Daughter Colored on TV

Updated on March 02, 2010
T.D. asks from Abbeville, LA
10 answers

Anyone know how to get inkpen off of a flatscreen TV?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all the responses. Turns out it was a colored pencil, but I used LCD cleaner and a soft cloth. I had to really work at wiping each part off, but it DID come off.

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answers from Shreveport on

There is a product for cleaning them at Wal mart. It is in the computer area. My son and I got magic marker on a flat screen monitor one time and it took it off. It comes in a thing that looks like wipes. Sorry I don't know the name. Good luck,


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answers from Indianapolis on

I would definitely not recommend doing anything until you have checked the owner's manual or contacted the manufacturer's customer service department.

Each screen is going to be different, and ink can be tricky.

It appears from the other responses that you're not the first person to whom this has happened, so I'm sure they have a recommendation through the company that won't render a warranty null-and-void.



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter colored on our computer screen with ink pen. I used lens wipes (for glasses, cameras, etc) from walmart. They have rubbing alcohol in them. It came right off and no sign that it was ever there. THis is the site I use to find out how to clean stuff. This is what they say for ink pen off a tv screen.



answers from Kansas City on

Ohhh nooo!
I had a sharpie incident on the flat screen...and the carpet! I got it off the tv but just replaced the carpet as there is NO HOPE for that! I used polish remover (with acetone) and if you don't feel comfortable with that youcan use baby oil.,,, just a dab of either on a soft cloth ...and wipe in one direction! I would get a qtip and do a test first in the corner. This will be funny...a loooong time from now :)



answers from San Francisco on

Im not sure about the TV but the Magic Erasers from Mr Clean seem to work on everything. Hope it works.



answers from Tulsa on

We went through this same thing last year and got some help from the people at best buy. Go to the grocery store and buy peanut oil (must be peanut). Warm it in the microwave for a few seconds until warm to the touch. Rub gently onto your screen with a soft cloth (we used a cloth diaper). It should instantly take the ink off and won't harm your screen. It will leave an oily residue for a little bit, but just use a clean cloth a couple of times a day and it should come off in a few days.

A. K


answers from Florence on

If nothing else works, try bug spray. I know this sounds wierd, but I have gotten permenant marker off walls, floors, clothes, you name it. Also I got some oil-based paint on some pants I really shouldn't have been wearing to paint in. Anyways, even after the paint dried, I was able to get it out with some bug spray and a little elbow grease. It's pretty amazing stuff!



answers from Tulsa on

try rubbing alcohol. it works with ink on glass, it may work on a flat screen.



answers from Lawton on

Baby wipes. That's how I get it off my flat-screen computer monitor. Doesn't take much effort either



answers from Dallas on

Go to Wal-Mart and look for LCD screen cleaner. I had a portable DVD player that came with it. It is a little bottle of clear solution that also comes with a special cleaning pad (I have a feeling it's just a microfiber cloth) Shake well, spray directly on the screen and wipe horizontally then vertically. It worked for me!

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