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Updated on December 07, 2010
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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This question is for day care workers or anyone who can answer it. My daughter will be twenty-one months this month and I do not have our day structured enough to keep her busy. I've been a SAHM since she was born and Alyssa has never been in day care. I am wondering what kinds of activities to do with a toddler at this age. People have suggested coloring and Play Doh but Alyssa still puts everything in her mouth so coloring doesn't last long. And Play Doh is for children 2+. I have one puzzle and she really likes it but she will chew the pieces!
I have been taking her once-a-week to a mixed-age group at Gymboree and she enjoys that. I attend a biweekly mothers' group too but I have to stay in the room with her or she will cry. It is difficult to keep Alyssa busy because of her short attention span but there must be a way to engage her as if she were in day care. But I do think if she went to day care, having other children around might engage her.
P.S. I do enjoy going for walks with Alyssa when it isn't so cold as I have a dog to walk too. Or the park is fun for her too. Taking her to stores is difficult most of the time because she wants to walk and would rather not sit in a cart or stroller.

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answers from Erie on

Kids that age do but things in their mouths. so you do need to be careful but there ought to be things you can do with her. buy or borrow a music cd from the library and play some children's music: Raffie, Dr jean, Hap Palmer, Veggie tales, Ella Jenkins etc Or even some christmas music and dance together or sing finger plays,
Read books together get hard board books so she can't rip them.
Give her pots and pans to bang together.
With supervision, playing in the bathtub with watertoys like a rubber duckie or a plastic cup.
roll a soft ball, play hide and seek.
Have fun with her. Talk to her all the time, "look alyssa mommy is emptying the garbage cans, yucky, Lets put this in a bag and take it outside." Look alyssa mommy if loading the washing machine, In go the towels, time to get clean towels."

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answers from New York on

If you can afford it, enroll her in a daycare program for a couple of mornings. It is very difficult to "entertain" a toddler all day long and the social interaction with other children would be great for her. Take that time to clean, cook for the week and run errands.

If you cannot afford it... here's the daycare schedule my son follows:'
- breakfast
- 30 minutes of free play (indoor including art center, dress-up center and other "centers")
- circle time (sing songs, talk about the weather & calendar, special events, etc)
- story time
- outdoor play
- lunch
- nap
- snack
- free play indoor

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answers from Chicago on

As a young mother I did not "entertain" my children. I got toys which would stimulate their imagination and then let them play. Fisher price, playschool these are the best types of toys. stay away from anything electronic with bells and whistles lol. get her some blocks and fisher price people w/farm, house etc. get her some cars with big fat wheels, plastic puzzles that she won't chew and swallow. one of those tracks with the huge marble that goes down. And let her play. kids who's parents "entertain" them all the time turn out to be really whiney 6 year olds with "nothing to do........" in a room with every gadget known to man. just give her some blocks and toys and let her play.

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