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Updated on June 07, 2011
G.H. asks from Chicago, IL
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Has anyone used an ELP (endorsed local provider) from his website? I just made an appointment with one and I am curious if you think the approach, techniques are similar. Or whatever your experience was would be helpful. TIA

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answers from Honolulu on

Yep, I have! Several times in fact. Just so you know that if something they say doesn't jive with DR's stuff you can report him/her and have them taken off the DR site.

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answers from Kansas City on

My thoughts on that are....I live in the KC area, and Dave Ramsey endorses companies here. You live in Chicago, and he endorses people there? I think it is ridiculous that he does this. Has he personally used all these people? I highly doubt it. I like his approach on money, but I think he is just a money making machine and a bit arrogant. I wouldn't necessarily go for what he endorses. I'd ask my friends, or google reviews with the company name and go with your gut.

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answers from St. Louis on

I am going to reiterate what a couple others have said or eluded to - just because Dave "endorses" these people doesn't mean they are perfect or that you should trust everything they say. I have listened to Dave's show many times when a caller would call in and tell Dave what an ELP in her area told her to do, and Dave was mortified and asked the caller to send the information in so Dave could have him or her removed from his site as a recommendation.

So, do what you would normally do with any business venture. Take this recommendation from someone you trust, just like you would a friend or family member, but don't give them any more credence just because they were listed on Dave's site as approved. Not until they prove themselves at least. Chances are, you will have a positive experience. Just don't let your guard down.

Good luck to you! Be smart!

PS - In response to another post - Dave Ramsey has helped me change the way I think about money, and I haven't never spent a dime getting that info. I listen to the radio show for free and I have never heard Dave require I send in money. In fact, I learned most of what is in his books just by listening to him on the radio!

Dave does have his flaws, just as anyone else does. I have heard him give advice on a few ocassions and thought, wow, that is not at all the right way to do it. But, this is rare. I do trust Dave, but again, these ELP's aren't Dave himself, so keep your guard up and ASK QUESTIONS!


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answers from Louisville on

We have used realtors from his site to buy and sell a home. Let me just say, just because they are recommended by Dave doesn't mean you can let your guard down. We worked with two separate buyers' agents and interviewed two (used one) sellers' agents from his list of ELP's. I didn't realize at first how the process worked and thought I was assigned to whoever contacted me. This was with the buyers' agents. The husband and wife team we worked with first were just as slimy as some of the most unethical real estate agents we've ever run across, just as pushy, just as focused on their own interests versus looking out for ours. Frankly, I was extremely disappointed after that. However, our agent selling our home was also an ELP. He was excellent. Very on top of things and very mindful of our needs as well. So just use caution and common sense when you're talking to them, and if you don't feel right about it, don't use them.

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answers from Pittsfield on

Just wanted to respond to Mamatothreewee's response. He doesn't require you to spend $ to get his advice. You can listen to his radio show online free- both live and archived shows.
I get that it creeps you out the way people follow him and rave about him- I was skeptical too. My parents were pushing DR for at least 6 months before we broke down and started listening. We were sick and tired of being in debt. Listening to him helped us more than I can even find the words to describe. Not just with the debt, but with our future up to retiremment. I totally get now why he has such an enormous following- he's changed the lives of thousands of people- and saved many marriages. Financial peace is a wonderful thing.
You should follow through on your promise- you won't regret it, and if you're anything like me, will wish you hadn't waited so long. If you are hesitant, try listening to his radio show.
BTW- I had to laugh when you mentioned that your sister and BIL swear by him as if he was family. DH and I call him Uncle Dave sometimes. Whenever we have a financial question, we say "WWDRD"- what would Dave Ramsey do?
Very best wishes!!! :)

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answers from Seattle on

I dont know much about DR but my sister and brother in law swear by him as if he was family. They told us as one of the ''things'' we did when taking their house over was they wanted us to take his financial class through our church. We agreed at the time. We have not done it yet though.

As a gift and self-esteem boost my sister bought the E-z Mealz plan that he I guess endorses. It is only so so. She did buy me the Gluten free plan he offers but I have found that who ever makes the menu doesnt pay much attention. There have been things they called for that still were not 100% GF. I know I will not be buying the continued subscription after the one I have expires.

Like I said I dont know much about him. I kinda get the creeps with how people follow him and his word as if it were truly gold. We will likely have to take his $$ course if for some chance my sis and bil all of a sudden remember that was part if our arrangement...

He reminds me of a male Suzie Orman. The verdict on her in my mind is still out. anyone that requires you spend money(like buying all their literature,videos or cds) to save money just doesnt jive or make sense to me.

Good luck and do all the research behind what your looking for.

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