Cyst on the Baby's Brain

Updated on May 10, 2007
A.P. asks from Ogema, WI
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I had an ultrasound yesterday. Its a boy. Anyhow the doctor told me the baby has a cyst on its brain which can be associated with Down Syndrome but since my alpha fetal protein test which tests for defects like down syndrome came back normal it is probably a cyst that will resolve itself by the time that the baby is born. No harm done. Yeah right of course I'm freaking out. I have one son that was born with a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery to repair it. He is fine now but I'm beginning to think maybe someone is trying to tell me I shouldn't be having kids. Has anyone else heard of this cyst thing and what was the outcome? Any advise would help. Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Green Bay on

I wish the doctors wouldn't tell us these things....I know they have to, but it can be very worry some. My middle son also had this. It did go away by the time he was born, and harm was caused, but yeah LOTS of worrying and reading up on DS. Good luck and hopefully you have the same results I did.

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answers from Rochester on

I had a coworker who had the same issue when pregnant with her son. It cleared up by the time he was born. He is an adorable healthy 2 year old little boy now with no problems what so ever! Good luck to you! I am sure everything will be fine.



answers from Minneapolis on

You are in my thoughts- I can't imagine the stress you are going through.

When I had my quads done, my daughter's numbers were OFF THE CHARTS for down's. (I was a healthy 25 year old at delivery.) I opted not to get the amnio- because I really felt like it could hurt her.

Three tests later? There was an error in the first test. I had worried for nothing. (Countless tears- freakouts..)

Ask for a second/third/eighteenth opinion. Sometimes it's good just to have a medical profession to talk to and explain your fears to.

NO ONE is telling you that you shouldn't have kids. I believe what's going on is that you're able to triumph through it, be a wonderful mother. God doesn't work like that- in sadness and signs. (At least- I don't think so.)

Sounds like your little ones are giving you scares early on. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. You are strong, and a wonderful mommy. You'll get through this.

Email if you need anything: whyimlikethis (at)



answers from Minneapolis on

I've actually had this happen to three friends now, and by the time the baby is born, it is gone. And "no one" is trying to tell you you shouldn't have kids. "Someone" just doesn't work like that. I'll pray for you right now.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would say it will probably be fine...

My first son's ultra sound showed he had no stomach...well he has a stomach.

I will pray for you!



answers from Minneapolis on


I'm so sorry!! I know EXACTLY what you are going through! When I had my first ultra sound, they said my baby boy had a chordid plexis cyst. I was TERRIFIED!! They told me it was a normal kind of thing, and although it doesn't happen all that often, almost all of them go away. He didn't have any of the other markers for Downs or any of the other chormzonal (sp??) abnormalities, but I was still so scared. About 6 weeks later, I had the follow up ultra sound, and it had resolved itself... but those six weeks we AWFUL! I looked at all the web sites I could, and basically ended up scaring myself to death. I cried myself to sleep, almost on a nightly basis... and I was no fun for my (than) 2 year old son.

Now, Dex is 3 months old, and healthy as can be! He's super happy, and super mellow! He's been sleeping through the night since he was born... I'm truly blessed, and you are too!! Just remember, the numbers are in your favor for everything to be fine. And... of corse you should be having kids! That was the first thing I thought when they found that cyst, too. I've had 3 miscarriages, and I had that "stinkin thinkin".

Please let up know how it works out, and our prayers are with you!



answers from Milwaukee on

I have a healthy 3 month old daughter named Emma. We had the same scare. Emma turned out 100% fine. Your doctor is right that you don't need to worry. I worried too. I even had an amniocentesis done to make sure that everything was okay. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hang in there, Mama! Everything is going to be all right. I had a bad experience with the triple screen test telling me that I'd have a Down's Syndrome baby. I was completely stressed (amazing I didn't lose the baby with all that stress). They did a level 2 ultrasound at 18 weeks and everything was fine. He wasn't disabled at all... perfect in every way. I also have a cousin who had preemie twins with the boy having a HUGE "black spot" on/in his brain. As he grew stronger in the NICU, the spot went away and he's fine. If they have experienced this before, there is likely nothing to worry about (at least, not that you can do anything about). You need to focus on being as healthy and relaxed as possible. I know it's hard, but you can do it (I have confidence in you)!

