Updated on April 12, 2008
T.Z. asks from Scottdale, PA
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It just something i'm not good at. I cant seem to find someone who will stick around after they find out that i have a son. I just wondering where is a good place to meet someone. I dont have the money to join and online dating site. Im just looking for someone who will take me for me and deal with me having a son. Can anyone help. Because i seem to be bad at dating...

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So What Happened?

Well I went and joined the YMCA to work out... I think that I will just spend time getting myself in shape and let things go as the go... But I did have an old friend ask me out to dinner so we'll see how that goes...

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With spring just around the corner, go out to parks, cheap/free sporting events, free open air concerts.........
I was single mom for 6 years. I dated on and off but I was never looking to date or get re-married. Most of my single friends were so desperate to have some one they chased all the good guys away. My current husband found me and it's been 6 years now.
The line you wrote also said" ......TAKE ME FOR ME AND DEAL WITH ME HAVING A SON." You NEVER want to settle for some one that will "deal" with your son. You want some one to love you and your son 110%.

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Your time will come. I know how you feel. I also am a single parent of a 2 year old. But there is a free online website. Maybe you can try it. WWW.SINGLESNET.COM. Good Luck.

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Stop will find the right person in places you like to be at and he will be there when you are yourself and you are not looking for someone...just relax!!! if you have time maybe you could volunteer somewhere and with something you have an interest in....don't worry mr right will be there soon and will be part of your son's life too

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you are 21 years old. it will happen to you but you cannot push it. if you do push it you'll end up with a guy who doesn't deserve you or your son. enjoy your son and your youth, create memories for him and me. when you find you happy place, you will radiate happiness and that is what attracts guys. when guys sense neediness then they don't respond to that. i definitely think you will do fine in life. believe in yourself
as for places to meet people, a lot of people meet each other at a bookstore, at a class they're taking, at a coffee shop. join some group, even a moms group and then at parties someone has a brotehr or brothers friend, or whatever. the bar scene rarely brings anything good.
good luck

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answers from Reading on

Hi Brittany anyone who doesnt want to stick around because you have a beautiful little boy then he isnt worth wanting to have around. You are so young enjoy your life now. Love your son and yourself. YOu have plenty of time. You could set up a myspace account. My brother was in a relationship for a long time and had two daughters. They broke up and he did a myspace and hes been having fun dating. Dont settle down yet, just date ,explore your options and work on yourself. If you need someone to talk to please feel free to write me. Good luck steph

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answers from Allentown on

if your son is the most important thing to you then dont worry about dating... focus on your child.
the right man will come along when the time is right.... and you going out looking for one... is distracting you from your child.
you brought him into this world... you are all he has to count on... be there for him.

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