Cut-out Cookies- Just for Sugar Dough? and Other Cut-out Cookie Questions

Updated on October 22, 2010
T.A. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Hi Mama's,

I have some questions on making cut-out cookies with my girls. This is our favorite activity to do together when it’s storming outside, such fun!!! The problem is that we (okay, more like me) aren’t very good at it, LOL!!!!

FIRST Question: We’ve only made cut-out cookies using sugar cookie recipes and now my oldest daughter says she’s getting tired of sugar cookies and I kind of am too =0) She still enjoys the process of rolling & cutting though. I’m wondering if there are other recipes out there that are NOT sugar cookie recipes that can be rolled out and cut with cookie cutters. Do any of you happen to know of any?

SECOND Question: What are the best cookie cutters to use? I have some plastic cookie cutters & some aluminum cutters and the dough always seems to stick to the sides of them. We use the same cookie cutters when we play with homemade play dough and they don’t stick then. Should I be flouring the sides of the cookie cutters or spraying them with non-stick spray? Or is it the cookie cutters themselves? I’m thinking about investing in some better cookie cutters anyway so any suggestions on brand names would be appreciated. I’m wondering if anyone has tried the Wilton cookie cutters and if those are any good? I noticed that Michael’s carries those. Also, should the cookies made from the cookie cutters be around the same size per batch? Some of our cutters are smaller than the other cutters. Should I be baking the resulting smaller & larger cookies separately then? (I’m guessing yes! although I haven’t been doing that).

THIRD Question: Sometimes when we roll the dough out it is really, really sticky and it sticks to the rolling pin and like I said to the cookie cutters. I guess I should be sprinkling flour on them? I sometimes do that and it helps but the problem that we had the last time we made cookies was that we had bought some dough from a school fundraiser and it was colored (!) so I was afraid that the white flour would show up on the cookies? We still have some of the dough in our refrigerator - should I be adding the flour? will it show up on the finished product?

FOURTH Question: How do you transfer the unbaked cookies without them falling apart? I usually give the girls a piece of waxed paper to roll their cookies out and cut them. The problem is that sometimes when I go to lift the dough from the waxed paper to put it on the cookie sheet it falls apart esp. with that fundraiser dough we just used. Should I not be trying to transfer them at all then?

Any help on the above or additional tips would be very much appreciated!!!

Thank you =0)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses. I didn't think to just dip the cookie cutters into flour, duh! I'll do that next time. You have all been super helpful and if anyone else has any more tips or recipes please share them!

I ended up doing a google search and I found this great website called "The Cookie Cutter Shop". Here is the link in case anyone else is interested. Anyway, it has lots of cut out cookie recipes and they also sell cookie cutters through their site so it shows the corresponding cutter to use with the recipe. Too cute. They also have different icing recipes.

I aso did a google search and found two other recipes that I may give a try. One is at Taste of Home and it's for an Egg Nog Cut Out Cookie Recipe. The other is at and it's called "Best Ever Chocolate Cutout Cookies".

Also, when I was googling Wilton Cookie Cutters I found that they have a Wilton Cheat Sheet (I beleive that was the name of it) anyway you just take the dough and squish it down into the molded pan and it looks like you rolled them out and cut them with cookie cutters!! Too cute!!! We might have to give that a try along w/acutally rolling & baking.

Update: Oops, that thing isn't called a "cheat sheet" that's just what they dubbed it in the article I was reading. It's called a Wilton Holiday Mini Cookie Pan. Here is a link to the article ....

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answers from Kansas City on

Snickerdoodles adn maybe peanut butter would probably work. I have done chocolate chip before, but there is a trick. I put the dough into a jelly roll pan and smash it down. I bake it and then when it's cool I cut it out with cookie cutters. It's not quite the same and there's no rolling involved but at least you get fun shapes. There is "waste" too from the edges and such but you can always just eat those or put it over ice cream!

Also, maybe invest in a cookie cook book...I like Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Cookie books. There are so many fun cookies you can try and experiment with other kinds of rolls and drops!

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answers from Gainesville on

2-I have all kinds of cutters. Doesn't really matter much what kind.
2-I prefer to bake cookies of the same size so they bake more evenly.

2& 3-yes, just a sprinkling of flour is all it takes. you don't want to add a lot and you don't need much to keep the rolling pin from sticking and dip the cutters in flour

4-I roll all my cookies out on parchment paper, pull the excess dough off and bake them on the parchment

You can also pop the cut out cookies in the freezer for a bit before baking. This will do 2 things. You will be able to move/transfer them easily and they will hold their shape better during baking.

