Cute Valentine Box for Preschool Class Party

Updated on February 03, 2010
J.K. asks from Mansfield, OH
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Hi moms, I know we have all done these before but this year I am out of ideas... My youngest has to have a valentine box for her class party. I can not be something with a slit (the lid has to come off) but I want something really cute for her. When her sister was in the same preschool I found a heart shaped box at goodwill and we painted it her favorite color and she glittered her name and put stickers all over it. Well she has kept it so my youngest knows what sissy's box looked like... i need some cute different ideas. I only have a shoe box this year. Thanks moms

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answers from Columbus on

When I was young my mom made me the coolest box from a shoebox, I still remember it. She used a gold spray paint and painted the entire box. Then she wrapped the lid in red felt and used lacy ribbons to 'wrap' the box like a present. Then she gave me a sheet of heart stickers and let me go to town. I loved that valentine box and saved it for years and years and finally threw it away when I was in college because it got wet and sort of melted. You could easily do something like that, just let her pick the paint color then go to Walmart and pick out some cheap felt or material to cover it in. They have a ton of ribbons you buy by the yard so you don't have to buy an entire spool. have fun!

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answers from Cleveland on

Look for inspiration in the boxes you might have in your pantry, or from toys or small appliances or gifts you've received. Something with a clear plastic window is fun. You can spray paint the box.

We had a large thin square box that had a clear front. We made it look like a little computer monitor. We used the lid of a shoebox for the "keyboard," (the keys spelled H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E S D A Y !) and then a tiny box with a long pink heart cutout glued to the top for a computer "mouse." We spray painted some parts silver, and attached it all together. There was some writing on another cutout that said "Download Valentines here" with an arrow pointing to the opening. Sounds complex but it was just something we kept adding to as we saw it come together. Can't throw it away now!

They probably want it to open so that bigger items can be dropped in and/or so that the kids can easily look at their valentines. So maybe it doesn't necessarily have to have a removable lid, but just a large flap.

Now I'm visualizing an idea that has a little shoe box standing on its end. There could be a large cutout of a cute bear or mouse, attached to the bottom of the shoebox and then its arms wrap around the box right over the lid. So the overall effect is that the animal is holding or hugging the tall box. Maybe a bit of velcro so the arms can let the box be opened.

Good luck! I'm sure your daughter will end up with a cute box. It's nice the preschool gave you advance warning!


answers from Detroit on

Check your local dollar store. They have some really really cute stuff.



answers from Chicago on

buy the largest box of oatmeal you can buy. then get white paper and wrap around it. let her go to town decorating it. we used some really stiff cardstock paper and made a big heart on top the lid comes on and off easily and it holds a bunch of valentines. and the best thing is it is not expensive and they can use it till done and then into the recycle bin it goes.



answers from Toledo on

my daughter and i made one from a ceral box- we left it open at the top and put velcro on it so it would close. we covered it in red paper and put googly eyes on it nad hearts and pipe cleaner "anntenne" and it was a "love monster". got rave reviews, but just the ceral box clsing with velcro is a good idea!!



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Could you get a heart-shaped candy box, dump out the candy and use that? it might not be impossible to make a heart shaped box although buying at craft/fabric/dollar store is much easier. Or check the goodwill again. Try oriental trading company's website and see if there's anything there.

Good luck!

K. Z.



answers from Dayton on

I have taken just a plain cardboard box and made just about anything. You can mold and shape this easily. I also have taken a shoe box and made it like snoopy's house and cut a dog out of white stiff paper and made snoopy and his dog house. Hope this helps.



answers from Columbus on

So - at our work last year, we did a Valentine's Day box and brought in valentines to pass out - lots of fun, and the person with the most creative got a gift - anyway, the best one was a mailbox - she decorated it like a love bird nest with 2 birds and hearts all over..... It was very cute....... good luck and have FUN



answers from Honolulu on

Go to a craft store and get a heart shaped box. Right now, because of Valentine's Day... many stores have them now.
It doesn't cost much.

good luck,

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