Dairy Free Kid Birthday Cake with Icing

Updated on May 04, 2008
L.G. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I am looking for a great Dairy Free kids birthday cake recipe. I perfer white or yellow cake but I have heard it is difficult to make dairy free. I have made the Wacky Chocolate cake before. It was good but I wonder if there is something better. Also a Dairy Free Buttercream style frosting recipe. It can't be chocolate because I am using food coloring. I tried the one recipe I have and it wasn't very tasty or easy to decorate with. Thanks in advance! This is my first time decorating a cake and I am very nervous!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone. I looked for the CherryBrook Farm products this weekend but I couldn't find them. I will try again this week.

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Sorry this is a little late!
My son is allergic to eggs, milk, and nuts. We LOVE Cherrybrook Kitchen. They have a website- www.cherrybrookkitchen.com. You can get their products online, Kroger, and Whole Foods. They have a limited variety of foods, but they have cookies, cake and frosting, pancakes, and brownies. Good luck!

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This is the buttercream icing they taught in the Wilton's class at Michael's I took. I'm assuming it's dairy free :)

1 stick crisco
2 tbsp. water
1 tsp. flavoring (butter, almond, or vanilla extracts in any combination you want)
1 tbsp. meringue powder (this can be left out if it has any dairy in it. I've done that before by accident and it didn't affect the taste at all)
4 lbs. powdered sugar.

This makes a stiff consistency which is good for flowers. Add 1 tbsp. of water for a medium consistency for most decorating needs and another tbsp. of water for a thinner consistency which is best for frosting the cake.

It's very easy to decorate with and tastes pretty good if you like buttercream.

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My son has a dairy allergy also and turns one next month. We found a bakery in Fort Worth that is Vegan. They make custom cakes with no dairy products. The bakery is called Spiral Diner & Bakery. They have several cake and icing flavors to choose from.

We tried the dairy free box mix for my birthday from Cherrybrook Farms with the icing, and I wouldn't recommend it. I have The Dairy Free Cookbook. It has a recipe for cake and icing. I haven't tried it, but I have tried several of the other baked good recipes, and they were all good.

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I assume it's milk and / or eggs you're hoping to avoid? There's a brand (Cherry something??) that makes different allergin free birthday cakes. You can find them at Kroger (with either the health food or dietetic food), Target (in the cake mix aisle) and health food stores. I made one for my son's birthday since one kiddo was allergic to eggs. It was yellow cake and was really good!! A good friend (and cake snob) asked me afterwards for the recipe since she had been craving it for weeks. She couldn't beleive it was a mix. She prefered it over my home made devil's food cake!! It was very moist. Their frosting mixes use butter but also give dairy-free instructions. The crisco recipe below is also probably a safe bet.

Not sure how you're decorating the cake, but there are some great web sites out there for suggestions/instructions. I probably still have links so if you wnat them, let me know.

Good luck!! Don't worry about the cake. A home made cake, no matter how imperfect looking, always beats a store bought one in my book.

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for the past 5 years I've been using Really Great Foods cakes. they're AWSOME!

My favorite cakes:

you can use egg replacer from from Ener-G-Foods (or something similar)


for frosting: use powdered sugar and palm oil (from spectrum -- "organic shortening") it's solid at room temperature so you can use it instead of butter. add vanilla flavor and voila! whip it to your heart's content.
if you have any questions, feel free to sent me a message.
YOU can do it!
~Good luck! ~C.~

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godairyfree.org has recipes on it. I need to find one fast too, my son's bday party is this Saturday and he has a dariy and soy allergy. I have a recipe for an apple cake if you want it.

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Try this web site:

That should take you directly to the Food Network website and a recipe for White Chocolate Cake with Fresh Raspberries. The white chocolate part is in a mousse. You could try making just the cake part of the recipe. Good Luck.

I'm sorry. I just looked at the recipe again and it does call for milk. I typed in nondairy cake and it listed that one, I don't know why. If the need for non-dairy is because of lactose intolerance, is soy milk an alternative? I have never tried to cook with it but, it might work.

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I saw someone suggested The Spiral Diner and Bakery. This place is awesome! I have never gotten a cake from there but their food is VERY GOOD!

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Hello! My daughter got diagnosed with milk AND soy allergies two days before her first birthday! I got robbed of making a "normal" cake too:( Remember, you can always substitute rice milk for milk (or soy if you don't have that allergy) and oil for butter in most recipies. It is probably a stupid question, but do you guys like carrot cake? Most recipies for carrot cake don't call for milk or butter normally. Good luck!

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