Daughter Wiped on Bike, Now Has a Cut/bruise ? (Slight TMI)

Updated on April 24, 2012
J.H. asks from Collins, OH
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So my daughter was riding her bike outside and apparently tried to pass her sister. In doing so, she wiped out. She flipped over her handle bars and the bike landed on top of her. (Not sure exactly what happened. Her brother ran in yelling that she was screaming after she flipped over her bike.)

Hubby made it out there before I did. As he walked her back, she was limping. I figured she had scraped up her knee. Hubby tells me that I need to take her in and look her over...in our bedroom. I take her into the bedroom, and realize the knees of her pants aren't even dirty. I ask where she hurts. She points to her crotch. (At this point she's practically hysterical.) I take her shoes off, get her pants down and at this point I realize there is a major issue. Her underwear have blood in them.

Long story short, she has a cut on her vulva. In addition, she began bruising and swelling on the one side and down the leg within 3-5 minutes of the injury. (When I saw it.) We have her laying on the couch with ice on it, but she's whining when she moves and I worry about how bad it is. I don't think she needs stitches, but I wonder if she needs to be seen.

She wasn't really keen on my hubby looking at it. (It was a quick glance to help me assess whether she needed the ER or if my course of action, ice and rest, would suffice.) I don't want to take her to the ER or doc if I don't have to.

So what say you mamas, am I doing the right thing, or should I have her seen?

ETA: Normally I would think I'm doing the right thing, but today has been a crazy horrible day. I feel like I can't trust my own judgement and really just need a "Yeah mama, you're doing great!" So please, if you want to judge me for something you think I did wrong, PM me. I'll get to it when I'm back to my feisty self.

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answers from Austin on

I hope you have taken her to be seen. The depth of the damage needs to be assessed medically.You are not over reacting.

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answers from College Station on

Ice is a good place to start, and perhaps some tylenol as well. That kind of injury will hurt for a while. Its some sensitive tissue. Think of how long you hurt after childbirth.
Keep an eye on it throughout the night, and if she is not feeling better by morning, perhaps take her to urgent care.

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answers from Cleveland on

ok if she isn't bleeding any more, I doubt theycould do anythign but ice anyway. So ithink you did fine. check range of motion of her leg/hips I can't think she would have broken a bone or anything She'll be ok it's just akward.

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answers from La Crosse on

I agree that ice and some ibuprofen to help with the swelling as long as she isn't bleeding any more.

If she is still in alot of pain tomorrow I would have her checked just to be safe at the walk in.

* She is going to have some pain due to the bruising and swelling.. Im talking about being in or more pain than she is in now. I fell one time on my brothers bike and hit the center bar and I was bruised black and so swollen on my lips for a week ( I didn't have a cut or bled)... there was no underware or pants, only dresses worn for a week along with walking bow legged. My heart goes out to her almost 30 years later I can still feel the pain when I think back to it!

Yes your doing great Mama!!

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answers from Odessa on

I would err on the side if caution and take her to see her pedi on Monday. Depending on the fall, she could've landed on, and consequently broken her pelvic bones. Given the amount of pain and the fact that it's all bruised (aside from the pain from the actual cut), bruising can sometimes indicate a fracture. Hope this helps.

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answers from Omaha on

I think you are doing great, mama!! The only thing I would also do is call the after hours line at my doctor's office. I am guessing they will want you to take her to the ER or urgent care tonight. When it involves such a tender area of the body, you want the professionals to look her over just to make sure everything is ok and no foreign objects got anywhere they shouldn't be. My brother had a bike accident when he was about 12 years old. He required surgery. He made a full recovery, but he was homebound for some time during his recovery. Just get it checked out for peace of mind! Good luck! Poor girl!!

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answers from Erie on

I would take her to the ER. I had a bike accident when I was a kid that caused a similar injury, and they were worried I could have cracked my pelvis. Luckily, I was ok, but if I were you, better safe than sorry. She will be mortified by the experience, but that fades, trust me. I don't mess around with this kind of injury because if something is broken and it goes untreated there could be further complications. If she needed stitches, that time is over now, you have to get them in within 8 hours.

