Daughter Scratched My mole...now It's Bleeding

Updated on May 03, 2011
R.D. asks from Haysville, KS
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Hey moms, last night my daughter scratched my mole on my neck (it is a small brown one, doesn't really stick out a whole lot) It hurt like h*ll and started to bleed. It totally freaked me out because I just cant stand the thing anyway and have always been worried about that happening. Today I didn't look at it before the shower, but after my shower I looked at it and it is still really bloody looking. around the top. Do I need to go see a doctor? I currently do not have a regular dr (long story) and I refuse to go to the dr. I used to see. Should I just call a dermatologists office? My insurance does not require referrals. I was thinking I could call a dermatologist and see what they recommend doing. Any thought? Thanks!

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answers from Pittsfield on

Yeah, if your insurance doesn't require referrals, I'd probably try calling a dermatologist. You might want to tell them that you don't have a PCP- maybe they'll squeeze you in.
Also, start asking people you know to recommend a PCP and choose one. You don't want to wind up sick and then have to figure out where to go.
Best wishes :)



answers from Richmond on

you need to have that mole seen by a specialist, moles are not supposed
to bleed
K. h.



answers from Charlotte on



answers from Hartford on

I would call a dermatologist and tell them what happened and ask to make an appointment.


answers from Jacksonville on

It's nothing to worry about. I have several moles and a few years one taken off that was cancerous. I have to see a dermatologist every year, I usually come away with some sort of stitches. :( This is what my dermatologist told me. If it is bigger than the eraser end of pencil, has irregular boarders and coloring, or you have noticed changes in size or color that is when you need to get it checked out. I have one that is really annoying right where my jean line is, it is slightly raised and I have caught it several times and made it bleed, Dr. tells me this is nothing to worry about. I also have an awful, awful one on my neck that I would LOVE to get rid of, by noooo since it's raised they aren't worried about that one. Ins won't cover it since it would be cosmetic. Bah!



answers from Chicago on

Better safe than sorry - call the dermatologist. Have you seen one before? If so, and you've already established a physician-patient relationship, your question may be answered with a simple phone call.

Bleeding moles could be a sign of skin cancer. Or it could just be a pain in the butt mole. Either way, you want to be sure right? Make that appointment!

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