Daily Home Activities for My 9 Month Old

Updated on March 23, 2009
S.S. asks from Portland, OR
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I have recently become a SAHM with my 9 month old son. I would like some tips on different developmental things we can do at this age and how to keep him entertained throughout the day. Aside from the normal routine things like eating, napping, and bathing....we practice standing and crawling and we read and play and go for walks. But I would like to hear about specific activities that you all do or have done with your 9 month old. I, personally, am getting bored with the toys we have and being in the same rooms in the house. Any new ideas are greatly appreciated!

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answers from Eugene on

I'd suggest getting outside as much as possible! (rain or shine!) Going for walks, letting him crawl around in the grass, showing him trees and letting him touch the leaves and buds and flowers etc. "No child left inside!"

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answers from Portland on

Hope you don't take this the wrong way.

I have found the more you try to do things with
your little one's like trying to keep them busy,
the more you are going to have to keep on doing more.

Just let him be. He needs to find out how to start keeping
his self occupied. I would suggest that you start reading to him.
Boy's offen have truble with reading so start
out now.
Keep thing's smiple as can be for you and him,
give him some soft books that he can touch and look at.

Don't give him to many things at one time.
They really only need one or two thing's at a time
keep it smiple really.
All he really
needs is you your love and time. So hold him in your arms
read to him talk to him and take him out side for a walk.

Make sure he is warm if it's cold outside, and put sunblock and a hat if it's sunny and warm. Babies really don't need more than our love.

Take a look around you at the park the store look at mom's
see how they and their kids are take ponter's.
I have five kid's, the youngest is 11 the oldest is 23.
I will not say it is easy but I have always given them my love frist and then toy's.
I or my husben or both of us read
to our kids most every night, I tell them no I don't feel bad whem I tell them No,or you can't have that thing, I have had my kids say I don't like you I'm mad at you,it will happen that's what being a good mom and dad dose
and them you will have them come and put their arm around you and it feels like heaven, I know you all ready know what I'm talking about when he lloks at you and smiles.
Because just aweek ago my oldest has come to me and said, mom thank you for loving me enough and to say no, and for spending the time.
It made me cry because I knew that she got it. The same will be for you
so don't wory that you have to be in the same room
or that he dose not have the right toy's he has you.
paly music NICE music and sing to him.
keep it simple for now, before you know it there is going to be soccer, football, bassball, then the fun start's.

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answers from Portland on

Check your local library for story times for his age group. Both of my kids love the story times.

Also, check out the local parks and recreation for classes or indoor park play times.

Sometimes it is nice to just get out and socialize. It is good for both of you.

Just have fun and let your little one guide you in play.

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answers from Bellingham on

I am a SAHM too and am ready for spring and tired of being cooped up in the house. They do get tired of their toys, and I found a good solution to this other than constantly buying them new toys, is to rotate them. If she has stopped playing with something, put it up somewhere she cant see it for a while. Then keep rotating her toys around like that. But the best remedy is to get outside! Get a good jogging stroller and start taking daily walks. Go to several different parks, even though he is still too young to ply on them, he will enjoy the colors and change of scenery. But walk as much as you can, it will help both of your boredoms, and the exercise will be great! If there is a pool nearby, try introducing him to that. Im not a fan of the chlorine, but once in a while I go, they love it so much.

I too had a drawer and cupboard in the kitchen when my kids were that age of things they could get into. I would put all sorts of unbreakable interesting kitchen objects and they just loved it. Also they love music. Find some great CD's you like, or if you are a computer geek like me, have a wide selection of music on your computer and play it, they love it. Don't worry, spring is just around the corner. :)

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answers from Seattle on

Great question, S.--- so here's some ideas:
1. Let your little boy do what YOU do--- some time in the kitchen ( you can set aside a drawer in the kitchen for him -- low down--- and fill it with tupperware, measureing cups, wisks, things that look like your real tools that are safe for him to handle

