Cymbalta - Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Updated on June 09, 2010
M.S. asks from Aurora, IL
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Hello I had my first panic attack about a month ago and since then I have been having severe anxiety and panic disorder. I was given Prozac a few months ago for post partum depression but now because of my panic attacks combined with the anxiety I am being switched over to Cymbalta. I am a bit scared because I did some research online and hear horror stories. I feel like talking to the psychiatrist again and seeing what other options I have. I am currently taking Klonipin for the panic attacks but it makes me feel so clumsy and sleepy and forgetful. So I am slowly weaning off it. I may go back to Zanax. I just wanted some advise on Cymbalta. If anyone out there is currently takign this please advise. Thank you!

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answers from Tulsa on

those are the worst. Seriously, people who don't get panic attacks don't understand how terrifying it is. I'm getting sweaty just thinking about them so I'll make this fast. Mine will hapen out of the blue and hit me like a freight train, my gear spins my bodys numb and tingly I'm freezing hot don't know whether I'm gonna vomit or pass out or die or all three! They are truly the worst thing I can imagine, it usually lasts an hour so as soon as one starts I take an anti anxiety med kicks in in about 20 min so then I can calm myself down and put myself back in control. Always wondered what other people experienced when they had them, my family doesn't believe in them they think it's all in my head. I wish!

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answers from Sacramento on

My doctor put me on Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia. I did not have the best reaction to it. I was ill for several weeks, had dizziness, and was sweating like I was in sauna. While I was on it, I was a bit odd. Someone told me that their loved one died, and I flippantly said "Oh, well that is too bad". While my intention was to show compassion and sympathy, it was almost like being slighlty drunk all the time and I felt I was acting slightly off. I also have a hard time remembering stuff while I was on the cymbalta.

As to the fibromyalgia, it helped with the pain reduction for a bit, but then it started to magnify the was weird. That is, of course, irrelavant for your use of cymbalta.

Tapering off the Cymbalta was miserable for me. I had the head womps, dizziness, nausea, shakes, sweats, increased pain and it took much longer than I expected.

With all that said, remember that people are more apt to document the negative than the positive. Cymbalta may very well work for you but you do not know until you try it. Discuss it with your doctor. It is ok to talk about it. All medications have the potential for side effects. I do know that St Johns Wort acts simularly to Cymbalta, and some have been able to use it without the onslaught of side effects other than having to stay out of the sun. However, I really recomend you discuss that with you psychiatrist before self medicating.

What ever you choose to do, I wish you the best. You are ultimately in control and the choices are yours.

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answers from Sacramento on

My sis had same diagnosos and the exact same symptoms 2yrs ago after a very stressful time in her life. Are you in your early 40's by chance? She was changed from original anti-dep to Cymbalta about 1 yr ago, her Dr told her it was one of the new and best anti-deps; it did wonders for her. She got off the xanax (sp?) and is on Cym. only now I think. She started 1/2 hr exercise/ daily at her Dr's suggestion. She also learned some special deep breathing that she does w/some positive internal statements, Dr suggested too.It's positive visualization type stuff that is cool, she showed me how to do it when I'm stressed.If I remember right it took a while for her Cymb. kick in for her almost 2 mo., but no bad side effects. She is bk to her old self and swears by the new med. exercise and calming techniques. I'd give it a try for sure, but stay in close touch w/ your Dr to monitor it.

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answers from Austin on

I am interested to hear the answers. I've been having panic attacks since college and am now finally getting the help I need.

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answers from Houston on

My husband has been on Cymbalta for almost 3 years now. I'm not sure what horror stories you read, but for him it's been like night and day! He has not had any negative side effects and his anxiety and depression are virtually gone. He doesn't have any noticeable anxieties anymore. Once in a while he'll have a bad couple of days that remind me of when he was suffering from depression but it's not as severe or as often as it used to be.

Good luck,

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answers from Dallas on

I was on Cymbalta and never had any side effects or issues with it at all. It worked great for my depression and anxiety (I didn't have any panic attacks so I don't know how it does with that). I am now taking Celexa (the generic form of it). I didn't have to wean off Cymbalta - just switched over to Celexa with my doctors permission. The only reason I switched is because of $ - my insurance copay went up on Cymbalta and I can get the generic Celexa for $4 at Wal-Mart. I would talk to the psychiatrist and see what their opinion is but I wouldn't be afraid of Cymbalta.

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answers from Dallas on

I took Cymbalta for about a year after failed attempts with Zoloft and Effexor. Cymbalta was actually pretty an antidepressant. I still had to supplement with Xanax, but my anxiety is so severe that I'm on disability for it. It may work better for you if you don't need that much Xanax or Klonipin (I hated Klonipin Anyhow, Cymbalta also helped me sleep better at night and I even lost weight on it instead of gaining! The only reason I had to go off it is because I saw a new dr who wouldn't listen to what I was all ready taking :( good luck :)

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