Daughter Grabbing Crotch - Says It "Tickles"

Updated on June 24, 2013
A.V. asks from Chandler, AZ
7 answers

She does this regularly for the past week. She says it "tickles" She says it does not hurt or itch, just tickle. I am thinking some sort of infection. It seems to bother her, and is not just be her enjoying grabbing herself. Any experiences with this? UPDATE - Just to clarify - She is 4. She already humps the floor, but I don't think this is an extension of that. I think she really feels a tickle BEFORE she touches. It is like she is touching to relieve the tickle. It happens in jeans or loose fitting pants.

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answers from Albuquerque on

It could be just normal "body exploration" or possibly a urinary tract infection. Does she have to pee alot? That could be another sign of UTI. See if you can get your ped. to do a urine culture just to rule out UTI. Or maybe she just noticed that it feels good to touch down there (not sure what age child we are talking about)in which case you just have to explain that there are some things we do in private ;)



answers from Tucson on

I would have her checked. Does she only do this at night? Sometimes little pests like pin worms can migrate to the vaginal vault and cause tickling. But, maybe she just has a yeast type infection. And sometimes, kids can grab their privates as a form of exploration, and not understand that the tickle part is from that. Take her to the doctor and have him look at the problem. GL



answers from Phoenix on

It is normal.. My friends daughter does the same the dr. said this is totaly normal....



answers from Lafayette on

My daughter is 4 and has been doing this exact thing for the past 2 weeks....did you ever figure out what was causing this? I have done everything and then some...from baking soda bath, no bubles, drying out good, doctor visits, lotrizone cream...please help!



answers from Phoenix on

Not sure how old she is, but my daughter used to say her crotch was itchy. I took her to the Dr. and found nothing wrong. They did suggest no bubble baths as girls are more sensitive to the soap in the crotch area if not rinsed really well. But,I later realized that this was the word she used to describe how it felt when she needed to go pee. (even though I'd ask her if she needed to use the bathroom and she said no- she really did) Maybe that's all it is ?



answers from Flagstaff on

Depending on how old she is sometimes vocabulary is not as accurate as we may think. I would consider that it is itchy and push drinking cranberry juice in case of a yeast infection. Making sure she is wiping well after bathroom use and completely dry after bathing. I wait to see what happens for a few weeks before consulting a doctor.



answers from Phoenix on

It could be a yeast infection, even at her age. Ask the pediatrician.

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