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Updated on December 07, 2010
I.*. asks from Columbus, OH
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Our youngest son is turning one tomorrow and we’re having family over to celebrate. I’m going to make cupcakes instead of buying a cake from the bakery. I’m doing some chocolate cupcakes and vanilla/white cupcakes. I’m not sure about the icing. Do you always do chocolate icing with chocolate cupcakes and vanilla/white icing with vanilla/white cupcakes? Sounds kind of boring. Please share what you do. Thanks!

I want to know what others do or like, I don't like cake so I have no idea.

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answers from Miami on

There is no rule to icing cupcakes with any particular flavor. What do you like? Go with that! Have fun with the sprinkles too!

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answers from Washington DC on

Congratualations! The answer: Of course not! Do whatever you want!!! Different flavors, different colors, different toppings.. I prefer white cupcakes with chocolate icing. Google some cupcake companies and see how they do it for inspiration e.g., this one near me offers the following flavors:

RED VELVET (RV) – This is a wonderful Red Velvet cake with a tasty cream cheese filling and frosting. Yummy and often requested!
VIVACIOUS VANILLA WHITE (VVW) – Moist, dense, vanilla cake is FAB for any occasion. This cake is complimented by a luscious white buttercream.
VIVACIOUS VANILLA CHOCOLATE (VVC) – Moist, dense, vanilla cake is an all-occasion cake, frosted with chocolate buttercream.
YELLOW SUN (YS) – Better than Grandma used to make! It’s a moist, dense, and oh so yummy yellow cake paired with white buttercream frosting!
YELLOW MOON (YM) – Enjoy our classic yellow cake paired with scrumptious chocolate buttercream frosting.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi! I just did cupcakes as well for my twins' 1st birthday last month. I did white cupcakes and used vanilla frosting with food coloring to make my daughter's cupcake purple and my son's cupcake green and they LOVED it!! I think any icing/cupcake combo would be good so have fun with it!

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answers from Columbus on

I like whipped cream icing on chocolate and milk chocolate icing on white or yellow.
for Whipped Cream icing, just buy Whipping cream from the dairy section and follow directions for whipping cream, then put on cupcakes-they will need to be refrigerated or the whipped cream will soften and 'melt', but it is super yummy, and a tad healthier than the packaged frostings.

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answers from Youngstown on

I always love white cake with vanilla frosting... just had some white cupcakes with a very light creme de mint frosting it was AWESOME!!!!! Chocolate with chocolate is great so is yello cake with chocolate. My bro-in-law loves white cake with chocolate frosting (I also like that). You could even get fancy and make yello cupcakes and put vanilla pudding in the middle and frost with chocolate... making them mini boston creme cakes!

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answers from Dayton on

Mmmm...cupcakes. :)
My fav. is chocolate cake w/ vanilla buttercream icing.

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answers from Columbus on

This is just my personal preference, but I don't like cream cheese icing...

You can change the flavor of the icing by mixing in a couple of drops of flavor extract (ie., for vanilla cupcakes, try lemon extract and a drop or two of yellow food coloring; for chocolate cupcakes, try a couple drops of peppermint extract with a drop or two of green coloring).

I like traditional buttercream in general, or plain old whipped cream for the chocolate ones.

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answers from Bloomington on

I did the cupcake thing with my kids birthdays as well and we set up as a cupcake bark. I had different kinds of frostings from homemade to different kinds from the store (you can even set out little bowls with food coloring so kids can make the color frosting that they would like with adult supervision), the tubs for writing, sprinkles, cookies, whatever you would think someone might like on their cupcake. the kids had a blast decorating their own and then for those that don't really like frosting had a chance to eat them without.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Just do whatever you want. If I do chocolate cake, I usually do the vanilla frosting. For yellow cake (I don't like white cake), I use chocolate frosting. We like to make our white frosting different colors. I just put some of the frosting in a ziploc bag, add some food coloring, squish it around until it's mixed up, then I cut the corner off of the baggie and use is like a pastry bag to apply the icing. Throw on some sprinkles and it's perfect! :)

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answers from Atlanta on

No....absolutely not. I always do some cream cheese icing with the chocolate it is absolutely delicious! I'm not fond of vanilla but I would do the cream cheese as well-or even mix it up and put some other kind of flavor like strawberry....they have so many different ones to choose from. Do you know what your son prefers-he's only one so its kind of hard to let him choose on his own.


answers from Los Angeles on

I always do cream cheese frosting or butter cream. Yummmmmmyyyyy. =)



answers from Indianapolis on

I do just the opposite always...just because it tastes better to me...I also like yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting or red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!



answers from South Bend on

For kids - confetti cake with white frosting and sprinkles. They make cool frosting with sprinkles in a separate container. My kids love sprinkles in the cake and frosting.
Just to make a cake, if I am going to make a chocolate cake, it has to be something other than just chocolate frosting - go for a fudge frosting if it is going to be a brown frosting. Spice it up with other colors / flavors.
There are no set rules. Have fun.

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