Dating After Divorce - Acclimating Our Children to Situation.

Updated on July 08, 2007
A.W. asks from Mount Wolf, PA
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Does anyone have any suggestions on what has worked or situations that they heard of, having to do with dating for the first time after a divorce. Well actually, I've dated but nothing serious and I've never introduced my son to any of them. I have found a great guy and We just told our children last night. Everything seems great. I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions from here as to - What not to do - How to be there for his children? Or how to handle any issues that might come up with a new situation like this.

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Hi my name is C. and I lost my husband in 2004 and I found someone and soon to be married and i have 3 children and my fiance has three from a previous marriage he also has been divorced. The best advice I think is to never make diffrences between your own children and the other children. Treat them as if they were your own. I have found that the hard part is dealing with the other spouse from the divorce. Make sure you make the children comfortable with the two of you being together and involve them in fun activities with the two of you that they would enjoy so they can also get to now the new person and they then will feel welcomed in and comfortable. But it takes time And nobody should rush i found time is the key to everyones comfort in coming around exspecially in children. I wish you the best of luck And happiness.

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dont really have ne advice but im goin thru some n my ex just broke up 2 mths ago n hes already wit somone did u find the faith n courage to keep going n to kno that there is someone else out in the world for did u get over ur ex?



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The girls are still pretty young enough that they'll be fairly accepting of you. By now they're probably used to the idea that their parents are divorced and are dating other people. My boyfriend has three kids from a previous marriage and when we first started dating his daughter was 10 and his sons were 7 and 5. The big thing with the boys was that shortly after we met I was wrestling around with them and I had some cool video games. With his daughter I knew the kind of music she liked and could talk to her about the movies she's seen and the books she's read. In the beginning just try to show them that you're interested in what they are. As soon as they realized that I was taking an interest in them everyone was fine with the situation. When you first meet them, make the conversation about them. If they ask you questions answer honestly because they'll remember what you told them and it could come back to bite you. Kids love to talk about themselves and they love it when an adult is taking an interest in them.I hope this helps!



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How long have you been dating this guy?

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