Day Care and Bleach

Updated on March 31, 2007
S.W. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am looking at day cares. All of them wipe down the cribs with bleach! I am doing all organic, and I want to keep the baby away from harmful toxins. I know they have to disinfect....but I dont want the baby around bleach!
Has anyone else come across this issue??

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answers from Shreveport on

There are some daycares that use organic cleaners but they are hard to find. But unfortunately the issue of the child being around chemicals is going to be extremely hard to avoid. They use them in restuarants to wipe tables etc. Plus I have noticed over the years more schools are requesting as part of the supply list to buy bleach wipes to cut down on the passing of colds, etc. I personally hate bleach, but it is a wonderful disinfectant. The only thing I can think of that you can do is request that if at all possible not to use it in the pressence of the child and to provide the child with his own personal changing pad and sheets for the crib or mat.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

I'm so excited for you! I am so glad there is someone else out there who sees all the dangers in the bleach and other chemicals we are exposing our children to. I am involved with a group who is trying to get out the word to all mothers and others who care for our children, and give them the information and let them know there is an alternative. In fact, the state standards do not say daycares have to use bleach, it says that they have to sanitize. Daycares choose to use bleach because it is the cheapest. In fact, bleach and lysol are registered pesticides. I know for a fact there are acceptable alternatives.
Let me know if you need more info. I would definitely love to share. Our children are the future and we have to protect the future now.

Have a great one!

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answers from Dallas on

I used to work in a daycare... we used diluted bleach (like 2 Tblsp per every half gallon). I don't know if that makes you feel any better, but I think it might be a state regulation. I know it talked about the mixture in the training we did.

I'm pro organics as well... so I understand your concern. I'm just not sure if you'll be able to find a place that uses organics.


answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,
I am a daycare provider and we are required to used things that will disinfect we have no choice. Maybe this will make you feel better. I used to work for the Clorox co. in Illniois and after bleach dries, in a very short time it just turns into salt. You could probably find out more info. on that if you looked up info. on the company.


answers from Nashville on

I'm with you! Our preschool uses exclusively Melaleuca products now & has for the past few years. They do have a botanical spray that is a hospital grade disinfectant which I'm certain takes the place of bleach. I know there are several reps on here- hopefully one can fill you in the specifics. I would just recommend, suggest, (beg) the daycare to consider alternatives, such as Melaleuca.




answers from Dallas on

I worked as a daycare worker years ago and at the time, it was part of licensing that the bleach be diluted. it's great that you want to do organics, but in an environment with so many children, you should want to use the best disinfectants possible. If they are mixing it correctly, it will pose no threat of toxin or harm to your child. Ask them who tests the mix every day. Someone should go around and use the test strips every day to check the potentcy. At least that's how it was years ago. I can't imagine it's changed much.



answers from Dallas on

It is hard to find only organic cleaners to be used in Daycares. The state recommends daycares use a bleach/water solution, however I do know that Preston Kiddie Kollege in Frisco uses a different solution that is like Lysol, which I don't know if that is any better. I use Melaleuca only in my house and love thier products if you are interested. My advice is to ask them not to spray the bleach around your baby because it is probably pretty harmless once it drys, but I have issues with bleach as well so I understand your concern. I would do some research.



answers from Dallas on

Hi there...Did you get any responses to your request? I am in your same predicament. We moved from Portland, OR, where it is very "green," and I have found no childcare settings that feel the same way. Not only have the ones we found use lysol and bleach, but the daycare personnel are bathed in perfumes, to which my son is allergic. What did you find?

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