Daughter's 6Th B-day

Updated on April 09, 2010
N.A. asks from Moreno Valley, CA
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Hi i need help finding games or things to do for my daughters 6th b-day party, there will be boys and girls from ages 2- 9 any ideas that are cheap and easy

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So What Happened?

thanks my daughter had a blast we did pin the crown on ariel, water ballon and water gun fight, and a prize walk game

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answers from Seattle on

Lots of game and activity ideas at www.pepperspollywogs.com, and you can find them based on a theme. She does kid party plans for just about any theme you can think of, and they are very adjustable based on location, budget, etc.

Have fun!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Decorate their own sugar cookies or their own cupcakes (that went over GREAT with my teen daughter).



answers from San Diego on

At my son's 6th bday, we too had 2-7 year olds and we played a couple of balloon games. the first we blew up balloons and had the kids partner up and line up on one side of the yard with their backs together, then we put the balloon between their backs and they had to "race" to the other side. It was a blast all the kids loved it and then they were able to play with the balloon after the game. We did the small kids 1st and then the older kids 2nd. The kids actually did the game a couple of times because it was so much fun. We also did a 3 legged race for the older kids. again they loved it.
Have a blast!



answers from Los Angeles on

you can have a finger painting or art station set up for them to go up to whenever they want. Use recycled cereal boxes, shoe boxes or other pieces of cardboard to paint on. You can even grab leaves, flowers, or anything in nature to glue on it to celebrate spring! I usually put the glue in a container and have them sponge dip it on (cutting up a sponge into small pieces to help them develop their small muscles of their hand).

Another great sensory experience is putting some dry, rice and bean mixture together and have them hunt for things in them with their eyes closed or blindfolded. My mom did a wet pasta dish when young and we were finding monster eyeballs in them(which were only bouncy balls). It was fun!

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter is going to be turning six and we are going to do a water balloon toss. Another fun things for the kids that we have done in the past is set up a tattoo station and a face painting station. We had an adult set up to paint basic things on the kids faces and another adult applying temporary tattoos. The kids had a blast with those. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

OK, let's try not to do too many organized events, because, let's face it, kids really can't handle directions until they are 5 or 6. So that said:

For the little ones - open ended play, like a playdoh table set up with cookie cutters, rollers and regular kitchen tools that make interesting patterns in the doh.

For the older ones - some kind of craft - like paper bag puppets - just give them bags, markers, glue, feathers, pipe cleaners, pompons, stickers, googly eyes and let them go to town. If it were my kids, they would spend time making the puppets and then make a show out of it, but don't count on that.

If there are enough older ones to make teams - have a team game where kids try to get as many crunched up newspaper wads into a cardboard box as they can in one minute (or 2 cardboard boxes - one for each team). This sounds lame, but I went to a party where they played this and they wanted to keep playing over and over! Just silly games like this are usually a big hit.

Decorate your own cupcake is also lots of fun for everyone.

Also ask your daughter if she has any ideas. My eight year old has planned her own parties since she was five and she has LOTS of ideas for themes, games and craft projects.

Have an awesome party!



answers from Sioux Falls on

Ballon tag.

Tie a balloon around each ankle of each child and tell them the object is to pop the other kid's balloons without getting their own popped. If their ballons are popped, they are "out". The last one remaining wins!

My kids love this game!



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter is turning 5. Last time she got a book order at school there were at least 3 books for $1 so I nabbed a bunch of those for favors. The website has even more and they are GOOD fun books. We are having a party at the park. My city lets residents rent gazebos for FREE! SO they will play at the park. I am thinking of doing a bubble bonanza. At target/walmart they have bubbles by the gallon for like $3. Plus there is a container of 20 all different wands for $5. you could still buy individual bubbles for less than a buck. Or there are some really cool jumbo wands in the dollar section a target with their own little dish for bubble soultion (the easter bunny brought some for my kids and they LOVE them). I was never big into treat bags but I thought it was nice to send the kids home with something. The jumbo wands can be just that. Have a great time.



answers from Honolulu on

go to www.orientaltrading.com

lots of party stuff, games, bulk prices, reasonable.

good luck,



answers from Indianapolis on

Well, you can make pin the tail on the donkey. Or whomever you are better at drawing!
How about bingo? Make cards and then make the numbers. You can use any theme you want if you make it.
Go to Big Lots, Dollar store, Family Dollar, Goodwill, there are plenty of cool things there to find and buy. You can even find some creative things......like dress up for the boys and the girls......
If you have a party store in your area, go look at some of the things they have, then go create your own.
If you can paper mache, you can make a pinata.....however you spell it and put candy in it........
Do a treasure hunt......hide things and let the kids find them.....do age groups together and make different things to be found.
I hope this helps. Take care and good luck.



answers from Chicago on

For my kids' 6th, we had a treasure hunt and some crafts setup. They decorated bags with sticker, markers, stick on gems, etc. We also played pop the balloon. Even the shy kids loved it. By the time we finished, they were all laughing. Blow up a regular balloon, but not too much. Even better if you can get some that are not quite round. Stick a piece of paper in the balloon with a character, thing or animal written on it before blowing it up. The child has to pop the balloon what ever way they can--without using their hands. If you don't blow it up all the way, it will be harder to pop. The other kids have to guess what the child is. It is amazing how they come up with ways to act out, especially animals.



answers from Las Vegas on

If you do a search on youtube for coupon mom she has suggestions on how to keep kids birthday parties inexpensive. She is great I highly recommend looking her up!

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