Daybed with Pullout Trundle Bed or Twin with Pullout Trundle?

Updated on January 12, 2011
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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My daughter is in a twin (just mattress on the floor) right now and son is still in a crib and they share a small room. When he is ready to be out of the crib (maybe next Aug) I want to get them both a bed. I do not want to do bunk beds as my daughter likes me to lay with her and I'm not getting up/down from a bunk and I'm not too fond of a 4 year old on a top bunk to begin with! My husband and I decided on a twin with a trundle....but I've been looking (so I have an idea of how much I need to save!) and am not sure if I want a daybed with a pullout trundle door or a twin with a pullout trundle. I love the look of a trundle drawer and not just a roll out spring/mattress so maybe only daybeds offer the drawer? What are your experiences?

Thanks mamas!

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answers from Raleigh on

Yes with day bed trundle will pop up and will make a queen bed and it usually is higher off the ground. Spring bed can be covered by the bed skirt. I personally like the draw look with the twin bed. I see both kinds on Craigslist all the time for very cheap:)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

O. thing to keep in mind is that a daybed will most likely always have to be placed against a wall...a twin w/trundle can go anywhere there's room...not sure if that makes a difference or not..just thought I'd mention it. AND my daybed was always kind of a PIA to make, since your stuffing in sheets & comforter in on 3 sides...

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answers from Miami on

I have a daybed with a trundle for my son's room. I've seen regular twin beds (not daybeds) with the pull out drawer you are describing. The thing with the pull out drawer type is that the "trundle" will remain on the floor whereas the trundle under my daybed will stay on the floor OR I can pop it up and put it along side the daybed making both beds the same height. I believe it's really a matter of preference. My daybed and trundle together were around $800.


answers from Houston on

im looking for a day bed with a trundle right now on c/l there are so many! Im going to find a frame and then buy brand new mattresses to put on it.


answers from St. Louis on

Im looking too! You can put a twin bed up against the wall with the trundle being pulled out. My sister has done that with both her boys. I found JCPenny, The Bedroom Store and Costco has them at decent prices.


answers from Dallas on

We bought a twin bed with a trundle from JCPenney a year ago for my toddler's big girl's GREAT! I highly recommend JCP furniture, we've bought 3 rooms worth from there and have been pleased with all of it. I've found they have great sales on furniture (including free shipping which is a HUGE savings!) around October each year. I think my daughter's bed, trundle, dresser w/ mirror and bedding were around $1,000 including tax and everything. Not bad and it is well built, good furniture.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Daybeds are much higher off the ground than a twin is normally. For the trundle I would think that the day bed would be much easier to manipulate.

Have you considered a different option for the room? I had some beds similar to this when I was younger and they were very good for 2 kids sharing a room because they took up only wall space and not space out of the middle of the room. The floor did not have to be perfectly clean every night.

Ours were much simpler that this set but very much the same idea. I loved them because the floor space being open all the time just made the small room look and feel much bigger. You could put 2 twin beds on Hollywood frames and put one bed against both walls while the other is just against the one. Like an L. Just pick up the shelving unit and leave it off....

Here's another set, less girly.
I applaud your decision to not get bunk beds. My bf in Jr. High and High school had a son who died after falling off the top bunk. He was in elementary school. I just cannot stand the thought of kids having them.



answers from Topeka on

We got a daybed with a trundle and it was a pain - it was hard to make up every day and the trundle always stayed out. Plus the mattresses are like futons - not very soft. I'd go for the twin beds - you might find a pair second hand - epecially if you put an ad out for them.



answers from Chicago on

I like the daybed option because while now they will be in the same room it won't always be that way. Daybeds can go with a kid till college. We actually have a daybed in the spare room now which is wonderful as the extra twin pops up to same level as daybed to make it into a queen sized bed when we have company. when the grand-kids are here we pull out the extra twin and move it several feet away from daybed so kids each have a twin bed to sleep separately. as an added note regarding putting one on the bottom of trundle and one on top we found that without pulling bed up to same level as other bed the kid on top (regular bed) would step out and step on kid on lower mattress lol.



answers from New York on

I have a trundle bed from Costco and it is build wonderfully. My only issue is that my daughter loves to jump on it. So, my advice is to find a way to keep it "locked" when not in use. I always wanted my husband to rig a drawer lock on it but it never happened!

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