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Updated on June 04, 2012
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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Hello All,

My Hubby has a terrible problem with dandruff, he has for years. We have tried what seems like every shampoo out there. The problem is that he'll get a new shampoo and it will work great for about two weeks and then his scalp seems to get used to it and we are back to the drawing board. He used the Nexxus shampoo for dandruff for quite a while with great success but then they stopped making it (thanks a LOT).

Any suggestions out there??



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answers from Wausau on

A friend of mine had a dandruff problem that would just not quit. She mentioned it to her doctor on an unrelated visit and learned that sometimes 'dandruff' is caused by....wait for it....yeast! After a few days of antifungal scalp treatment, she has been 'dandruff' free ever since.

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answers from New York on

Dandruff is kind of a catch all phrase for any skin flaking. If standard dandruff shampoos aren't working you might want to have him try something containing coal tar like T-gel. Smells yucky but works great at clearing up most flaky skin issues.

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answers from Kansas City on

When we lived in Texas the lady who my husband went to for his haircuts always massaged his clean scalp with Seabreeze. He immediately went to the drugstore & bought a bottle for himself & would use it after a shampoo - not every time - but several times between haircuts. Consequently, my hubby had the cleanest & most healthy scalp, never a flake! You might try that for your hubby. Good luck!


answers from Norfolk on

You could try dissolving an uncoated aspirin in the little bit of shampoo in the palm of his hand that he'll use to wash his hair.



answers from San Francisco on

I also recommend T-sal/gel. I have psoriasis and it's the only OTC that works for me. If it's really bad, a dermatologist can also prescribe something. Good luck!

EDIT: Also, make sure he is massaging his scalp really well when he lathers up. I had a major problem after a move - installing a shower head with a good filter helped.



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answers from Portland on

Redken makes a great dandruff shampoo. I've used it for two years and have bought maybe one bottle every six months or so...it doesn't take a lot.

What helps me is to A. make sure I brush my hair really well before washing with a boar bristle brush and B. don't over-use the hairdryer. I also don't use product in my hair.

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