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Updated on July 15, 2007
M.N. asks from Fort Myers, FL
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Hello there! My daughter starts kindergarten next month and I am considering getting her involved in Daisies. I spoke with someone about it yesterday and she asked me to be a leader. I work full time, so I'm concerned about how much time it would take. Have any of you had your girls in Daisies? Would you recommend it? has anyone out there been a troop leader? How much time does it take? Is it manageable while working 40-50 hours a week? Would you do it again?

Thanks so much!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks you for all the great advice and suggestions! I'm going to do it!!

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My oldest was a Daisy and it was the best thing for her. It has all the great learning tools and activities that the girls learn in Brownies and Girl Scout however, it doesn't have as much work as them.
Obviously it will take time to plan out your activities and preparing yourself for meetings.
But you won't have the stress of selling. We were in Oregon at the time and as Daisies we did not sell calanders or cookies.
I wasn't the leader, however the leader we had worked full time and managed to have a very successful troop.
Would I recommend it? YES! The excitement your little girl will have because her mom is her leader is priceless; it'll always be your special time. But I would never wish anything on you that would overwhelm you, that you didn't truly enjoy it.

If you do have some interest why don't you contact your local counsel and ask for some phone numbers of current Daisy leaders and maybe try to talk with them and see how many hours a week they are having to put in. What it has entailed for them.

Best of Luck!

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When I was a little girl, my mom was our girl scout leader. I loved that she was my leader. I'm 36 and it's something I still remember and always will. I would definitely recommend doing it if you feel comfortable with it. I can't help you with how much time it will take, but just wanted to share with you that I still remember to this day my mom being my leader. Good luck in making your decision.



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I am a leader and the reason I am is my daughter wanted troop and no one is willing to lead. Definitely do it!!!!! We did not start until Juniors, but do regret it. I helped my neice when she became a Daisy and loved it. Daisy's are sooooo fun and there will probably not be that many of them. At th at age parents still want to be involved and come to meetings, activities, etc. So you don't face the drop and run syndrome. It is so much fun. I encourage you to do it and they will give you the instruction you need. You have to delegate authority to the others helping out too or you won't make it. I tried to be "wonderwoman" and do it all and not ask for help then I learned better, but by then had my parents trained to do nothihng. So start out aking/telling parents, I need you to do ..... so they will be used to it and that it is a team effort, etc. You will be great!!!!!



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My daughter started in Brownies. She loves it. She is now a Junior Girl Scout. While both our troop leaders work full time, I know it is a busy thing to do to be a leader. They have seperate meetings to attend, they had to go to a weekend training on camping, anytime the girls go camping they go, etc. However, Daisys don't do all that so it might not be as time consuming on the weekends.



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I think thje key to all leadership is helpers. My granddaughter started in Daisie but now ending in Girl Scouts. The leaders are moving out in the country. The problems they had not during Daisies but later no on wanted to take over leadership. The last girls that came in no moms will help or support of pay the cookie money on time. The cookie sales is hard and takes a lot of time. They do not sell tell older but I wanted so bad to be a leader but with my 24 hr day care I just cannot do it. The leaders told me do not take it on. My mom was a assistant leader and the leader did nothing and she had to do it all. She told me not to do it as it is just to time consuming. The leaders told me if I call in they will try to get me to be a leader. I guess they have had problems. One I know is when we went camping to be approved by the counsel would have taken months so we did it on our own. You also need a first aider available. When they get older they do a lot of stuff like plan the meals and shop. But guess who takes them? I was an assistant once and I also was a Girl Scout for years. I was the oldest member of my troop as girls came and went. Good luck if you take this one. Be nice if a friend and you could do it together, some one you can count on. GingerW

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