Daughter Turns 3 in March, Do I Need to Wait Until Sept. for Preschool?

Updated on August 24, 2007
C.W. asks from Providence, RI
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Hi!! I am new to this site and LOVING this. Here is my question. My daughter just turned two in MArch and I am thinking anout preschools. Well apparently there are waiting lists forever and you need to sign up your kiddo right away Well my first problem is I am not sure if we are going to be here next year so how can I sign her up and my secind problem is that her B-day is in MArch so do I have to wait until September to send he. She will be 3 1/2 by then. I would love to send her this September but chances are it's too late to send her someplace and most pre-schools don't even take them until they are 3. I really feel like she would do good in some sort of "school" setting she is very smart and I think she would do well. She just turned two a couple weeks ago and she already knows all her colors, shapes, counts to 20 and knows the alphabet. She even started counting this week so I am eager to get her involved in something soon, but if I can't and don't know where we will be living how can I go forward..UGH sorry this was so confusing, any suggestions would be sooo appreciated, Thanks ladies and lookiing forward to spending LOTS of time here and geting to know you all!

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answers from Boston on

Hi C.!

When my son was a little over 1 1/2, he started attending daycare at the YMCA. The great thing about the program there is that they have classes ranging from Infants, Toddler 1, Toddler 2, Preschool 1, Preschool 2, and Preschool 3. Toddler 2 is for children up to the age of 2.9, after which they move into Preschool 1. It's a year round program and you can have her in "school" from as early as 6am up until 5:30 or 6:00 at night. My son was usually there from about 10am-4pm. They provide snacks, and lunch, they have naptime, storytime, an indoor gym, but most importantly, the day is filled with learning activities and your daughter would get the chance to be around other kids her age! Your daughter would be able to move through the classes as she gets older and when it's time for kindgerten, I believe they also offer assistance in finding an appropriate school.

Good luck!



answers from Boston on

When my daughter was little, I enrolled her in June, when I had the money to send her. The place that I used was privately owned and they didn't have requirements that you could only sign up in September or anything like that. It doesn't hurt to make phones and ask to visit them to see if it is a place that you feel your daughter will be comfortable in.



answers from Boston on

I do not live in RI but imn Mass and Here we used the YMCA first which I did not like AT ALL. I have written tons of letters about them and everything that has happened!! They forgot about my son in the class and went outside.I enrolled him in swim lessons to give him a break from class and they bring him and then get him. It is just down the hall so I figured why not. Well not onve but twice I went to pick him up in class and he was not there at 4. They were not sure where he was. Then I went over to the pool and there he was sitting at the edge of the pool for over 45 min. Anyways we then used Kindercare and it was a wonderful experience. Each center is independently owned so you would really have to talk to parents around your area. I would wait till she is 3 1/2 though. You do not want to start her too early. She could regress!
Much Luck




answers from Boston on

preschools generally take them at 3.. 3 1/2 is fine.. they also start about December-spring for registrations.. you can call a few and when they start open enrollments.. you should ask friends who have older kids where they recommend, but remember, things change too. I know of a great preschool that went down hill fast.. it's hard, good luck



answers from Lewiston on

ok first of all it depends on what kind of preschool you intend on sending her to. RI has preK in the public schools right? Do they have to be 4 to be in that? I would definitely wait till she is 3.5 to enroll her in a preschool. That would still give her two years. So as far as this year I would hold off on preschool - if you don't need her to go to daycare or anything. To get her involved with other kids take her to playgroups or story times and things like that. She might now be able to handle it every day. Enjoy the time you have with her!



answers from Boston on

I was in the same situation before. I signed my daughter up for nursery school (she was 3 yrs, 4 yr olds go to preschool in most towns. If not, the child ends up going to preschool 2 years in a row which can be boring for a child since they already learned everything, etc.) Even though I wasn't totally positive if I was going to be in the town or not by the time school started, I still signed her up, just in case. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I did end up moving before school started, and just called and took her name off the list, no problems at all.
If you know where you are moving to, I'd suggest looking into the schools there now. If you can get her into nursery school, you are almost guarented into preschool here since they ask the nursery school children's parents first then start letting people outside the school know they're accepting applications. You can always call around. I would start looking into it now. Schools do fill up fast. The sooner you get her name in the better.
Good luck!



answers from Providence on

My daughter is 3 (turning 4 in September). She has been in a daycare/preschool since she was 4 months old. Starting at 3 years old, they have a pre-school curriculum - writing letters, doing weather, learning different themes, crafts, etc. I even get written evaluations on her development & teacher conferences. This school you can start anytime. Not sure where you live, but this one is Kindercare in Johnston, RI. I am sure there are others if that is not convenient. Definitely check around.

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