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answers from Austin on

No one mentioned a sitz bath. If you've never done one, after applying ice for 24 hours, you sit in a shallow bath of warm water to cleanse and soothe the affected area down there. One person mentioned a peri-bottle during urination, which is great (just a squirt bottle, you could use a water bottle that has a squirt cap on it). For the sitz bath you can either use the bathtub or a pan of water, like a large tupperware that her tushie could fit it. I think you can actually buy a plastic tub for this purpose at most pharmacies. Aquafor ointment is fabulous for cuts in that area - my daughter's pedi recommended it for some genital rashing (vaginitis). I can get it at any store around here in the lotion area. Hope this helps your dd.

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answers from Houston on

I've read there can be great danger in just such an accident - I'd call her doctor and schedule an appointment after confirming with the nurse that she needs to be seen.



answers from Austin on

You are doing great! I would give it a day and or two, keep an eye on it and give her some tylenol or ibuprofen for swelling and pain. If it things don't improve then schedule an appt. with her pediatrician.
I remember I was managing an IHOP about 10 years ago, I was in the back by the dish area explaining to the bus boy as best I could in broken Spanish how I needed the vents cleaned that night, so I got up on the stainless steel counter that the dishes sit on to be washed showed him how i wanted the vents done, and as I went to get down my shoe slipped and I came crashing down on the side wall that kept the water from spilling onto the floor. I screamed so loud that the entire restaurant became silent. I went to the bathroom and was bleeding, it swelled very quickly, and was super hard to walk, but I had to stay to finish the shift. It healed on its own, and aside from hurting like the dickens for a day or so, no serious damage was done. Trust your instincts on this one mom, you are doing fine!



answers from San Francisco on

I would have her seen for her well being and your peace of mind.



answers from Victoria on

a cut- depending on how big the cut is or if it continues to bleed. how much blood if its still bleeding or was gushing blood then yes er. but if its a cut because the peddle hit her just right i would imagine it was brused and swollen. I personally would wait a day and see if it were better. Or if it got worse as the hrs went past Then go in and have it looked at. I often ask my hubby what he thinks on bumps and bobos because he thinks more rationaly and i think emotionally. love that your girly has the modestness already setting in . thats a good sign!



answers from San Antonio on

Why?you have'nt taken her to the doctor yet. Please have
her ck.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would agree that ice should be fine as long as the bleeding has stopped. Then see if the swelling goes down over the next couple of days. If there is still bleeding I would get it checked out. I know it doesn't really matter too much, but how old is your daughter?


answers from Dallas on

Ouch, I'm squirming myself after reading that!!!
I think you're doing okay with what you're doing now. Give her the Tylenol and ask her if the pain is from the bruised part or if it's the cut part. If it's from the cut, maybe use some Dermoplast. It will not only disinfect but it has a numbing agent as well. She will be sore for a few days, I'm sure. She'll probably need to take it easy for at least a couple of days. No bikes or jumping stuff, I think the impact of any jumping will really hurt.
Hope she feels better!!!!



answers from Cleveland on

with it being in that area, i would take her in just to be on the save side, you never no because there are so many things going on down there.



answers from Seattle on

I think you're doing just fine, but if you're still uncomfortable, you might want to cal the on-call nurse at your daughters doctor, just to for sime reassurance. She's probably going to be fine, but you sound like you could use a little TLC yourself.

Remember, you are a good mom!



answers from New York on

Think you are good to go. Ice and some tylenol or Motrin and extra loving
and she should be ok. I am sure she will be uncomfortable for a few days.
The bruising will get worse before better. Go with your gut. If you think she
is OK she probably is. If your gut says no, get her checked out. Really
sensitive area so she has a rough couple of days ahead. Hope she feels
better soon. You are a great Mom.

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