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answers from San Francisco on

some shortbread cookie dough can also be cut with cutters but IMO it's a bit more temperamental and harder to work with esp. as it warms up (I made some for a ladies tea and ended up rolling the dough on a thick metal cookie sheet placed on top of two blue ice blocks to keep the dough cold)

one of the *easiest* things to cut with cookie cutters is Rice Krispy treats because you don't need to roll and reroll it (spray the cutters with nonstick cooking spray first). and then you can sorta squish the scraps together inside the cookie cutter to make another shaped Rice Krispy treat without having to re-roll.

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answers from Fresno on

Great time of year for gingerbread cookies.I have a recipe that works well for me-email if you would like me to send it to you. you might also try adding a flavor to your sugar cookies- lemon juice or orange extract- a little goes a long way. I sometimes use powder sugar to dust my cutters, even to roll out my dough, but flour works just fine. remember if a recipe suggest refrigerating the dough for a few hours before rolling out, separate it into 2 or 3 balls wrapped in plastic wrap. when it comes time to roll, you should keep the dough you are not using in the frig- and when the dough you are using become hard to work with, put it back it the frig and start with a new ball
As an alternative to cookies- do a search for clay christmas ornaments- its usually just a flour based dough, you roll, cut, and let air dry- then paint and hang.
have fun!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dipping the cookie cutter in the flour helps a little. I like to add cinnamon to my sugar cookies sometimes. I have also added almond extract...very tasty!! You can do lemon too. I like to switch it up and have fun with it :)

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answers from Sacramento on

I wanted to add another tip. I put parchment paper down, put a ball of dough on it, then put plastic wrap over it and roll over the plastic wrap. My rolling pin never has to touch the sticky dough!!!
Dip the cookie cutters in flour, then remove the dough between all of your cutout shapes and slide the parchment paper onto a cookie sheet.
This makes clean up SO much easier! No flour mess and no dirty cookie sheets!

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answers from Boston on

1. With Christmas coming up right now you can buy a magazine with so many cookie recipes and that should keep you busy for a while with so many to choose from.
2 & 3. Yes to the flour. I wouldn't worry about white flour on colored dough, you can always brush it off when it is on the sheet.
4. Flour before you roll the dough out under should help with that problem.

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answers from Detroit on

I have used a snickerdoodle recipe for cutouts too. Most cookies have the same basic ingredients. Purchased sugar cookie dough is kind of gross in my opinion, but if you're not a great baker, it may be the only option.

Flour, flour, flour.... It won't show on the colored dough once baked. Flour the surface in the beginning and occasionally before the next batch is rolled. Flour the rolling pin before rolling. Flour the cookie cutters... you won't have a 'sticky situation' then. : ) Flouring the surface will also keep your cookies from sticking to your prepared rolling surface to transfer to cookie sheet.

I do use a lot of Wiltons products, but a metal cookie cutter is my preferred whether Wiltons or not.

I've done smaller and larger cutouts on the same cookie sheet... It's the thickness of the cookie that I worry more about. If one's thicker it will take longer than the thinner one to bake.

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answers from Chico on

I didn't read the other responses, so please forgive me if there are repeated answers. A few answers for you in no particular order! Cookie cutters are pretty much cookie cutters- unless there are rough edges on the plastic, the generic are no worse than the Wilton ones. One thing I like about the Wilton ones is the little handle thing- but it doesn't make the cookies stick less! If your cookies are sticking to it, using flour should help- dip the cutter in flour, then cut the cookie, then dip again in the flour. Cookies falling apart (crumbling) after they are baked are probably over cooked OR if they are just breaking, they might not be set yet - Let them cool a minute or two before you transfer them. I have a tiny little spatula that is helpful for getting one cookie without disturbing its neighbors. :-)

If you are sick of sugar cookies, try gingerbread or spice cookies; you can also make wafer cookies in various shapes (I recommend for tested recipes). Another option is to add cocoa powder to the sugar cookies dough (about a quarter cup would probably be enough). You can also cut out pie dough for fruit pie topping or you can make crackers (especially if you have some small shape cutters).

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answers from San Francisco on

We make bread and use cookie cutters with the English Muffin recipe. There is no sugar involved and the kids eat it up like no tomorrow. You can have bat bread for Halloween, Santa bread for Christmas, Heart Bread for Valentine's Day....well you get the picture. The bread is whole wheat and can be cut in half to make sandwiches.

For sugar cookies, once cut, transfer them with a spatula from the board to the cookie sheet to prevent tearing of the dough.

Enjoy this special time baking!

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