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Updated on August 04, 2010
H.V. asks from Akron, OH
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OK So I know the general information about IUDs ..what I want to know is some advice of your experiences with them.

I know I want to go on some sort of birth control after my next child is born. However I DO NOT like the way my body acts on hormonal birth controls.
I know there is a non-hormonal IUD. Anyone use one? Is it good/bad/painful etc??

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answers from Toledo on

I've had an IUD since my first child was a couple months after that....i've never had any problems with it....the one I have is Mirena, low dose of hormones. I kept it in for 4 yrs and had very little spotting to NO period at all...which was great. I took it out to have my son, and got it right back in after it's been great. They put it in right there in the office, you can't feel anything, for a couple days you may have mild cramping, nothing more than a normal period cramp. I'm not able to take regular birth control pills either the hormones make me crazy....but this low projesterone or something like that....I believe the pill form has estrogene...which is probably what messes you up! I highly recommend it!

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answers from Clarksville on

I used it and loved it. I didn't even know it was there, my period and cramps were normal.



answers from Huntsville on

I had the Mirena IUD and lets just say it was painful for a few days after having it put in. I for real thought I was back in labor again. Then it moved on me and so I had to have it removed. I got the implanon after that and had it for 2.5 years. I did have bad side effects from it also but now im not on anything! Good luck with making your decision!



answers from Columbus on

I have had three kids and just got the copper IUD over the past winter. It was not that painful when inserted and resulted in minor cramping. Since then I have had some very painful cramping episodes similar to the initial stages of labor in my opinion but all are managable with pain meds(ibruprofen or midol). Now that my body has adjusted I rarely feel them. My periods are much heavier but I was used to the light and easy pill periods for so long. Like anything else you do get used to it.
I am glad I got the IUD because I too had trouble with hormones in every form. Now that I have the copper IUD I feel so much more like myself, no more emotional rollercoasters! I love the freedom and I love that if I change my mind and want more kids that I have the choice.
So in my honest opinion it's worth considering. You have to be able to "hang in there" until your body adjusts but it will adjust;-) It's not a form a birthcontrol for the weak(LOL)!!! Good Luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I was told I wasn't a candidate for the Paraguard (non-hormonal copper IUD) because I already had long, heavy, painful periods and it usually made them worse. You should also know that it's an abortive device. It works by thinning the lining of the uterus so that if an egg is fertilized, it doesn't implant correctly and then is lost when you get your period. Not a big deal to me, but it might be if you're religious and/or believe that life starts at conception and ending that life at any point is abortion and wrong.

Diaphragms and cervical caps are good options if you use them correctly with lots of spermicidal jelly/cream.

I decided I didn't want anything in there and started fertility charting instead. We used condoms when I was fertile and nothing when I wasn't. If you're interested, read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility".



answers from Salt Lake City on

I just want to share my experience NOT to scare you but just so you know all the risks. I had never been on birth control prior to the birth of my first child, but I knew I didnt want to end up pregnant before I was ready after I had her. I had the Mirena put in 6 weeks after birth. For me, it hurt pretty bad to get it in, then had some major cramping. About a week it went away and it all went pretty well. A year went by with no problems and then I started to have discomfort, nothing extremely painful, just thought it had moved is all. So, I just decided to get it out because we were planning to try for baby #2 in a few months anyway.

I went in and well they couldn't find it. Sent me to the hospital across the street to get an ultrasound and x-ray. They found it in my abdomen. It had burrowed through my uterus and was stuck there. Long story short, I had to have surgery to get it removed and I am currently on "NO TRYING" regulations from my doctor for a few months while the hole in my uterus heals up.

NOW, this is not common, for my doctor it was his first, thats how uncommon it is. This usually only occurs on insertion in some cases. But just make sure you know about ALL the risks of IUD's before you get one. I really wasn't expecting my situation.

Good luck in your decision!!



answers from Toledo on

I'm on my second Paragard - love it!! I used one in between our last two babies, and just had a new one inserted at my 6 week checkup after my third. No issues, no problems, no side effects.



answers from Minneapolis on

If your body does not react well to hormonal birth control you may have problems w/ the Mirena IUD since it has low levels of progesterone. I was told by my doc that she's had very few women complain of serious side effects of the Mirena, but I had issues with acne, weight gain, unusual pain, hot flashes and mood swings. When the same doc removed the IUD she mentioned she's been seeing an increase in patients complaining of side effects that creep up after six months or a year. I had mine for just under two years.

I went back on the pill after the IUD removal and can already see an improvement in the way I feel. I haven't heard as much about the copper IUD, but I have heard if you already have problems with over long or painful periods that IUD could increase those issues.

Good Luck!


answers from Dallas on

I got the Mirena IUD put in December of 2008 and LOVE IT!!!!

I did not do well with Birth Control and the Hormones but this has been wonderful. I had spotting once about a month after it but have had NO period or cramps and it has been a year and half~



answers from Columbus on

I have the non-hormonal IUD and love it! No problems at all and I've had it for 2yrs.



answers from Seattle on

I am on Mirena, which releases a low dose of hormones. I have been on the pill for almost 15 years before I had my daughter, with both good and bad experiences.
After getting pregnant on the pill (and yes, it was my fault for non-perfect use) I needed some sort of birth control that I didn't have to remember taking every day.
I am very happy with it (for two almost 3 years now). There was some spotting in the beginning (for about 3 months on and off), but it did not interfere with me breastfeeding, I did not experience weight gain or hirsutism, which were side effects I had gotten before from certain pills.
One thing I may not is that I do still get a very weak period (some women stop menstruating on it) and I can tell that my cycle is not affected by the hormones (I still have all signs that lead me to believe I am still ovulating).
It also doesn't do anything for my skin, so that is pretty much like it was w/o birth control (which it has been a lot better ON BC pills).

Everyone reacts different to different medications/medical devices. Eventually you will not know until you try.

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I had the same concern since the pill also made me sick. I have the mirena also and my doctor told me that any IUD is past your digestive tract, so there is no way it could make you sick.

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