Cusrly Frizzy Hair!

Updated on June 28, 2012
V.G. asks from Lake Villa, IL
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Hello There,

My daughter has curly here and by the time she is back from school- looks like she hasents combed for days. Is there a prduct that can help. She is 6 years old.

Thank You for help!

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answers from Dallas on

Rinse her hair w/ Apple Cider Vinegar after shampooing - it is a fantastic conditioner! Fixes the tangles and the frizz. Use 1/3 ACV to 2/3 water. The smell does not last long. I promise it works :)

**Only comb with a wide tooth comb - do not use a brush. And no, using a wide tooth comb does not cause frizz. If I use my fingers, my hair is frizzed out like a clown. My hair stylists, throughout my life, told me to never use my fingers on my frizzy hair.

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answers from Hartford on

You need to use hair products that are intended for curly hair. No baby hair care products because they strip oils from the hair. Curly hair products tend to keep the moisture in the hair and are less damaging. She needs a moisturizing shampoo that is used only once every couple of days and only on the scalp. She also needs a moisturizing conditioner that is used throughout her hair and focused on the lower half and ends of her hair.

When her hair is towel dried but still damp, it needs a curl defining leave-in moisturizer. Use a curly-hair hair brush or a wide toothed pick to comb through the product and it'll be easier to brush through her hair and get tangles out. Use a diffuser to dry her hair or let it air dry.

If you pull her hair back too often or too tight, it will fall out from stress pulling. You can freshen up her curls, though, by spritzing them with water and then running your fingers through her hair.

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answers from Denver on

Curls are just differnent than straight hair. I have really curly hair and now that I know how to work with it I love it! Curls Rock by Tigi is the product I use. Put it on when wet and then don't comb it again! Only comb when wet and don't ever blow dry! This product helps with friz and holds the curl in place!

Hope that helps! Curly hair really is easy to maintain!

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answers from Missoula on

... Braids.

I have really thick, really curly, really frizzy hair. Unless there was a special occasion, my hair was ALWAYS braided. Even pony-tails couldn't contain it.

Learn to french braid, reverse french braid, rope braid, fishbone, pigtail braids, wrap-around braids, etc... there are plenty of ways to braid hair, so she doesn't ALWAYS have the same hairstyle. It may be difficult while you are learning new braids, but eventually you will get fast enough that it won't take much more time than a pony-tail does.

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answers from Kansas City on

My hair gets curly and frizzy when i get sweaty. I use Tigi S Factor, it is an oil based spray that tames the frizzies. Works for me. I spray it in my wet hair after I shower and then blow it dry.

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answers from Chicago on

Try finding the "curly girl handbook ". It is a great resource for all curly girls!!

I love the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner ( saw it at Target recently )

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answers from New York on

Ditto on never combing curly hair. It only makes it frizzier. Same with blow drying. Curly girls are wash-and-wear and it took me decades to learn that :-)

As for products, I actually use an organic conditioner as my "tamer." Giovanni for damaged hair. NOT that curly hair is damaged, but this conditioner does reduce frizz and brings out the curl in a softer manner. Giovanni is available at Target, Wal-Mart or any health food store. Good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

Use a detangling spray after her shower when her hair is still wet. Then put some hair gel in. It should help with the frizziness.

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answers from Honolulu on

Put it in a pony tail.

Use Garnier Fructis hair products... a leave in conditioner or hair "shine" serum. It will smooth the hair. And gets out tangles.

But well, I know kids like that.
They keep their hair in a pony tail.

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answers from Chicago on

Well first it's not good to comb curly hair. Only run your hands through it. I have never used a comb or brush thru my hair. When hair is damp put the product in it. My favorite is re-coil, you can get it at Ulta.

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answers from Miami on

I have the same hair:
1. comb only when wet.
2. condition condition condition
3. when can even put a drop of baby oil or olive oil or moroccan nut oil between your palms and then smooth on her hair. just a dab so it does not get greasy...

p.s. because she is 6... i would test any products on the inside of her arm before putting on her hair to ensure no allergic reaction.

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