Cute Clothes for 30 Something Mom?

Updated on March 12, 2011
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
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OK, so I realize that style varies a lot, but I'm hoping that you Mamas have some recommendations on where to go shopping for me.

I have a wardrobe full of jeans, sweats, tshirts, etc - basically SAHMwear. I usually shop at Kohls since it's "one stop shopping" for the whole family. Occasionally I get myself something from Target or Walmart (love the Danskins stuff), but I really haven't gone shopping for "date night" clothes in awhile.

What stores do you love? I'd love to update my wardrobe a bit. The last time I bought "real" outfits for myself was about two years ago at a Carsons sale. I literally got ideas from their mannequins in the Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Clairborne sections. LOL I feel so out of it when it comes to fashion and what looks good on my "mom body" (read hips, thighs, butt - typical pear shape).

Other than that, most of my clothes come from Lands End - not exactly date night style I know.

I'd love your ideas and suggestions to get out of this Mommy-clothes rut.

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answers from Chicago on

My absolute favorite is Banana republic. It can be pricey but if you walk to the back of the store or go to the outlet store you can get some great deals. Or occasionally going on line they offer 30% off ect.

I feel it is age appropriate but still hip and what I choose usually always stays in fashion.

As far as jeans I do buy designer jeans from Nordstrom's or boutiques as I feel they are most comfortable and last long. I usually like Joe Jeans and Citizens for humanity.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Check out this website for great ideas. The writer has classified several wardrob 'capsules' for moms on the go. Essentially what these are is a way to make dressing and shopping easy and foolproof so we don't have to look frumpy as SAHMs.

As far as stores- I LOVE Ann Taylor and Loft. They are great clothes and on-trend without being trashy and young looking. They have wonderful sales also-you can get great and well made clothes for less than you spend at Target.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft
White House Black Market


answers from San Francisco on

You ever watch What not to Wear? That show has actually really helped me with how to shop! In terms of where to shop, I have to say that I often have to try on things at variety of places before I find a good number of things. When I do find something extra great (ie a pair of jeans that look super awesome) I often buy 2 either on the spot or in a couple weeks online. My baby's waking up, must go!



answers from Chicago on

I like New york and company and Ann taylor Loft. Otherwise, I get most of my clothes at Kohls too!



answers from Kansas City on

I do my shopping at Kohl's and Old Navy. Kohl's has such a great clearance section, I find cute stuff there.



answers from Chicago on

I'm 30, live in a trendy neighborhood in chicago, married, with one son. We are going to vegas this weekend and i just bought some really cute clothes at target. not too young looking, yet not "momish"


answers from Iowa City on

You could check out QVC. You can browse by designer or by 'complete looks' which give you an idea of what goes well with what. The only problem is that you can't try the things on prior to purchase but they do have some nice things sometimes at reasonable prices and a HUGE variety. I am still in the night for me means changing out of yoga pants and into jeans....sigh.



answers from Chicago on

Ann Taylor Loft and The Limited. Sometimes you can get a good deal at White House Black Market - they have nice stuff. But it is pricey - if you look for sales and coupons you may get a good deal.

Enjoy shopping!


answers from Louisville on

Just saw your post -- I love Boden. If you don't want to pay catalogue prices, look on ebay. Their clothes are cute and very figure flattering.



answers from Washington DC on

I like Ann Taylor Loft when I need something nicer. I'm also a jeans and tshirt type and figure that most days it doesn't matter. But when I need to jazz it up a little, I'll wear cute flats instead of sneakers, for example. Or a sweater instead of a sweatshirt. I got some multicolored flats a while back at Target and everyone likes them. I also go to Payless for fun shoes that I don't worry about not wearing often.

I'm also more "pear" and I like the ATL pants because I can find short lengths that don't have that annoying gap in the back.

I think some things never go out - a nice skirt (especially a pencil skirt), some nice heels, and a fitted blouse. You can mix and match things - like the blouse or a blazer and tshirt with jeans and nice shoes.

Hope that helps.



answers from Chicago on

Ditto on Ann Taylor Loft-you can get everything from everyday wear to a cute date night outfit. The sales people are usually really nice and helpful there. Sign up online and you'll get a coupon. They are having a great sale right now too!



answers from Colorado Springs on

I second Loft an Anny Taylor - though I do find Ann Taylor tends to skew "older" and more conservative than Loft.

On a different note - I sell clothes for Jockey P2P - check them out - I'm SO NOT A SALES PERSON but man do I LOVE LOVE LOVE these clothes! SUper comfortable but a nice mix of dressy/casual clothes - all machine wash/dry and mix and match... :-)

Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

Love GAP and Ann Taylor.

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