Dairy Sensitivity in 11 Month Old

Updated on June 28, 2010
T.M. asks from Forest Grove, OR
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Hi Mamas, my 11-month old is breastfed and is on solid foods. I tried whole milk yogurt with him a few weeks ago (his first exposure to dairy) and a couple of days later noticed some rough scaly patches on his shins. I laid off on dairy for several weeks then tried the yogurt again. I noticed a scaly patch again on his shin the next day. Does this indicate a milk sensitivity, an allergy, or what? It didn't seem to upset his tummy at all. Anyone experienced this before with their little one?

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answers from Tucson on

It sounds like exzema. Exzema can flare up due to food allergies, or topical allergies, or just because it wants to. If you as a mom notice a connection then I would avoid yogurt. Some children can outgrow exzema. There are other options other than cows stuff. Goat milk milk is a good alternative and may help the problem. As far as yogurt, there is yogurt made out of coconut milk that may not cause his exzema to flare up. If you are really concerned you can also take him to a dermatologist. Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

As someone who has dealt with food sensitivities myself, I'd say it's pretty likely. A true allergy would cause hives pretty quickly. A sensitivity will not necessarily show up on allergy testing, so you'll need to observe pretty closely. Reactions can occur anywhere from 2 - 48 hours after consumption. Was this plain yogurt, or the type with the fruit in it? Check the ingredients and make sure there isn't another culprit in there like corn syrup or food dyes. Milk reacts negatively to fruit, so chemicals are added keep the two separate in the container. It's always better to go plain and add your own fruit. Greek yogurt is more digested, so if you're going to try dairy again give that a shot instead. I buy The Greek Gods brand and find my body has less issue than when I consume Stoneyfield.

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answers from Phoenix on

I agree that a dairy allergy may be the case. Two of my children have had this exact issue. One is definitely allergic to dairy (& eggs), which was determined by a blood panel. She has no obvious outward symptoms, other than the exzema she had as a baby. I didn't know until she was nearly 2 years old. The allergy caused lots of problems with her weight. Food allergies/sensitivities aren't always accompanied by stomach pain or obvious symptoms. I wish someone had told me what to watch for earlier! My 11 month old son also had exzema (dry, scaly patches that aren't helped with lotion) and also repeatedly had colds. I didn't catch on til I introduced yogurt to him at 7 mon. or so. His exzema flared up red and inflamed. I stopped giving him dairy and I cut dairy completely from my diet since I am breastfeeding. His exzema cleared up COMPLETELY within days, so I know there is a correlation. He has also had NO coughing and sniffling like beforehand.
If I cheat even a little with dairy, such as in dressings or small amounts of chocolate, it shows on his skin. His pediatrician agreed with my assessment. He can have allergy testing at 12 months (usually the case) to be certain there's nothing else. It's worth asking your ped and requesting allergy testing. It will save you so much heartache in the end if you know quickly! And don't worry, if it IS an allergy or sensitivity, there is a lot of great alternatives out there. A great blog I found is www.greenereating.com. check it out if you need some great food and informative articles that fit your needs. Good luck mama!

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answers from Detroit on

ask your dr... I took my son to the dr with a rash.. possible food allergy rash and the dr said that it was not a food allergy rash. I cant recall exactly but I think food allergy rashis normall in the face and it fades quickly..my nephew had a milk allergy and he immediately broke out in hives on his face.

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answers from Portland on

I doubt that the scaly patch has anything to do with the yogurt. I have food allergies and sensitivities. My granddaughter had a milk protein allergy as a baby and toddler. Food allergies and sensitivities cause a queasy stomach and hives.

A scaly patch could be eczema but if it went away in between the two times he had yogurt I doubt very much that it's eczema. Eczema does not go away on it's own.

Scaly patches on his shins could be caused by play in sand and dirt or any rough surfaces. Some babies develop rough patches on their legs from crawling around.

They could be a reaction to detergent, fabric softeners or certain fabrics especially wool and synthetics but I would think he'd have similar patches elsewhere on his body of they were the cause.

If he continues to get them and you're concerned I suggest that you take him to the doctor who may be able to tell you their specific cause and how to treat them.

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