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Updated on September 20, 2010
C.W. asks from Andover, MN
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Hello....I am planning a brunch for the ladies in my neighborhood this Saturday. I live in a very new neighborhood and I thought it would be fun to have some of the moms over without know so we can have an actual conversation:) To my surprise 17 of the 20 people I invited are coming. We have all moved into this neighborhood within the last year and I know several of them have made comments to me when RSVPing that they are not going to remember names. So....I wanted to do name tags, but dont want to be dorky about it. Any cute ideas/suggestions that might be a step above the Avery stick ons? Thanks so much

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Thanks so much for all the great ideas!!! I am soooooo very uncreative but I think I can actually do something cute and fun now that I have the ideas. I am hoping my kiddos will cooperate this afternoon and tomorrow so I can get this place cleaned up! I told my 5 year old that mommy was having a party for just mommies and he said, "well....if you want to, but I don't think it sounds like a lot of fun!" If he only knew how much fun just the IDEA of mommy time is! Thanks again and happy holidays!!!!

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Maybe if you feel dorky having people wear name tags, have them put their names on their drink glasses. That way it solves two problems. People are carrying around their names, and they do not get their glasses mixed up with someone elses.

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i don't know if this would work for your party but i went to a work meeting once and we played a fun introduction game. we had to indroduce ourselves to the group of folks- say our name and say 1 thing truthful about ourselves and 1 thing untruthful and the group had to guess which one was true. It was fun!



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Hi C.,

Since it is the holiday season, you could have name tags cut out in holiday shapes. For example, snowman, ornament, star, snowflake, presents or christmas tree. Then have each lady write name on it and decorate how they wish. You can use stamps, glitter, sequins etc. This way the can show their creativy or personally off a little. Just make sure you have some ones that are real simple to do as not everybody is creative. Hope this helps and you have fun.



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I also use this for my name tags on all my gifts. Remember making snow flakes by folding the paper and cutting out the designs? That's how i make my tags. I start with a piece of paper 3 X 3 then fold it up and cut out the snow flake, just don't cut out the middle piece. That is where you can write the name on. You then can add green, red or gold paper behind the snow flake and put double sided tape on the back to attach it to their clothes. You will never make two that are the same. And yes, it does get to be a very small piece of paper and snow flake so make sure you have a VERY sharp scissor.

Have a fun "mommy only" get together!




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Why don't you try name tags, but with a vegetable, flower, country, city or fruit that rhymes with their name, such as Berry Mary or St. Louis Lois? Just a thought.



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You could take a picture of their house, print it on paper with their name added, cut the house out of the paper. Avery has sticky back print paper. Or........put up a string, use tiny clothes pins and print cut out shirts with their names on it. like a clothes line.



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I don't have a name tag suggestion, but I do have an idea for an icebreaker so that everyone has to talk to everyone else, thus getting to know each other! One idea is to cut little red Christmas stockings out of felt. Cut out the white top to fit each stocking. With all but one of the stockings facing right (toe), hot glue the white to the red. On the odd stocking, put the white on the side with the toe facing left. As each person arrives, give them a stocking. When all have arrived, they have to mingle and introduce themselves and try to find the odd stocking. It's a great mixer!
Another idea is to cut out pictures of Christmas items (wreath, bells, ornaments, lights, candles, etc., or religious symbols like baby Jesus, wise men, creche, etc.). These can also be drawn with colored markers on small squares of paper if you can't find the pictures. You'll need straight pins, and as each person arrives, pin a picture to their back without telling them what they are. After everyone arrives, they must mingle and ask ONLY "yes and no" questions to others to discover their Christmas identity!

Both ice breakers are lots of fun and can make it easier for new people to get to know each other! Hope you have a great time!



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Hi C. -- I think the easiest thing to do might be to use largestick-on Christmas-gift labels.

Or you could use Avery or Christmas labels or "ornaments" cut out of construction paper and put the guest's name at the top and leave room for her to add one Fascinating Fact --
Jenny (home-schooling kids) or Chris (still play with Barbie), etc, etc. Might be helpful in breaking the ice -- especially if you greet your guests wearing a fascinating label yourself!

Have fun!

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How about maybe either some adhesive christmas or winter stickers (even like gift tags without the to/from) that are big enough for a name...

have fun!!

C. in ND



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what i have done for my womens meeting of about 20, was to write what the true meaning of their names meant beforehand on their nametag along with their name as well. I knew beforehand what names to find meanings for from the sign up sheet. The book I used was a paperback titled , 'THE NAME BOOK BY DORTHEA AUSTIN The women loved it and were proud of their names!



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I'd take pictures of the houses and match the names to the houses. That way people can identify them with their house.


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I like the ideas submitted about the picture of the houses. I would also suggest, after their name, adding Mom to (kids names).

Example: C.; Mom to Josh, Lucas and Cate

There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood that I know, but I don't know their parents as well. This might help them out also.



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I was thinking the house idea too, but more general than taking a picture of 17 houses! Just get a general house picture, and have the ladies add their name and house number and/or color. Also with the ladies permission, you could print up a list of their names addresses and phone numbers to hand out to everyone. That way everyone could give a call or send a card to facilitate in friend keeping! That would go well with your friend making get together!
Sounds fun, enjoy!



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What about taking pictures of everyone's house. Use the house picture as a name tag by writing their name on the picture. This would help you remember their name and which house they live in.

Possbily cut the picture into the shape of the house. You could punch a hole in the top of the picture and put a string through it to wear.



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You could ask each of them to bring their own creative name tags, or have a short activity of making name tags when they get there.
Have a great time!



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Only to elaborate on Vicki's idea-when generating the list-have everyone "sign in" with their name, spouses names, kids names, address, phone number and email. Then email it out to everyone after the party. That way all the info is there for playdates and future get togethers. You could get really detailed and get a photo of each lady at the party so you can put a picture with the name list.

I'm so jealous-wish our neighborhood had a Wives/Moms club :) How did you send out invites for this?

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