Cuties (That Are Not Very Good)

Updated on January 05, 2012
T.W. asks from Winter Park, FL
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The first two boxes of Cuties I bought this season were so juicy and delicious, this 3rd box is very tasteless. While they've not necessarily gone bad, they just aren't getting eaten. I have an entire box of them. Is there anything I can do or make with them rather than throwing away? I'd think about returning them but the grocery store is much too far away to be worth the trip. Just curious before I toss them.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have had one good batch of cuties in the past two years. Oranges in general have been terrible for a while.

Make smoothies with them.

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answers from Dayton on

I'd email the Cutie company - they may send you a coupon for another box.

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answers from Dover on

Hmm..if you don't want to return them I think I'd squeeze the juice & use it for a marinade for some chicken with garlic, olive oil, oregano, chili powder, salt & pepper! Delish!

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answers from Atlanta on

Peel 'em and toss 2 in the blender with 2 bananas, some buttermilk or yogurt and plain milk, and some brown sugar and ice to make an Orange Julius style smoothie. My toddler loves this!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Juice them or toss them outside for the deer.

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answers from Dallas on

I am just gong to ditto Melissa J - squeeze em and use the juice for cooking and baking.

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answers from Denver on

Juice 'em! You can add another fruit with them or even a carrot or two and get the flavor where you need it to be. A box of cuties will go in one or two juicing adventures.

Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I jsut saw a pretty pic on Pinterest (that I assume leads to a recipe) for Clementine Cosmos....sounds nummy!! I vote for that!

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answers from New York on

Take them back. I always take bad produce back and they replace it instantly!
Good luck



answers from St. Louis on

We were just shopping this past Sunday, asked my daughter if she wanted some. Her reply was "NO, the last two times you bought them they were GROSS". At the time I didn't think much of it she's 14 and constantly saying things are GROSS. So I mentioned this to my sister In-law and she said the same thing that there just not as good in the winter as in early fall. Glad to know it's not just here in MO that they taste diff. too.



answers from Minneapolis on

I use the old ones in fruit smoothies to add juice to them. When I say "old" I mean they're getting kinda soft and tasteless. If they get black spots and weird, they go in the trash. Not worth it to get food poisoning.

By the way, here's a story for the weird concerning Cuties... once I forgot a bag of them on top of my fridge. I'd say they were up there about 2 weeks...not really long at all. And strange enough, they didn't go bad like fruit normally does either. I guess it's so hot up there, they didn't really get a chance to get moldy and mushy. Instead they "mummified!" I pulled the mesh bag down, and saw these light-weight, grayish-black shrivled up balls in the bag, and thought "are these what I think they are...?" and attempted to pick one up, only for it to literally go "POOF!" into a big puff of grayish white dust in my face the minute my fingers touched it. Yuck! It smelled like moldy pollen dust but looked like someone spilled an urn all over my kitchen counter. All this from one little "Cutie!"

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