Daughter's Toes Overlap Each Other

Updated on November 14, 2009
D.F. asks from Twinsburg, OH
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My 4-year old daughter's middle toe on her right foot overlaps the toe next to it. It always bothered me (but I don't make it obvious to my daughter). I asked the doctor about it when she was around 18 months old. The doctor said that it is usually a hereditary trait and should straighten out when she stands on it. At the time, she had it on both feet. Well, she is 4 now and it does not straighten out. Should I take her in to the doctor's again? It doesn't seem to bother her. She's in ballet and tap and wants to get into gymnastics (which I told her she will need to wait until she is at least 5 or 6). I don't want this formality to become a problem. Or is it only cosmetic? I guess my question to you is, has your son or daughter (or even yourself) had this problem? Thank you :)

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Hello D.! Greetings from Xenia! I am sure you have researched this, but here are some links I found that might help you. Have you consulted a specialist in orthopedics?




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Hello, this exact same thing happened with my daughter how is now 16 years old. She too was also born w/ her toe over-lapping her big toe...her pediatrician told us the same thing but he would keep an eye on it. She later became very active in gymnastics and cheerleading since 3rd grade and her toe did not straighten out. When she was in the 6th grade she kept having tumbling accidents and her coach said something was wrong w/ her balance. My daughter said something about her toe getting worse, and I looked and sure enough it was completely over her big toe, I took her back to the dr and he sent her to a foot specialist. Its called a hammer toe, she had an out patient surgery, and it was corrected. once she was released back to tumbling, gymnastics and cheerleading again.... her balance had improved greatly! It may not bother her yet, but over time watch it, and it can get worse, if it does her balance will be thrown off and will need surgery.

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Take her to see a foot specialist!



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both of my son's feet are like that (as are my grandfather's). the dr told us it's no problem unless it hurts him or starts to affect the way he walks. that probably doesn't help you much--but yours isn't the only dr who doesn't think it's a problem.



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Let it go.

My oldest daughters 2nd and 3rd twos on both feet aren't "completely separated" - it's like they start joined at her foot, and separate about 1/2 way up.

That's just "the way she is". She has taken dance class, and takes a "gymnastics" class. She's just turned 6. She takes classes at Sportastiks www.sportastiks.com and she LOVES it. They have programs designed to help them with movement, coordination, and Ms. Pat (Pat Warren) has a long list of credentials, and is fantastic.

Anyway, she attends the classes, and is barefoot. None of the other kids (or parents even!) have even noticed. SO unless it's causing her to be uncoordinated or something, just let it go.

FOr what it's worth....



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Regardless of whether this is in part hereditary or not, as odd as it may sound to you....this problem is in her HIP. I'm a certified posture, alignment and pain management specialist. I see this CONSTANTLY. I actually worked with a lady a few years back who had her big toe crossed over the 2nd toe. We fixed it via a series of exercises that allowed the muscles in her hip to do their job.

I'm a mentor who helps people understand anatomy and how it functions, how and why specific muscles do or don't work and interacts with the body's systems, etc. The body has an almost unlimited way of compensating whem a muscle or muscles don't work. They CAN be re-educated when given the proper stimulus.

Where are you located? I would NOT waste my time or $$ on going to the doctor again. And I CERTAINLY would not spend $$ on surgery that really won't correct the problem. I've seen SO many people who've had bunyon and/or hammer toe surgery that wish they never would have. That's because it really didn't correct the problem. The source of the problem is RARELY the source of the place where it manifests itself.



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yes mine still overlaps. my dads overlap, it does not bother me in the slightest, the problems will come only if your daughters is ridgidly fixed in place, mine moves out of the way when i have shoes on, it is not a "fixed" deformity. if it was i think i would have it operated on

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