Custody Calendar with Months That Have 5Th Weekends

Updated on May 10, 2008
D.N. asks from Midlothian, TX
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Me and My Ex are having discussions of when the 5th weekends are and for which months. Does anyone have a calendar or free software to use or suggest?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the responses. I really appreciate them. I have to continually remind him to count by the Fridays! Again, Thank you for your cares and concerns.

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The standard guideline is that the weekend's place in the month for custody purposes is determined by the date on Friday since that's the day when weekend possession begins. So for example, if the first day of a month falls on Saturday, that is not the first weekend of that month.

The months with 5th weekends are going to change from year to year depending on how the months happen to fall with respect to the days of the week. For instance, this year February has a 5th weekend due to it being a leap year with leap day occurring on Friday. This weekend is the 5th weekend of February (as opposed to the 1st weekend of March). Next weekend will be the 1st weekend of March.

Hope that doesn't thoroughly confuse you, but using the Fridays hopefully clarifies it a little bit.

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I concur with Erika. I used to think of it as weekends per say. But, it is actually Fridays. Don't think of it as weekends, think of it as 1st, 3rd, 5th Fridays of the month. That made it so much easier for me to view it.



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My ex had a hard time understanding this when we first got divorced but you count the Fridays in a month. The women who have already responded are all correct...go by the Fridays. :-)



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He would get them the first, third and fifth (if there is one) of every this

Feb - 1,15,29
Mar - 7, 21
A - 4, 18
May 2,16,30
etc. etc.



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It depends on if his visitation starts on Thursday or Friday. Let's just say it's on Friday. There is an up-coming 5th weekend (May 30th) the next is Aug 29th, & Oct 31st will be the last one in '08. It is any month that has 5 Fridays instead of 4 or if his visitation starts on Thursday any month with 5 Thursday's instead of 4.



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I also had this trouble with my oldest daughter and her father. it has been awhile since I have had to deal with this but I do remember that when they have them on the 5th weeken the very next weekend usually constitutes the first weekend of the next month. For example the month of March has 5 weekends The fist would be the weekend would be the 2-4, the 2nd weekend would be the 16-18, and the 3rd (or 5th) would be 30-1. The weekend only counts as the first weekend of the month if the 1st is on a Saturday. So if the 1st falls on Sunday as in this case that weekend would constitute the fifth weekend and the following would constitute the 1st weekend. I hope this did not consfuse you too much. But if you need more help I would be happy to.

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