Daughter's Itchy Scalp

Updated on June 07, 2012
T.H. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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My daughters head seems to be really bothering her to the point where she is scratching just the crown of her head all the time. I have looked to see if there are any bumps or bites or anything and I even checked for lice. We had my niece & nephew stay for a week so I thought maybe she got something from them. But there is nothing there. I have inspected the entire area and can't find out why. She has super curly hair but I always wash her hair for her to make sure all the product gets cleaned out. We wash her hair every other day so I don't think its getting too dried out. She has no dandruff. I am at a loss!

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So What Happened?

Thanks Mamazita! I didn't even think of that. She does use the Pink Mr Bubbles...I wonder if that is the issue. Thank you SO much for everyone who answered. I think I might try the vinegar thing & switching shampoos. You guys are great!

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answers from San Francisco on

When I was little I was super sensitive to certain soaps and shampoos (probably the fragrances and/or dyes.) Remember that pink Mr. Bubble bubble bath? That stuff was like acid on my skin!
Try switching to a gentler product for her hair and see if that helps :)

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answers from Dallas on

I have noticed that one of my son's gets an itchy head when his allergies are really bad. When that happens I make sure he is using Head & Shoulders. Even though he doesn't have dandruff, it helps with the itching. There are also certain shampoos he can't use - Suave is one.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not sure how old your daughter is, but I would recommend Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special shampoo.

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answers from Chicago on

If she has curly hair she is suseptable to a dry scalp, just because it does not flake does not mean it is not dried out and itchy. Try using Morrocan Oil or a cleansing conditioner vs traditional shampoo and conditioner and above all make sure you are using Sulfate FREE on her hair. You do not include her age, but make sure no one is using heat to style her hair, if it is curly and "crazy" try braiding her hair - french, dutch etc see You Tube for fun tutorials and ideas if needed, but no heat. I have curly hair and before I started paying attention to what I was using my scalp was tight dry and itchy, but never flaky. I use Wen (try Hair One at Sally Beauty first) and I have no issues.
Some places to check out for Sulfate Free hair products:
Lush (www.lushusa.com)
Hair One (Sally Beauty Supply)
You can find the Morrocan Oil at Ula or Sally's too.

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answers from Appleton on

You can get Tea Tree and Mint shampoo by Organix from both Walgreens and Wal-Mart. It's great for itchy heads.

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answers from Dallas on

Try mixing some vinegar with warm water and pour it on her head. I use a couple tablespoons in a large plastic cup and then fill with water. Let her play in the tub while it sits on her head. Then wash her hair like normal. I would also consider switching her shampoo.

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answers from Houston on

The first two things that come to mind are--

1. Use tea tree oil after you shampoo her hair. If you use conditioner, mix it with the conditioner and rub it in real good. If you don't use conditioner, just rub it into her scalp after you rinse the shampoo.

2. How thick is her hair? My son has lots of thick hair, and he scratches it when he gets hot. He gets hot a lot, so I have to do extra to keep him comfortable (while I'm wrapped in a blanket).

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