When you want to chill in the living room--- there can be a small shelf or toy box -- with things that you change each week ( you don't need to change everything- just put some new items --- a small version of a broom - or a feather duster --- a plastic mirror -- -anything new that will surprise him and let him play at what YOU do

bathroom --- a drawer that has a sponge that feels a bit damp - so he can 'clean ' while you do your hair - or whatever. Also give him ( in his bathroom drawer) a brush that he can brush his hair with- or a toothbrush that he can scrub his teeth with -

your bedroom--- likely you DONT want to teach him that your room is a place to play- but he can use a little broom to help you sweep - he can ''fold'' washclothes--- and by 18 months - he can sort little socks from big ones--- put silverware in the tray that you keep in the silverware drawer.

When you are listening to music - dance with him,
when you are doing laundry --- he can put things in and out of the various baskets---

As he gets older - he will do more and more to help you-- my grandson thought pushing the ''knob''' that made the coffee grinder grind-- oh he thought he was THE best ( which of course was absolutely true!!!)

Use your creativity---- look at every task you do and ask yourself '''what can my baby do that will be safe and will allow him to use his hands - and will allow him to feel part of the action??"""


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answers from Portland on

There were some lovely posts here.

Marilyn Segal has written a few books about playing with kids for different ages. I can't remember the exact title, but I have the one for babies and found it to be very informative and helpful with lots of ideas, more than you can use, really.

I'd also say, if *you* are bored, find things to do that keep you busy, happy, or engaged. It's only been very recently in our human history that our culture has put such pressure on us to be educating and entertaining our children. Little ones are generally very capable of finding ways to keep busy, often with the most mundane materials possible. At nine months, some pots and pans and a wooden spoon can provide some children a great way to explore ("what happens when I hit this stick on this thing?") while we do housework or other activities.

Our children need us to take a step back and let them play on their own. It used to be that mothers were doing about a hundred and one things besides making sure our babies were "happy". Think also about what makes you happy. Happy moms= Happy babies, generally speaking. Getting out of the house really helps. Check your local rec center to find out what sort of playtimes they have for wee little ones. If you are in Portland, I know the Baby Garden at the Children's Museum (get a membership, or it's very expensive to visit often) has been revamped. But really, if you can, find a few other moms to connect with and go to some outings. We moms can get isolated pretty easily. Even though I work with kids for a living, I can get bored just being with only my son all day...and he talks! So, take care of yourself and find a couple good books on infant/toddler activities and it will all fall into place.

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answers from Portland on

Yep, I know what you mean...

Here are a couple of fun ideas that I like to do with my 8 mo old:

Let him sit naked in the kitchen sink and turn on the faucet just a little bit. Water play is great.

Sit him in front of a full length mirror, and you sit behind him. Put a scarf or fabric in between him and the mirror and play peek a boo.

Put a bunch of colored scarves or cloth napkins in a basket and let him take them out one by one.

Pack a bag full of household objects and let him unpack the bag.

Give him some wooden spoons and show him how to bang them together. Then give him different sounding things to bang them on (a pan, a block, etc.)

Make him a shaker (a small empty juice bottle with rice in it works well) and sing "I'm gonna shake my Sillies Out" (a Raffi song)

Dance to different types of music with him in your arms.

Go outside and touch his hand to the tree bark, the grass, the leaves, rocks, etc.

Get a Rubbermaid tub and put a sensory material in it, such as dry rice, kidney beans, or sand. Let him sit in it barefoot and scoop it up and dig his feet in. (after blocking the eating attempts a few times, my daughter won't keep trying to shovel it in her mouth)

get a baby yoga book (Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a good one) and try it out.

And like the other people have said, don't worry so much about letting him entertain himself for short periods of time while you're near by. He can figure out stuff to do too!

And yeah, don;t forget about the library!

have fun!!

