Curious About Cloth Diapering

Updated on November 15, 2010
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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My daughter is already 22 months, but I'm interested in maybe using cloth diapers for her? Someone gave me some free gDiaper disposable inserts, so I'm curious to try them out. Now I'm also wondering if BumGenius is a better brand? And what are prefolds? Can you really just use those white cloths our moms all used to use? :) I've done a lot of looking online, but I'd love to hear from some real moms who have tried them, thanks!

PS. I AM planning on having probably 2 more children (we have 2 now). Also, I have been watching YouTube videos on using prefolds, and they looks really easy with the Snappis. Has anyone tried Thirsties covers for those?

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So What Happened?

Wow, thank you so much for your support and advice! I've decided to order some prefolds, Thirsties & Proraps from Nicki's Diapers, so I'm excited to give this a try!

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answers from Provo on

I've used prefolds with my 2 year old son since he was about a month old. Prefolds and snappis really aren't hard to use. I've never tried Thirsties covers, but I did use some Proraps, and they were great for the newborn stage. Probably great for older as well, but I didn't have any bigger sizes. The rest of my covers have been the pull on Dappi nylon pants. Very inexpensive and don't leak very often, about as much or less than disposables. I do use Happy Heiny pocket diapers for overnight. I also like shopping at Nicki's Diapers online.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We have used cloth diapers with both our kids. We started at 4 months with our first and at birth with our second. We used pocket diapers (mostly bumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz, and Happy Heinys) when we first started cloth diapering, but after about 8 months we decided to try prefolds. We have used prefolds and covers exclusively since then, and we love them. The pocket diapers or all-in-ones are a nice, easy way to make the transition from disposables to cloth, but after I got used to using cloth, I preferred the prefolds. I know some people who use prefolds from the get-go, and some people who stick with pockets or all-in-ones forever. It really is a matter of personal preference. I prefer prefolds for several reasons:
1) I like that only natural fibers are being used against my baby's skin
2) Because the prefolds use natural fibers (cotton mainly, though some use hemp or bamboo as well), they are easier to get clean and keep clean. The reason we switched from pockets in the first place was because we were having issues with build-up in the synthetic materials in the pocket diapers. Prefolds, since they are just a large rectangular piece of cloth, are very easy to clean.
3) They are much more economical
4) I find that we get less leaks/blowouts with prefolds than we did with pockets. Because we use a jellyroll fold with our prefolds, and then use a cover with double leg gussets in the elastic, there are essentially three barriers keeping the poo in the diaper (the fold of the prefold on the legs, and then double leg gussets). With pocket diapers, you have just one: the elastic. And oftentimes I found that, in order to stuff a pocket enough to have proper absorbency, the elastic gaped at the legs because of the inserts.

If you decide to go with prefolds, make sure you get some from a quality retailer. Do not just pick up what you find on the shelf at Target or Babies R Us. Gerber prefolds are not the same quality as what you will find online from a reputed cloth diaper retailer (look for Diaper Service Quality prefolds, most are made using either bleached or unbleached Indian or Chinese cotton).

I see you're in Salt Lake. There is a diaper warehouse ( in Sandy (9713 South 600 West). This is where we have purchased all of our prefolds, our Snappis (these are used in place of pins with prefolds, and make using prefolds very easy!), and some of our covers. They are the company that started "All Together Diapers," which is the brand of prefolds that a lot of other cloth diaper websites carry. You can get "seconds" (slightly flawed) for a very reasonable price. We have one dozen "first" quality prefolds and 2-3 dozen "second" quality, and I can't tell the difference. I love their unbleached Indian prefolds (seconds). They are so soft! They are only open M-F 9-5 or something similar, and you can't "browse," really... It's a warehouse, so you tell them you're order (check the website before you go in) and they go into the back room and pull your order for you. Then you can see what you are purchasing and pay. But we have been very satisfied with them.

There are also several other local cloth diaper retailers (online), but I'm not sure about what all their websites are. I know there is someone in North Salt Lake and someone in Riverton, and they both sell covers, prefolds, pail liners/wet bags, etc, and I believe you can pick them up to avoid shipping costs. Also, I know Nicki's Diapers ( has free shipping on all covers & pocket diapers. We have been pleased with the service there. I'm sure there are other retailers who also have free shipping...

As for covers, a lot of people love Thirsties covers. I find that they don't fit my kids very well. My very favorite cover is Proraps Classic. Cheap (about $7 each, compared to $12+ for most other covers), simple, effective. They have the double leg gussets and velcro, the newborn covers have a dip for the umbilical cord, and they just fit my kids very well. I also like Bummies Super Brites (but not any other. The Super Brites are the only Bummies covers that have double leg gussets. I only buy covers with double leg gussets because I just don't find single gussets or plain old leg elastic effective enough at containing solid waste...). The warehouse in Sandy does sell Bummis Super Brites...

There are a few retailers who offer a "trial." I know Jillian's Drawers has a trial offer, and it looks like Nicki's Diapers now offers one, as well. I don't know about the Nicki's Diapers offer, but I do know friends who have used the Jillian's Drawers trial (go here for for info: You pay a deposit and then you get a mixture of pockets, all-in-ones, and prefolds, and you try them for 3 weeks. If you don't like them, you send them back and you get all but $10 of your deposit refunded. If you do like them, you keep them. It seems like a good way to get a feel for the different varieties/brands of cloth diapers.

