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Updated on November 15, 2011
T.P. asks from Mc Cordsville, IN
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Hi All,
I need some advice or maybe I need to know if any of you have experienced this. Since last November my daughter has grown 3 1/4". Her doctor seems concerned that she is growing so fast. We have to go back in 4 months to check her height again and to see if she needs harmon testing. My daughter is adopted. I know her birth mother is 5'6" and her birth father is 6'1". The doctor said they were pretty average height and she was concerned with my daughter growing so fast. Has anyone experienced this? If so what was the outcome? This is making me nervous. The only thing you want to hear is that your baby is perfect. She is to me of course but I am very concerned. Thank you all in advance.

Thank you all for asking good questions. Since my daughter was around 9 months she has been in the 80-90% for height. I do keep in contact with her birth mother by email and have asked about height in her family and his but I haven't received a response yet. I just figured she will be tall. I am 5'4" so I know she will be taller than me.

I meant to mention that my daughter will be 5 this month. She is in the 92 % for height.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your help. I will update in 4 months to let you all know what the dr says.

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answers from Augusta on

first of all DEEP BREATH.
Also since her dad is so tall she may take after him or even his parents. My self and my husband are both on the short end, I'm 5'4" he's 5'10" my daughter is a shortie, but my son on the other hand is tall, stocky. My dad is tall, my grandmother was tall, and all my husband's uncles and aunts are tall. The tall genes skipped a generation.
none of mine have jumped over 3" but we did have a year where they grew 2 1/2"

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answers from Seattle on

My Dad's mom (my grandmother) is 4'11. My dad and my uncles are all 6'3 and above, and my aunts are 5'11-6'1.

My mum's family is Norweigan & Scottish and all QUITE tall... but it's my Dad's mum being so little that is more to the point. A little mom can have TALL children.

On BOTH sides of my family this is the growth pattern:

CHUB up, and SHOOT up. We're all fully grown (height wise) by age 11-13. Which means 6 foot +. We get rolly polly FAT, and then in a month you can see our ribcage, spine, hipsockets. We grow FAST and we grow YOUNG.

My own son ate apx 20oz of breastmilk or formula PER FEEDING, and followed the exact same pattern. 10lbs & 23 inches at birth... over 25lbs and a good several inches longer/taller by 6mo. 37.5" by 2yo. He's growing slower than I did (I was 5'2 by age 8, he was only 4'9).

ALL of us fast growers ate a TON, and grew up "perfect". The only thing fast growers really need to look out for is not screwing up their joints by running/high impact sports during growth spurts. You'll know, because they will say those joints HURT. If her joints hurt her, tone things down a little bit until the growth spurt passes.

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answers from St. Louis on

My kids always grew in spurts. My older son grew six inches in four months, lord buying pants were fun. God forbid he do this during the summer. Their doctor never seemed concerned with this. Your doctor almost sounds like he is overreacting.

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answers from Washington DC on

My 4 year old is 4 feet tall. My 6 and 8 year old are obviously taller than he is. I am 6'1, and my husband is 6'3, and also the runt of his family. His mom, sister, and brother are all taller than he is. Our kids will be tall and have always been off the charts. If the doctors are aware that she is growing quickly, and are keeping an eye on it, then all is good! No worries.

Also, kids grow in spurts. They will grow quickly and then stay put for a while. Nothing to be concerned about there, it's normal.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughters were always 99% or off the chart. They told me at their 2nd or 3rd year check up that older would be over 6' and that younger would be about 6' 2 1/2". I am 6' and their fathers were around 6' as well. Right now older is 14 and she is 5'8" and younger is 13 and she is 5'6". They both wear size 11 shoes (as do I) but they are not finished growing yet. They are going to be pretty tall. I'm sure that your daughter will be fine. I wouldn't worry about it until you have to.

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answers from Cleveland on

I wouldn't worry about her absolute height or her rate of growth. We're a tall family and at the last check-up, my 7 year old dropped to the 89% percentile. (relief for me as I worry she'll be over 6') But as the doctor said, likely she didn't just have a spurt recently. Your daughter probably did. Your doctor sounds cautious which is good so let him remeasure her and see. I'm 5'9" and my mom is 5'3.5" and my dad 6'1". My mom thinks it's because she gave me so many vitamins that I grew so tall. There could be some truth to that. My sister is also tall and my godsisters are even taller while their parents were pretty short. My godmother was a vitamin fanatic too apparently. I monitor my girls btw with a children's growth percentiles chart you can find online. But I'm really surprised your doctor is concerned. Seems totally normal to me.