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answers from Seattle on

I am a stay at home mom also.. I have a 3 and 6 year old girls.. THis might sound odd.. but this is something that worked for me.. I see in your notes your husband travels alot.. well my husband works alot sometimes as late as 1 am ect.. To keep things going... I joined a nice gym.. like an athletic club.. in seattle.. one that caters to families.. It has a really nice kids korner.. where my children learned to socialize and I did this around 8 months..old.. Just for an hour or so a day. Then I could either sit in the steam room.. workout, swim. also I joined some mom classes and made alot of friends that had children.. then we started doing play dates.. also my children made a lot of friends in the kids korner and knew a routine.. in the kids korner they have lots of toys and when the kids get older art projects.. keeps my life intresting and gets my day going by getting out of the house.. also great for baby to socialize and learn he will be ok.. while you are gone for a little bit.. also I started doing 1 a week mom and baby swim classes :) so much fun.. I think this is a fun age to start mom and me swim classes.
Best of luck,
L. :)

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answers from Richland on

Take your child to the library. They have reading times and special events. I would get him in the habit of being quiet in the library and used to having books at every age level. You will be teaching him to love to read (even if it's only picture books). We used to go to the library twice a week. And it's FREE!
Have you found a MOMS or MOPS group? Great for playdates and mom time, too.
Also, Discovery Toys have wonderful educational books & games.

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answers from Portland on

There's a book out there called Slow and Stedy Get me Ready, it has activities for each week for your child by age. Most of the activities involve things you would have around the house already. I believe it goes to age 5. There is an older release that has the yellow cover you can find on ebay or amazon, it's the one I used when I taught preschool.

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answers from Eugene on

I had the same challenges with my daughter when she was younger. The best advice I can give you is to get her involved in a class of some sort. I used to take my daughter to Gymboree. Gymboree is great because their programs are aimed at certain ages so that they are specifically designed for the stage your baby is at. I would consider it. Also, go to one of those stores specifically designed for teachers. There is a wealth of toys, games, and projects that are designed to help children of all ages learn and develop.



answers from Seattle on

At nine months was when we started taking our daughter to the zoo, aquarium, etc. They can be a little pricy, but if you plan one every other week it's not so bad. My daughter also loved going grocery shopping. Really she loved doing anything as long as I was talking to her and interacting with her. Hope that gives you a couple ideas!



answers from Portland on

There is a great book that was around when my kids were little ones (my oldest is 31 now and my youngest 17 yo). The book is called The Mother's Almanac and you may get it online or at a book store. When I was looking for it several years ago for my daughter in law I saw they had a "Dad's Almanac" on the shelves and not the mother's one. Any way this book is the greatest. It is a very easy read that you can just use as a reference book. It deals with everything about babies and children and what to do at what age and hot to do it. It gives you ideas of things that you can use from around your home to make simple toys, how to make play dough, etc. So you don't have to go out and buy everything. It also gives you ideas for each stage of development and activities to do with your child. It talks about how to potty train, how to deal with child hood fears, socializing, etc. Just everything!
If you can't find the book do a search on "growth and development activities and toys". I think the Gerbeer or Pamper diaper web site has information like this too and it's free info.
But off the top of my head.... how about making music with pots and pans with a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula. You can also use tupperware type bowls turned upside down to bang on. Look around your home and see if you have a safe container to put a little rice in to make a child size maraca. Children love things that make sounds.
Sing songs like the alphabet song over and over again. Go to the library! Some have wonderful child safe areas and books galore! Take out books on nursery rhymes and big picture books. Come up with a structured plan of what you will do each day. Entering in feeding time, nap times, doctor visits, etc. As the weather gets nicer bring your baby out to see all the beautiful colors outside from the green grass to the colorful flowers. Let your child touch and feel and smell. Go out in the rain and get some fresh air each day. And don't forget to schedule some time for yourself too!
Look for a moms group in your area maybe through a church?
Let me know if you need more ideas!



answers from Seattle on

Have you tried an exersaucer or similar activity center.
One tip for having your spouse gone more is find something to look forward to every day or every other day.
Vary your books. Have you found some of the lift the flap books. Tails, Cats and Dogs are 3 fun ones where you can feel furr, wag tales, pull up on a tab, etc.
The weather will be warming up soon so vary where you walk. Get a zoo membership. Find different parks. 9 months is about when our daughter started swinging.

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