BTW... NO ONE is telling you not to have babies! You are going to be the best, strongest (emotionally) mama around! Take care of yourself and your little guy... I have a lot of respect for you having two babies less than two years apart!



answers from Madison on

My sister's baby had a cyst on her 20 week ultrasound. They said the same thing that it could be associated with Downs. Well they did a level 2 ultrasound closer to delivery and the cyst was completely gone...and the baby is fine!
I would wait a little while and have them do another ultrasound to check on it. I am hopeful for you that it goes away on its own!



answers from Minneapolis on

I also had this revealed to me at my ultrasound. I questioned my doctor again at my next appointment because they stated there was nothing to worry about with this type of cyst. Of course, I sat worrying until I say my doc again. We are having another ultrasound to keep track of his weight because I am prone to very large babies, so we'll check the cysts again and they are likely to have disappeared by then. I can't remember the name of the types of cysts that he had, but just that they are common and were empty. He was negative for any other type of deformities (heart, etc.) that they checked for. I was reassured after talking with my doctor again, I hope the same is true for you. Oh...I had the triple screen too and it was within normal limits. Hope this helps!



answers from Minneapolis on

((((HUGS)))) First I want to say that I'm sorry you are having to go through so much stress. I'm so glad you have gotten so many other responses that are so encouraging. Sometimes modern technology is a little too modern and sometimes it's very scary. It's hard to absorb the things that we find out and since we aren't specialists in the field we have to rely on these Dr.'s that don't always give us all the facts because of lack of concern or because they're so paranoid about lawsuits.
Please try not to stress out too much because stress is not good for you or the baby either. It sounds like it's something that will work itself out.
My thoughts are with you.
Best Wishes,



answers from Milwaukee on


Good luck, you are definatly in my prayers. Several of my ultra sounds shown fluid in my daughter's kindeys, a condition that had cleared before she was born. My main point is to assure you that you were infact meant to have kids! God has already given you one wonderful little boy and aparently he believes you are cut out for another. Stay positive and worry free your body is creating a miricle right now and worry is only wasted time. God, who foresaw your tribulation, has specially armed you to go through it.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi A.,
My second baby had multiple cysts on his brain when I was pregnant. Of course I got all freaked out and started doing internet research, which of course just made things worse. As it turned out, he is fine. They all went away on their own. I think doctors just want to err on the side of caution, so they tell you EVERYTHING. Good luck, and hang in there. I'm sure he's fine! :)




answers from Minneapolis on

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second child. About six weeks ago my midwife called and told me that my 20-wk ultrasound revealed two large cysts on the baby's brain. She said that the cysts would likely resolve themselves and not to worry, but that I would have to go in for a level two ultrasound to make sure there were not other markers indicating a serious chromosomal disorder. As soon as I got off the phone with her I panicked. What I found out through doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions, though, was very reassuring. These cysts are called Choroid Plexus Cysts and they are very common. It is basically spinal fluid that hasn't leaked out of the brain into the spine yet. It isn't a growth and it isn't dangerous and about 99% of them are found in perfectly normal healthy fetuses. About 1% of these cysts are found in babies that have chromosomal disorders such as trisomy 18 and down syndrome. Realistically, the likelihood that this cyst indicates that there is anything wrong with your baby is very very low. After the level two ultrasound that I had done, the perinatologist told me that our little boy was going to be perfect and healthy and not to worry, and the cysts had already disolved. I understand the heart ache that you are having because that is exactly what I felt initially. I had a pregnancy right before this one that ended in miscarriage and I was starting to think I would never have another healthy child. I hope this makes you feel better and please don't hesitate to contact me if you need to chat some more!


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