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answers from Houston on

I just looked on my sons growth chart, and he grew 4 inches this year, he is easily the tallest boy in his class, but there are two girls who are at least a head taller than he is. He is in the 99th percentile for his height. I am 5 8, and dad is 6 2, so we know he is going to be tall, I don't think your daughter grew an inordinate amount, My doctor has never suggested hormone testing for my son, even though he is growing very fast

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answers from Honolulu on

So basically, in 1 year, your daughter grew 3 1/4 inches.
To me... this is not alarming.
My kids, since birth, have always been in the 97th+ percentiles for height/growth. And on the lower/average end per weight.

My kids, have always been tall or taller than most kids who are their same age. I am average height. My Husband's family, is all tall or taller than average height.
My son is 5 years old. He is about 47" tall. But however, even at that, he is not the 'tallest' child in his Kindergarten class. There are other boys and girls, who are tall like him.
Same for my daughter.
My daughter is tall. But so is her class as well.

The average height of a 5 year old, is about 3'6". Or, 42" tall.

The only person, who can evaluate hormones or growth, is a Pediatric Endocrinologist. Not, a regular Doctor.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My nephew had the same issue. His mother (my sister) is 6' 1" his dad was 6' 6". My entire family, save for one sister that is average height, is over 6 foot tall. I also have 2 cousins that have hit 6'9" and 7'2". So height is a factor for us. Though all our kids grew at an even rate. Almost all of my kids and my nieces and nephews were in the 90 or higher percentile, except this one Nephew. He grew faster and they had to do testing on him. Eventually his hamstrings did not grow as fast as his legs and he had to do some surgery and PT to fix that, that was at about 6, when he started getting calcium deposit lumps they started him on shots to suppress growth hormone. The estimated his adult height over 7 foot. He is 21 now, and he grew to 6' 6" and he has pretty much stopped. He had some effects from the suppressor shots, like weak joints, and that caused some injury during his HS sports time. Though he is just fine in everything else. He was told that his children may also develop this, he doesnt have any yet. Not saying your daughter has it, but the testing will help you determine what it is she may be going through or not, though even if she does have something with her growth, its better to catch it now and help her along!

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answers from Seattle on

My son is 9 and he is in the 98% for height. He has ALWAYS been in the high percentage. Usually from 85% and up. I am 5'9 and his bio dad is the same. Kids hit growth spurts at different ages throughout their lives. A couple of years ago my son went up FOUR shoe sizes in a year! I couldn't believe it! I wouldn't be worried if I were you. She probably just hit a spurt.


answers from Chicago on

How old is your daughter? My daughter is 9 and one of her friends had to be referred to an endocrinologist last year because of rapid growth and early-onset puberty. She was given medication to slow down the early puberty, but I don't know if it will slow her growth as well. Best wishes!



answers from Houston on

How old is she? My daughter has grown a lot over the past year or so, but she's 13 and that's a prime "growth spurt" time. In fact I had her and our 16 year old son in for physicals this summer and she was only about a half an inch shorter than he is.
I would follow the doctors advice and come back for the growth check and hopefully you'll get some answers.



answers from Columbus on

my daugter is now 5'6 1/2 at age 11. She had several years that she would grow 3 inches +. My pediatrician was never concerned. She was always proportionate in her height and weight. She has typically always been in the 90-97%. I am 5' 5 1/2 so, she's passed me. Husband is very average at 5'11. I wouldn't be too concerned especially at her young age. If she plays sports later on, you may really have to watch the intensity during those growth spurts.



answers from Green Bay on

Has your daughter always been around the 92% for height or did she just make a big jump this past year. Typically doctors are not concerned if a child is following the "curve".
My daughter has always been off the charts for height and MUCH taller than her peers. She is 11 years old and is 5' 8" so she is very tall for her age and always has been so this is nothing new and does not concern her doctor. I am 5' 8" and my husband is 6' 1", her doctor predicted a while back that my daughter would be 5' 11" which is right between my husband and I, so I wonder if that is where she will end up.
Since your daughter is adopted you may not know of others in her extended family that are tall and she may be taking after them. I would not worry at this point.

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