Dandelion Root - Good or Bad?

Updated on December 07, 2007
J.B. asks from Los Angeles, CA
6 answers

Hi everyone, I read a few times that dandelion root is bad to ingest if you are pregnant. Then I read somewhere else that it can help with digestion & other issues during pregnancy. I am currently taking a prenatal vitamin that has some dandelion root in it, and we are trying to conceive. Should I worry?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi there,
You might want to check out Dr. Andrew Weil's website.

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answers from San Francisco on

Dear J.,
Dandelion root in moderation. Many things that are part of your diet (including roots used as medicine) if they are a normal part of what your body encounters and ingests, will not interfer with impregnation. Dandelion root is considered a "hot food" in the Chinese system. It is like ginger root and provides heat to the blood. If you have a slow metabolism, it can be an asset, especially in the winter. Remember to look at food as medicine and vice versa. Dandelion root is also bitter. Look at Depok Chopra's work on the types of food to get some idea of the balance you might be looking for in yourself.
From C. in Nantong, China. Good Luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi J.,
I am a holistic nutritionist and I frequently suggest low doses of dandelion root to help with nausea in pregnancy. The prenatal vitamin that I usually recommend contains some as well. The danger would be in taking a high dose, because it can be very detoxifying. You don't want to detox while you are pregnant because all the toxins could go through the placenta to the fetus. However, at a low dose, dandelion simply helps the liver do its job well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! www.nutritionforthewholefamily.com.

Best wishes,
E. Bender, NC, CHN



answers from Salinas on

hi J.,
i dont know very much about dandelion root.... but i do suggest that if you are trying to concieve talk to your obgyn.... he or she will tell you whether it is safe to have or not, good luck and best wishes.



answers from Modesto on

Dandelion Root is for the kidney!!!
it is used for kidney support!!!
I am not sure if it is bad for you, but if you are trying to conceive...I would not take anything I am not sure of!!!
That is my 2 cents!!! Love, G.. :0)



answers from San Francisco on

Dandelion root is safe in low doses while pregant. And safe for children. It aides the liver as a blood toner and detoxifier--very healthy and not harmful. If your prenatal vitamin has it, it is safe.

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