for several years. It can take up to 6 weeks or so for a child to fully adjust to a new setting. It's especially hard when she's never been in daycare before. I truly belive that most of the time it's more difficult for the parent than the child. Putting her in daycare will not leave any lingering psychological issues. It does sound like it's seperation anxiety. You didn't mention how she's doing in daycare, but I would guess okay since the only thing you mentioned was bedtime problems. For bedtime, just continue your normal routine and give her some extra loving right before bed. She will adjust, even though things are difficult now. Just give it more time and she'll settle into the new routine!



answers from Dallas on

give it time! set up a routine, stay positive, and things will fall into place. as for the stay at home only camp, it's just not always what the mom wants to do, even if she can afford it. technically speaking i could stay home, if i gave up some stuff. but i'd be missing out on what i get from my job and career, thus i work. the family is happy when mom is happy. ;)



answers from Dallas on

Give it more time she has only gone 3 days kids take time to adjust to change like that. You will have to develop a new schedule at home as well to kinda go with the one they follow at her daycare. It may take a few weeks but you will figure it out.



answers from Dallas on

Hi K., I can provide a safe and clean environment for your children as well as a variety of age appropriate learning activities to develop your child’s social and intellectual growth. As a mother, I understand how hard it is to leave your children in someone’s care. You can rest assured that my home will be a home away from home for your child; full of love, constant and individual attention, educational toys, meals and dedication to your child’s comfort and safety. Please call or send me an e-mail with any questions about my home childcare, to schedule a visit, references or additional information you may need. * Loving family Childcare * Licensed with the State * CPR and First Aid Certified, my location is McDermott and Preston Meadow feel free to call me ###-###-####,



answers from Dallas on

If things do not work out for your daughter in dc call me i have an inhome daycare.
I'm located in McKinney just north of 121 and Stacy Rd.

I've watched children in my home for 4+ years. I have 2 children, married 8+ yrs, non smoking home, very loving home.
I would be glad to take care of your daughter as I too have a child around the same age.




answers from Dallas on

Hi K.,
You have stated in your email that your daughter is in daycare so that you can work part time to get money for your family - don't let anyone tell you that you are not making a good decision. If you need the money - you need the money and three days a week in daycare is not going to hurt her.

My daughter started daycare at about 15 months and was sick or awhile - ear infections, colds, ect but is now fine. They get exposed to germs that they don't get exposed to at home. Studies have shown that kids who are sick more as infants miss less school when they are older (because their immune systems are stronger.) The sleeping thing is normal, she is just wanting more mommy time. I am sure she will settle into her new routine and schedule and do wonderfully. I would suggest that you try to keep her nap times at home and daycare the same she doesn't have any kind of schedule shock.

You are doing what you feel like you should for your family. Don't feel guilty and know that all things happen for a reason and you are making the decision for a reason.

Best of Luck!

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