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Updated on June 05, 2008
J.L. asks from Darien, IL
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I just joined curves for their $30 for 30 days promotion study and am not convinced yet that this is right for me. I am not sure that I will see results where I need to see results in a machine that I will only use for 30 seconds. I am looking into joining a gym that has childcare/activities for the kids and was wondering how much a month something like lifetime or bally's would be. anyone know?? thanks

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answers from Chicago on

To me Curves seems like a colossal ripoff, selling the concept of "hey it's more comfortable in here because we cater to larger women" but at astronomical fees. You may be better off going to a place like Cardinal Fitness, which is one of the less expensive places. I'm a member at Cardinal Fitness because I just need a few cardio choices and all the cybex/free weight options available. I don't need a pool, spa, tanning, classes, rock climbing wall, or all the other frills that come with the more pricy clubs (although if you're into that and want to explore it, a club would be a great place to start!). Cardinal also has a Kids' Club to watch your kid while you workout. Cardinal is $19.99 a month for a single membership (there is a $99 initiation fee), and you can discontinue your membership at any time provided you give 30 days notice.

Keep going to Curves for your 30 days, learn about the machines and write down your workout. Take that with you to your new place. If I am remembering correctly, the '30 seconds' workout you're describing is actually a great way to 'circuit train' without eating up a lot of time. In this case, circuit training means you move through each of the weight training exercises quickly with little or no rest in between. You still are providing adequate resistance for your muscles to tone them, but because you are not resting as long in between sets, you are not allowing your heart rate to drop, also making this a good cardiovascular workout.

As far as childcare goes, I agree with a previous poster about being wary of taking a child under the age of 3 to any health club childcare room.

If you're interested in finding more about workouts, has some great ones.



answers from Chicago on

Hi J.. I am a member a Lifetime in Orland Park and I couldn't be happier with the club. I pay 55. a month that is with childcare for my two daughters included. I joined when there was a promotion with no start up fee. You can cancel at anytime. The childcare center there is wonderful. I am a former teacher and a mom who doesn't leave her kids with anyone other than family, so i was leary at the start. The providers are incredible and the facility is amazing. There in an indoor and an outdoor playground with tube slides and small bikes & ride on toys. There is a computer area, infant area, half basketball court and large toy/movie area. They provide activities that vary each week (letter of the week, parachute crafts,baby yoga) kids make me go workout because they want to be there. They have taken excellent care of my children for the past year from the youngest being 9 mos at our start time.
The options on your workouts are more than you'll ever need you'll never get bored nor will your body get used to your worout and leave you at a plateau. The kids also love the pool in the summer. All around it has been really worth it for our family and i get to try to get healthy without guilt because i know my kids are safe and having fun.



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As for curves, the monthly fee is high and I would get bored with the circuit.

I have a membership with Womens Workout World. As a former member, my monthly rate (with 24 month contract) is $10.50 which covers all clubs and nursery. I like the fact that it is women only and switch between bikes, treadmills, elliptical, and various workouts. I would highly recommend this club!



answers from Chicago on

I am en exercise physiologist and was previously a regional manager for two major chains in the Chicagoland area. You are correct in your feeling that Curves will probably not give you the long-term results that you are looking for. Some people will see effects initially, but your body becomes used to the workout and doesn't respond over time.

The big clubs vary as far as cost. Lifetime will run you at least $69 month plus an initiation for your family (you will need a family membership to bring the kids). Most of the programs will also come at an additional cost. Bally's has many different options, however, you oftentimes need to make a long-term commitment to get their better rates or use the club at off-peak times. They don't have as many options for kids programs. Many local YMCAs have reasonable rates with many programs for kids and adults.

After working in the larger clubs in Chicagoland, I actually will not put my children in the daycare at any of them until they are at least 3 or 4 years of age. Fitness centers do not have to follow the same guidelines that daycare centers have to and I've seen some things that made me very uncomfortable as a parent.

If your children are younger, there are many options that can work. There are several stroller fitness companies in Chicagoland which are like small-group personal training that the kids can be with you.

Good luck! It's so important for moms to set a good example for their kids and take care of themselves as well as the kiddos.

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