For more information, check out and, or check out my cloth diaper tutorial on my blog:

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answers from Dayton on

I've used cloth on 1 child from about 14 months on and the other from about 2 months on. I skipped cloth for the first 2 months just for sanity's sake! I've used prefolds and pocket diapers. Yes, prefolds are those white, fluffy diapers our moms used, but they are much nicer than they used to be. Pocket diapers are the ones like BumGenius.

Pockets are what I started with b/c I was most comfortable with them since they were closest to disposables. I liked Happy Heiny's better than BG for a few reasons. First, I prefer velcro, and HH's is MUCH nicer. Second, BG's pocket to stuff was really small and even my little hand had some problems; nice big pocket for HH. Also, HH were bigger. That means they weren't as trim, but they certainly will fit through potty training. Not so sure BG would. Now, I know both brands have come out with their next version since I bought mine, but generally those are just tweaks and the layout is pretty similar. If you can splurge, get some sized pocket diapers. They really seem trimmer and fit nicer.

I branched into prefolds some b/c I needed more diapers and didn't have a ton on money to spend on them. Honestly, I really like them for day time diapers (I like to fleece lining on pockets for the feel dry effect at night). With the right cover, those things never leaked. I liked Bumkins covers the best. The best prefolds I've found have been at Nicki's Diapers or Green Mountain Diapers. I didn't mess with crazy folds really; I just folded them in thirds and placed them in the cover. Worked just as easily as a pocket then. If you do want to fold them, make sure you buy Snappi's (this generations diaper pins). They are really easy to use.

I use a dry pail method and wash every third day. Get a pail liner that is waterproof (Planet Wise is really good) that can be thrown in the washer. Actually, I'd get one more liner than you have diaper pail, that way you are ready for dirty diapers while the other one is being washed, folded, and put away. Or maybe that's just me since I tend to put off folding laundry! I have one diaper pail next to the changing table for just the wet ones and one in the bathroom next to the toilet to make the dirty ones easy to dunk and drop in the pail.

Use cloth wipes too - cheaper and easy to just throw in the diaper laundry.

I've taken a little break from cloth right now b/c my pregnancy has hit me hard and something had to give. Now, I'm getting ready for those little bums to be back in cloth. I enjoy the money saving, "green" effect, and knowing what exactly is on my baby's bottom. Really, it's one extra load of laundry every 3 days - it's just not that much extra work. No matter what other people say.

I'm going to have my 3rd baby in cloth soon (any day now) and had a small online store for cloth diapers, so if you have any questions just private message me. Good luck! It's worth it.

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answers from Denver on

IMO prefolds ROCK! they are super easy to use and carfor. Also when a cover wears out all you gotta replace is the cover and not an entire diaper. Thirsties is a great cover also.



answers from Tampa on

Prefolds are what our moms use to use with pins - you now get a cover that usually closes with velcro. your daughter is big so make sure you get the right size. I used Fuzzi Bunz for my daughter (we did have a diaper service the first 4 months with prefolds). She had fuzzi bunz in medium and then large and she potty trained at 28 months so probably don't spend too much money since your daughter is already 22 months. Washing was easy but do follow directions based on the type of diaper you use - definitely in the case of detergent less is more. also, if you plan on having another child you can obviously use the diapers again and SAVE lots of money. If you don't have any more kids you can consign the diapers - that is what I did. Hope this helps.



answers from Boise on

I know you have made up your mind, but wanted to give my two cents. I use BumGenius. I have with both of my kids (2.5 and 6 months). I love them! With my 6 month old, she was an even heavier wetter than my son, so we got some Flips for night time and they work great too. I love that all that I have are one size fits all. The flips could probably work with anything in them, and I know people that have used gdiaper inserts in the normal bumgenius too.



answers from Denver on

I love cloth diapering. I have done so with 4. Most of my diapers made it through 2 kids and a few lucky ones made it longer :-). I really loved Kissaluvs and diaper covers such as bummis, imse vimse, or Thirsties. I never loved any ALL in Ones such as Bum Genius. I never liked the fleece of many of them. If you get zinc oxide on them from diaper cream they lose absorbency. My husband ruined all of my fleeces and I followed company directions on how to wash it out so...I liked simple,easy, husband proof diapers :-) Good was the best investment our family ever made.


answers from Provo on

I love cloth diapers!! I really like fuzzibunz because they have some diapers that go to 40 lbs. My son is huge so I need something that will last longer than 35 lbs.
Prefold are what our grandmothers used. I actually use some too and I LOVE them also. They are super easy!! You do need a cover, not just the prefold. Although it's nice when they have a diaper rash (hardly ever happens with cloth, but it sometimes do) you can put the prefold on with a snappi OR the cloth pins (snappi's are easier to use) and go around the house like that and still get air flow, but coverage.
I like Thirsties hemp prefold for at night because they hold more liquid than just cotton. I have a good step by step how to use with pictures on my CDing blog. It was actually for another curious mamapedia mom. There are two parts to it. If you have any questions Let me know!! Also if you have more babies you can use those diapers on them! Yay for saving money!!!
Oh some handy things to have are a PlanetWise wet/dry bag where you can keep all the dry diapers one one side and the used ones on the other side.
A diaper sprayer is NICE, but not necessary.



answers from Denver on

I would just potty train. Check out "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" by Azrin from the library. My kids all did it at about that age to a few month older. It works starting at 20 months. I have a slew of friends who love it, too. It's one intense day plus a day or two of very few accidents, and then you're set. Cloth diapers just seem very expensive for this stage of the game. You're not going to make your money back. Anyway, just my thoughts.

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