Daugher Having Vaginal Redness and Itching, 18 Months Old

Updated on April 14, 2012
S.J. asks from Adel, IA
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My daughter is itching a lot and crying while she pees and also not able to clear her bladder completely, she does in instalments....
She recently had an UTI and was given antibiotics. after a week later completing the antibiotic course she is suffering with this....
I took her to the doctor and he gave some cream and also antibiotics once again to make sure the UTI is cleared...
I am putting her off the diapers in the day and using diapers(pampers brand) in the night....

I am scared why she is suffering with this all though I take good care...
please suggest me what should I do to relieve her with this...

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answers from Chicago on

It could be a yeast infection. My younger daughter had one around 16 months of age when we were participating in a parent/tot swim class. We received a RX for Nystatin which was applied to the diaper area (not inside the vagina) and it cleared it up really quickly.

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answers from San Francisco on

I know some antibiotics can cause yeast infections. Time to call the pediatrician again.

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answers from Cleveland on

Is it possible she's consitpated? I know that sounds unrelated, but my daughter suffered for months from sequential UTI's followed by yeast infections (from the antibiotics). As soon as she got through the meds for one UTI, she was infected again. We finally discovered that she was severly constipated. The block of poop (sorry for the graphics) was blocking part of her bladder and wouldn't allow the urine to empty completely. That stale urine was the source of the UTIs. We went through a rigorous regime of enemas and miralax and finally have the constipation under control. And guess what... no more UTIs!

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answers from Lincoln on

It is very common for antibiotics to undo the natural balance and for yeast infections to occur. This really sounds like a yeast infection, especially with the vaginal redness you describe and the itching. I would definitely get it treated right away, since it is causing her to not empty her bladder again and she was just treated for a UTI. I would also talk to a doctor about whether or not this 2nd round of antibiotics are necessary since it doesnt sound like he tested her urine prior to prescribing them. More antibiotics will just make the yeast infection worse. There are over the counter creams for yeast infections, but they are intended for adults, so your doctor will definitely need to address this one for a little lady :) Poor thing! They are miserable....

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Sounds like a yeast infection. Probably due to the antibiotics. And then the doctor added more antibiotics, which only makes it worse. Call the doctor right away and ask them to do a culture for yeast. Yeast infections are painful and need to be treated properly. NOT with antibiotics.



answers from Sioux Falls on

The urinary tract is very acidic when healthy. You could try giving her cranberry extract or cranberry juice (unsweetened). Also, when giving antibiotics it's good to give probiotics, such as Florajen, to restore good bacteria.



answers from Miami on

Hi S..
I mite also make sure that the Pampers you are using is not the new kind with the stuff in the lining. I don't remember what it is called, but I read that the new improved pampers can irritate some babies/toddlers.



answers from Los Angeles on

Call her doctor, he or she needs to be aware of this. Also, switch diapers in the meantime, wipe her from front to back when changing her. It could be a yeast infection, they can get pretty nasty looking and be painful, and obviously something is seriously wrong with your poor daughter, but her doctor will need to see her and make the diagnosis and prescribe something. Antibiotics cause yeast infections so they have experience in this. Another mama also suggested she may be constipated, which could be blocking her urine flow, another strong possibility.



answers from Des Moines on

Not emptying completely could be willpower. I about that age (just 2) had a narrow ureatha that caused many UTIs andeventually had to be dialated. I can actually remember not wanting to go and trying to stop my urine flow because of the pain.
Her probable yeast infection could produce the same effects as well. Urine would burn! Get the yeast infection treated and have her urine rechecked to rule out any further infection. An oatmeal or baking soda bath could be soothing.



answers from Detroit on

if you trust your dr., then the treatments should take care of it. to avoid it coming back, try giving her a bath daily (if you don't already), make sure you change her right away when she poops, clean her well (wipe front to back), and avoid using bubble bath in the tub. bubble bath can be very irritating for girl "parts". also, try using some vaseline or something when it is red or itchy.

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