Daughter Tried to Get Little Sister to Drink Pee

Updated on February 15, 2012
A.M. asks from Spring Valley, CA
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my five year old daughter likes to pee in the shower occasionally despite my telling her not to. when i went to grab towels tonight and come back my 3 yr old daughter tells me my 5 year old peed in their tea cup and tried to get my 3 year old to drink it. I'm a little disturbed, i know kids are curious and such, but my husband is truely worried and frustrated by her behavior. How would you address this issue or has anyone else been through this?

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answers from Los Angeles on

If this happened once, that would be okay. But, is she a bully? are there other cruel things she does to her sister? That is where i se the problem.



answers from New York on

I would handle it firmly. I would tell the five year old that this is unacceptable behavior and if it happens again, there will be a punishment. Then follow through. If this is happening in the shower, then have them shower separately (and if you are leaving a 5 and a 3 in the shower while you leave the room, please don't do this.)

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answers from Champaign on

I'm with Marda and Kristina. Don't worry about it. Obviously you want to discourage it (just like we are trying to discourage our 5 year old from picking his nose in public).

Out of curiosity, why did you tell her not to pee in the shower? Just about everyone I know has admitted to peeing in the shower ... and picking their nose when no one's around :-)

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answers from Washington DC on

i would address it firmly, looking her directly in the eye with no hint of laughter, and be very clear that this is not acceptable (the drink suggestion, not the peeing in the shower....who doesn't do that?)
then i'd go bury my face in a pillow and howl with laughter.
really, your husband needs to relax. this will be a great family story!
:) khairete

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answers from Portland on

lol This is so benign. Kids are curious and wanting to try everything. I would not be concerned. Just tell her it's not appropriate.

Actually drinking urine will not make us sick unless the person who provided the urine is sick. Urine comes out sterile. There is a diet program in which people drink their own urine, in fact. Gross, I know but it would not have hurt your daughter if she'd drank it.

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answers from Redding on

Peeing in the shower? I'm so guilty of doing that. Something about the nice warm water helps me relax and I just let my bladder empty. It feels so good.
I use my foot to rub a sponge around the bottom of the tub before I get out. I certainly don't have a filthy tub.

My little sister and I used to take baths together and we drank our bath water. Super gross, I know, but it didn't make us sick or anything.

As for your daughter trying to get her little sister to drink pee, I wouldn't go overboard and think she's some type of deviant, but I wouldn't think it was funny either. I would probably say something like, "If you think drinking pee seems so interesting or fun, let's see you try it."
Of course the kid wouldn't want to and that's the point.
"Don't try to get your little sister to drink and/or eat anyting that YOU wouldn't try first yourself. Period".

It's likely she won't try that again.
She should tell her sister she's sorry and leave it at that.

Just my opinion.

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with Marda, simply talk to your daughter about the situation. I would ask her if she would want to drink her own urine or her sister's and ask her then why would her sister want to drink hers. I would simply explain that it is not acceptable behaivor, should she do something like this again she will be (insert appropriate punishment here). There are tons of people who have survived a few days more by drinking their own urine as well as that "diet" Marda referred to. While you are discussing bodily functions, I would address that feces is NOT edible.

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answers from Seattle on

If this is the only bad example of big sister telling little sister to do something the parents have asked her not to...I would not be disturbed.

If this were a pattern of big sister forcing little sister to perform many odd or unusual requests....then I would most definitely be disturbed and up my supervision and start reminding and working with big sister how lil sister looks up to her, that she is a role model...kind of young, but you get the gist.

Sibling rivalry can definitely start to rear it's ugly head this soon. So best to keep an open eye for awhile.

GL! - great question BTW.

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answers from Detroit on

A., I am sorry, but I am cracking up!

Want to hear disturbing? My oldest sister, peed in a cup and put it in the refrigerator and told my middle sister it was lemonade and tried to get her to drink it!

We still talk about it til this day! Freaks!

I dont know what advise to give you, but they def arent the first to try it! Ooooh sisterly love! It keeps on giving and giving!!

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answers from Tyler on

My gut response is that it is time to stop letting them bath or shower together. I know it will be inconvenient, but geez...your 3 yr old deserves better than this. I wouldn't freak out, but maybe the 5 yr old will get the msg that she is crossing some personal lines.

