Daughter Saying My Tongue Hurts

Updated on June 02, 2009
D.V. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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My 3 1/2 year old has told me off and on her tongue hurts. She reaches in her mouth and puts her hand all the way back in her throat and "scrapes" her tongue, almost gagging herself. I thought sore throat, but no red, thought maybe a hair in her mouth, thats why she scrapes her tongue, no sores or anything. Too much juice? Acidity? She did it tonight before bed and I have to call dr anyway because my other lil darling said her ear hurts so I will ask him but wanted to see if any other moms had an idea. Thanks!

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Whenever my son said his tongue hurts, it always something like tonsilitis. I'd get her checked out. She could just be biting it, but better to be safe. Is she eating normally?

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Since it seems as though its toward the back of the throat it may be allergies. Itchy throat ears and nose are signs of such. It has been a bad season too. If she suffers from this, her doggies might be increasing the effect too. unfortunately. In my house we all suffer and sometimes even with our RX meds we stillhave the itch! We love our dogs too and couldnt live without them but Im not sure how to approach your concerns...but her doc certainly can rule out this type of problem. Check it out! and good luck!

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Hi D.,

Call your Pediatrician and ask the nurse.

Good luck. D.

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my whole life i have had episodes of sores on the inside of my mouth and tongue (like canker sores). on my tongue it would look like one of the taste buds was sore and puffed up a little (not really noticeable). i wonder if it could be that. if it's in the back of her mouth, you wouldn't be able to see it easily. or maybe a little canker sore on it... (i always got them on the side of my tongue but i'd have to stick my tongue way out to see it. just some thoughts... take another look.

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