D Cup Mamas Post Weaning.

Updated on March 02, 2012
I.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
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did your breasts shrink after weaning? Of course they get smaller after pregnancy and engorgment. But if you nursed past 6 months did you notice a difference? I'm in my old bras (34 DD), and looking to wean. we only do morning and evening now. So since I seem to be the same size I was before pregnancy, will I be smaller or do us larger cup size ladies just not change size much with weaing? FYI they are noticeably smaller than from my pregnancy pictures and I am at my pre pregnancy weight , even a little below.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Wow. it was awhile back but with my first I was a C cup when I became pregnant, went to a D cup and stayed there after weaning when he was 3 years. With my daughter I was still the D cup and went to a DD, and stayed there after weaning her at 13.5 months, and I'm still there. (My little guy doesn't count, he's my youngest grandson whom I'm raising.)

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answers from Seattle on

I wear apx the same size I did prepregnancy (DDD-DDDD)... BUT the big difference for me is that the girls have gone south for the duration. We're talking old lady jokes about tucking breasts into their belt kinda thing ;) It's not that bad... but they blew UP (bigger than my head) with engorgement, and then while nursing they were firm and "up" from the milk, but post nursing they just deflated. Seriously. They dropped about 3 inches if I'm being objective, but it LOOKS like 6 inches.

The bras I wear are the same SIZE, but they're different in structure. I now require a certain kind of bra (underwire demi) to keep the girls "UP! UP! UP! Where you BELONG!"

I also have to "aim" my nipples in the correct direction, and adjust as I get in my bra the extra skin. Ewww. That sounds grosser than it actually is. It's just a 'deflated' issue. They're BIG, but the deflating means they can move in any direction, so I need to corral them into place.

I didn't have to be so choosy about structure, and materials, and (cough) support pre-pregnancy.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hmmm, well, I have had four children. I breast fed them all. Before I had my first I was a 34C. While breastfeeding I became a 34D. I never got smaller. My second I became a DD. ...and I stayed that way until after my fourth. I gained a little weight (which I did not really do before with other pregnancies) and became a 36DD. She is now 3 1/2, and I weaned her a while ago... and I fit into SOME 36D's/34DD's... but, generally with me, I don't really get smaller!

They still are in pretty great condition, though! LOL! (after all that breastfeeding!) I'd figure they'd be DONE after all that! LOL. Quite "perky" still. I'm also naturally a BIG fan of support.

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answers from Raleigh on

Oh good lord yes. lol They look like deflated balloons! I was considerably larger though. A DDD before pregnancy, an H during pregnancy, a J cup while nursing. I am down to a DD or a D in some cases. But the shape is gone! :(

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answers from Minneapolis on

I only changed a bit in the rib area -- spread about half and inch...like Laurie mentioned. So the strap area isn't as comfy. However, I got the advice from family members that if I wanted them to stay shapely, to never go without support, no matter how tempting. Even during nursing. So that's what I did and I'm still looking good ;) after several pregnancies.

If you don't mind exercise, chest flies with light weights, push ups, and military presses will keep them "perky." The built up muscle underneath is almost as good as an implant. LOL!

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answers from Austin on

I am like Riley. I really did not lose the size, but the shape changed. The spread ribs also stayed!!!

I now have a wide back and chest.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I stayed the same with my first child and lost one full cup size after breast feeding my second. :(


answers from St. Louis on

Some do some don't. Mine didn't, I was a C before I had my first and have spent the last 24 years a DD. Weight didn't matter, even when I was only 130, which is too skinny for my height, DD.

Other people go right back to the way things were....grrrrr. :p



answers from Kansas City on

I was a 36D when I got pregnant, went up to a 36F while breast feeding, and down to a 36DD after weaning. I think all women are different, so the best advice I can give it to do it and find out. Sorry if that's no help!



answers from Los Angeles on

Personally, I stayed about the same as before I started breastfeeding. (but, they hand a little lower :)
My sister however, was a small B before she got pregnant, moved into a solid B while breastfeeding. She BF for about 15 months, and then LOST ALL her boobs!!! She is now BARELY an A cup....... My poor sister, LOL, she says that she misses her boobs, and she can't find anything to fit her correctly.
Take care!


answers from Jacksonville on

I was a D cup before having 2. Now I wear a C cup with a bigger band (38 C vs. 36 D). They are pretty close, and I am fairly certain that I was wearing the correct sizing pre-pregnancy. And I KNOW I'm wearing correct sizing now. They just de-flated a tiny bit. I have a little more body fat now, than I did when I was in my 20's (pre-pregnancy), so I didn't need the bigger band back then. Now I do... But a D cup is too much.

So, while I can't speak for everyone, my personal experience was that I went from a fairly solid D, to a solid C. And yeah... not nearly as perky. :(


answers from Houston on

After I weaned I went from an "e" to a "d" with a very short pits top in "dd"

Now that I just had another baby I'm back to "dd" again


answers from Chicago on

I am the same size as I was pre-pregnancy however I need more 'support' now as I'm not as 'perky'!!!


answers from Chicago on

My best friend would tell you that her son "sucked her boobs away".
Pre kids, she had a full C cup. Post kids/bf, she had a "flappy" small B cup.

1 boob job later, they're back in place. LOL!


answers from Tulsa on

Before nursing, I usually wore a D, possibly DD depending on the brand and mostly underwire styles. I can still wear my D bras, but there is a little bit of room in the cup and the band is tight. Now (after nursing) I only wear no wire and I went up a band or two and down a cup to a C. I spill a bit out of the C when they are brand new, but after a couple of weeks, they fit great. But they are definitely not as perky. The only time in my life I had perky boobs was when I was nursing.

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