Daughters 1St Tooth Is Starting to Loosen

Updated on August 21, 2012
C.A. asks from Florida, NY
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My daughter went to the dentist in May and he told us her bottom teeth are starting to loosen. I saw an episode of Toot and Puddle this morning about loosing teeth. It got me thinking. How much does the tooth fairy leave for the 1st tooth and every tooth after? I was just wondering so we are prepared for when the time comes. Thanx

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So What Happened?

oh boy! I am sooooo glad I asked! I was thinking $10 for the first and $1-$5 for every one after. You guys just saved me alot of money! LOL THANX

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answers from Charlotte on

I'd give two dollars. I think more is too much for "first" teeth. Wait til the pain of molars hits to give more money.

If you can find it, a little box in the form of a tooth is so neat to put the tooth in. Show it to her before it comes out. It will help her not be so scared.

My kids wrote letters to the tooth fairy once they were in school. I still have them - they are darling! They were trying to negotiate the amount of money the fairy would bring.


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answers from Oklahoma City on

We are pretty poor. We live on SSDI and are raising 2 of our grandchildren.

We do $1 each tooth. There have been times when a tooth came out unexpectedly and we had to "check online" and the tooth fairy was on vacation. When she got back, it was usually right after the 3rd of the month, she left that nice pretty dollar.

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answers from Detroit on

I've usually heard that 5 bucks is the going rate for a first tooth, and then a dollar for each tooth after that. I did read somewhere that one mom gives a gold dollar coin for each tooth lost, or a silver half-dollar. Since you don't see those too often, kids think they are really cool!

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answers from Norfolk on

I gave 10 quarters per tooth ($2.50) - all the coins made it look like a treasure and our son loved feeding his tooth money into his piggy bank.
For the very last baby tooth, he got 100 quarters ($25) and a sparkly glittery note from the Tooth Fairy for being such a good customer.

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answers from Austin on

1 dollar, but we gave it in quarters.

Our daughter loved and collected quarters.

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answers from New York on

We did $6 for the 1st tooth for DD1, the $5 was because it was the 1st.. and the $1 is a gold coin, tell you what that is the HUGEST hit there is!! DD2 lost hers while we were camping!!!! We knew it was coming, I packed a plastic easter egg to put it in lol borrowed tape from another family we were camping with (huge event lots of friends) but SHE got spoiled!!! The joke was the year before with DD1 a friend asked what the tooth fairy looked like at Pennsic (our camping event) and I jokingly said "She looks like YOU!" So when DD2 lost hers there the next year she got her normal TF$ but then that friend gave her another $5!!! lol (also had coins for DD1 as a gift, they are older coins that were her mothers, a sweet gift truly)

Now my cousin found a link to TF $ (dont know where) but that person took the glitter spray paint and glittered a dollar bill.. I thought that was a cute idea, but alas we had started the coin thing, AND I am allergic to glitter.. go figure..

But now that this answer is long, as long as you make it special it is a good amount. You want to do $1 for the 1st and then $.25 for each, why not? (you could even paint the $.25 with nailpolish lol)

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answers from Philadelphia on

$5 per tooth... but it was my husband. The first one she wanted to keep, so we wrote the Tooth Fairy a note and asked if she could keep it. She still got the money. With the second one, the TF gave her a very sweet note that said "Thanks for taking such good care of your tooth!"

Had it been me, it probably would have been a nickel like I used to get. (HAHA)

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answers from Dallas on

We are coin collectors and we always gave gold dollars for her collection and then nice crips new bills for her to spend or save.

The amount is up to you and what kind of tradition you want to set.

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answers from Washington DC on

Totally up to you :)

My son lost his first tooth at 4. I didn't even know it was loose until about 4 hours before it fell out! (he didn't know teeth fell out and didn't bother to tell me... guess I should have watched Toot and Puddle!).

The best I had on me was a shiny quarter, so that's what he got... and it's what he's gotten every time since :-P

If I had planned, I probably would have done a silver dollar or a Susan B Anthony or something, but oh well... it is what it is... and it's cheap!

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answers from Spokane on

my daughter got 6 dollars for her first tooth (1 dollar from her surgeon that removed it right before her adenectomy) and then 5 dollars from the tooth fairy. every tooth after that she gets a dollar. i think i will do more for molars but i dont know right now.

do with what you feel is right if you think a quarter per tooth is good do it. i just like giving them a little more for the first lost tooth :)

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answers from New York on

One of my 5-year-old twins just lost her first tooth. A couple days beforehand I asked her what she hoped the tooth fairy would bring. She said, "A quarter! ... or maybe a dollar!" Then her twin -- who hasn't lost one yet -- said, "A hundred dollars!"

We decided to go for a dollar coin. There is a whole series of presidential golden dollar coins out there now, with the Statue of Liberty on the other side. So those are shiny and awesome looking. But I wanted to get her a Sacagawea coin, which I was able to find ahead of time. She was thrilled.

I'm willing for the rate to rise with inflation if needs be, but this worked for us for now.

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