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answers from Atlanta on

Oh my -that sounds like perfectly normal sibling behavior (or college boys -see below)! Kids do stuff like this! To them -it's funny. I would get onto her and let her know that pee and poop just go in the potty and will make you VERY sick if you ingest them (although pee really won't). Did you know that urine is the most sterile substance our body produces? It's MUCH cleaner than spit! Not that anyone should be ingesting it -but...

My dad loves to tell a story of a guy in college who drank all of their sodas and beer all the time. They filled a Mountain Dew bottle with pee and put it in the fridge and hid while he came in, grabbed it out of the fridge and turned it up -then they all died laughing.

This isn't something to break a sweat over. Oh yeah -I still pee in the shower, and I'm 42!

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answers from Erie on

If it was dangerous, I would have a consequence. But drinking pee is not dangerous, so I think I would have ignored it and had a good laugh about it. Tell your husband to chill out, there are lots more of those antics to come in future years!

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answers from St. Louis on

The title made me laugh.

It actually sounds like typical sibling behavior but that this is normally not brought to the attention of parents, ya know?

I am pretty sure it will not happen again because little sib knows the gag.

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answers from Richmond on


Trust me, you'll be laughing about this later on. Warn her future boyfriends against golden showers ;)

Tell her not just no, but HELLLLL NO!! Gross! How would she like it if someone did that to her?! And make sure little sis knows what not to do.

As for older siblings trying to get younger siblings to do stupid stuff, well, I have pictures of my brother (2 years younger than I am) in a pretty pink dress. He was 9 and I talked him into it. I also bet him $20 he wouldn't eat a frog once. He put the live frog in his mouth... I gave him $10 for trying ;)

One things probably certain, since your 5 year old didn't talk her into it, she probably won't ever be a car salesman ;)

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answers from Biloxi on

My sister used to try to get me to eat Purina Cat Chow when we were little. :)

I think this is just something that big sisters do. 5 and 3 are innocent ages - your older daughter probably thought it would be funny.

I would explain to her that it is not appropriate and would give her a mild punishment to reinforce that she should not do this again. I would tell the 3 year old not to drink it, of course, if offered again. But I would not be overly freaked out by the behavior.

It will be okay.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Ummm...this does not sound normal to me. There seems to be so much more going on beneath the surface which I think you need to investigate. Without reading your previous posts I wonder if she always this defiant? I think I would dig a little deeper to find out what is going on.

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answers from Anchorage on

Well I have to tell you that my older boy who is 6 tried to get my 3 year old to do the same thing!! I really wouldn't worry:) Sometimes kids do some really gross stuff. At least mine do anyways:) Luckily my younger one looked at him and said "no way your gross". LOL

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answers from San Francisco on

If this is a pattern of behaviour I would be very concerned.
If it is a one off thing, not so much.

My older sisiter tortured me through my whole childhood. Some highlights: Salt in koolaid and she forced me to drink it in front of her friends, set up a haunted room (where my father died) and shut me in it, constantly kicking me into a ball on the couch and many other highlights. She was just mean and she continued to get mean. he is still mean, even my kids notice it.
I am only mentioning this because I do think there is something disturbing about an older child forcing her younger child to do something. It is about power. My guess is that your husband is worried and frustrated because he sees other aspects of your daughter's behaviour that add up to more than one event in the bath tub. That is how parenting feels to me. One odd event is no big deal, but if a few odd events start to add up, then you gut check becomes important. I would be very careful about them being alone together. To be fair to your older daughter, I would try to make sure the three year old is telling the truth. Then I would work really hard to give positive praise for when your older daughter is showing kindness.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A., it's simple, you say, "you know what is in your pee and your poo?" Then you tell her, 'it's the waste from the garbage your body does not want" It is not healthy to drink or eat. It goes in the toilet only."

Be factual, tell it like it is and she will understand.

Family Success Coach

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answers from Los Angeles on

hmmm yikes! i would sit her down and explain to her that drinking our urine can make us sick. ask her where she got the idea to do that from.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Doesn't any know that urine is sterile? Yes, it contains what our body doesn't want, but hasn't anyone ever heard of people drinking their urine to survive in the wilderness? You certainly can't die from it.
I'm sure it was something she thought was funny. If it happens again and again, then I would have a problem with it because now, she's not listening to you, but not if it was a one time thing.
Ps, I don't think peeing in the shower is that big of a deal. When you have to go, you have to go. My daughter does it all the time......even I do it when necessary.
Take care!

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